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Hidden Pleasures of a Nonexistent Reality Full Album Lyrics

Greenfly - Hidden Pleasures of a Nonexistent Reality cover art

Hidden Pleasures of a Nonexistent Reality

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
Album rating :  –
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Lyrics > G > Greenfly Lyrics (7) > Hidden Pleasures of a Nonexistent Reality Lyrics (7)
Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2015-11-14)
1. Life Downfall (Intro) (3:36)
2. Ten Thousand Degrees (4:38)
The heart of holocaust
Of a metal winged demon
Flying to reach
It's (sic) macabre target
Inside it's (sic) body
Devastation awaits
It's time to come
Destruction pain and death
Time's (sic) has stopped
When littlte boy exploited
Leaving a painful longway
In a second of agony
There was no place to hide
When they made it blast
A hundred thousand souls
Where lost in vain
Ten thousand degrees,
Burning the flesh
Ten thousand degrees,
The heat is the death
A children (sic) cries
Blinded and burned
Covered with dust
Sentenced to die
Scream of fear,
Laments and tears
The end is near,
The bomb is here
Would you like to be as them?
The history can be repeated again
Living in trash
Nothing to live for
only survive
They were sentenced to die
3. First World Domination (4:58)
Everyday of misery
Of this fucking world
Is caused by
Economical powers
Millions of new slaves
Working their factories
Countries with a
Puppet government
Enslaved by capital (x3)
Working, producing,
Total misery
Childrens (sic) and mothers
with nothing to eat
Their politicians,
All of them rich
There's no future,
There's no hope
All their life enslaved,
Enslaved at all
The first world domination
They are the rulers
Of the earth
Supremacist economy
Monopolistic plans
Of inhuman corporations
Corruption and poverty
Are your legacy
This system sucks (x4)
Infinite exploitation
Caused by our countries (sic)
Economic robbery
Capitalist mafia
Famine territories
Unrighted citizens
This is their new order
Globilization comes
4. Living Beyond Suffering (9:59)
Lost looks that
Are hidding (sic) stories
Closed mouths demand revenge
Her whole body was heart
Her hate belongs
To one first name
Brave pig, brave kid
Turning love
Into nightmare
Too much blood
Her pride cries of love
One night her pride explored
Stayed up all night
Bloodstained hands
Beheaded and mutilated
The nightmare
Will never be repeated
Years of love,
Years of threat
They were subjected
To physical and verbal abuse
A new life begins
Without his cowardly
Her sons will see the light
No fools will stop them
Her dreams will come true
Their lives will be changed
Turning love
Into nightmare
Her pride demands revenge
Fear in blood
Falling in a new attack
Your end is your own dead
5. Crossbreaker (3:47)
Your stupid way of life
You're trying to impose
Thinking for our minds
Who do you think you are?
Years of pain, of death,
And persecutions
Burn in hell, you say,
And we don't care
Why do we have to obey
All the lies that you tell?
Can't you see that your time
Is near extinction?
We prefer to think for ourselves
We don't need your words,
Which are full of blood
Moralistic terror
Centuries of pain
Religion is an error
Your saints died in vain
Catholics are denied
And Vatican fools
The pope stinks
Forever I'll be
Forever we'll be
Forever I'll be
Your empire is falling
Now you are afraid
Maybe a divine punishment
From the people you've killed
Crossbreaker I'll be
Crossbreaker we'll be
Crossbreaker we are
6. Face of the Injustice (3:55)
Don't suffer for anything
In the face
Of the injustice
Look the innocents come
The fiction is real
Don't have the evidence
But they invented test
Exists one frontier
The game is the death
Justice over
Lost systems
In the death
They made good progress
Born again
Ask for revenge
Create the horror
Methods torture
Kill the innocents
7. Born Dead (Death cover) (3:20)
Brought into this world to wither away
Naive about the ways of life, that's what they say
Millions live millions die, more are yet to come
Living skeletons, where they come from?

Born dead into this world
To starve and rot in agony
Born dead into this world
It's their choice, why can't you see?

Life of misery, soon a corpse you be
As your bones show through, nothing you can do

Relief does not exist... when you are born to die

Disease spreads fast across their dying world
Many cemeteries they will have to build
A process to go on for many years to come
A human waste land created when they are done

Born dead into this world
To starve and rot in agony
Born dead into this world
It's their choice, why can't you see?
8. Fallen Empire (5:02)
22th (sic) century after a hgue world war,
Take control of the earth,
Enslaved the human race,
We have constructed a new order.

The greed of humanity,
Has given us the power
They created us
And nwo we dominate them
Mankind destroyed the world,
The droids have rised (sic) up again
We have condemned them
To a forced work existence
We are the masters
They are the slaves
Illusion of humanity,
Reduced to ashes
They try to fight,
But it's in vain
Falled humanity (x4)
Cibernetic (sic) controlation (sic)
Microchip domination
Digital annihilation
Technological abomination
Fallen humanity (x3)
Biogenetic reproduction,
For the race of the damned
Pain existence,
Reduced to dust
Mankind destroyed the world,
The droids have rised (sic) up again
They've nothing to live for,
Only awaiting death
Once were mighty,
Now they are the machines
9. Hidden Pleasures of a Nonexistent Reality (Outro) (2:07)
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