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Infinite Void Full Album Lyrics

Gurthang - Infinite Void cover art

Infinite Void

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal, Doom Metal
Album rating :  -
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-10-20)
1. The Absolute Zero (7:08)
Illusion of existence. Water and fire.
Only closed eyes shall see. Only open mind shall understand.
Only wounded heart shall feel.
No limits. No borders.
Existence shall be dissolved. Black fluid in veins.
Only open wound shall heal.
The limits of life. The limits of death.
One vision. The flow of unspoken words.

The illusion of existence shall be dissolved
into the infinite void of emptiness.
The illusive existence shall be dissolved.

Only closed eyes shall see.
Only open mind shall understand.
Only wounded heart shall feel.

Dissolved. Without beginning.
Horizons shattered. Black sun. Black light.
Distressed. Without the end.
The line is curve. In cosmic salvation.

Crossing the event horizon.

Black fire. Last flames.
Black light escapes.
Void so dire. Once came.
Dark silence so loud.
All hail the black sun the beautiful and mysterious destroyer.
The illusive existence shall be dissolved.
All hail the black sun. The Destroyer.

2. Negative (5:10)
To cross the border... To reach the infinite...
Black line at horizon. The fire which burns not.
The flame which devours not.
Inhale the sulfur. Exhale the oxygen.
The cosmic movement.
To cross unspoken. To reach inconceivable.
The line. The curve. Invoke. Summon.
The orderly chaos of universe.
The ultimate invocation.

Is it impossible to reach something that doesn’t end?

To cross the infinite... To reach eternity...
Insignificant. In mesmerizing darkness. Inhale. Exhale.

To reach the real existence. To reach the end.
To cross the border of humanity. Reach the end. Unsaid. Never.

Inhale. Exhale. Invoke. The fire which burns not.
The flame which devours not. I see her wearing the robe made of shades. I see her. In infinity.
To cross the border... To reach the infinite...
3. Distorted Light (5:19)
Shadow left the trace. The path reveals oblivion.
Unknown exists no more.
Failure. The Key.
The core of the eye has been blinded by fate.
Black liquid flowing out of your mouth. Fade. Into never.
Shadow strangling the soul.
Revealed. Unsealed. Unleashed.
Distracted flame. Distorted light.
Leaving the trace of hidden path.
4. Flames of Illusion (4:26)
The shattered mirror. Narcotic light.
I saw her crawling. I saw her creeping.
To the flames of illusion.
The rotten candles shine no more.
Black ghost. Deprived of hope. Life. Ends.
To the end of paths. Fear.

Corroded chains entwining your soul.
Blackened rope wrapping around
the neck of your deepest fear.
Dividing line between two separate worlds.
Crossing the borders of existence.

The shattered hope. The agony.
I saw no miracles. I saw no light.
Glass that is melting.
In frozen hand of its Keeper.
Black wind. Deprived of life. Life. Ends.
To the end of days. Grief.
5. Obsidian Cricle (5:13)
Deep down. Further to the core. There is no end.
Never opened gates. Never visited worlds.
Below and above the Void exists.

So far away. Yet so close. There’s no beginning.
Never reached lands. Never solved mysteries.
Dark. Invisible. Dead.

Eight hundred and twenty. Keys to open the gate.
Zero. Infinity. Form the shape. Fire burns no more.
To travel with no limits. To reach what was forbidden.
All dimensions in one.

Edge and corner. One hundred thirty one
6. Voice (9:35)
The smell of void. The taste of life. The flash of dark.
The shade of light. So useless. One.

Invoke. Breathe. The voice which sings no more. No more.

The brightest shadow brought the pain.
Sounds of laughter so loud. Another.
Come take me down. To the place.
Where souls don’t live anymore.

Before. And after. Never.

Inhale. Bleed. The eyes that see no more. No more. Liar.
7. Blinded Eyes (6:46)
The absolute. Vision and voice.
Flow of thoughts convince the mind.
Life without the end.
Death without beginning.

Seventeen guardians kneel and vow.
With no end.

A thousand suns I pass.
Millions of stars I reach. Alone.

Faces with blinded eyes. Black and deep.
Yet alive.
Suffocate. I am the One. To reach the end.

The blackened ghost devours the light.
To the end of time.
Forgotten spirit. The light.
Yet alive.
8. Void (9:46)
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