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Arboretum Full Album Lyrics

Graveyard - Arboretum cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
Album rating :  40 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2014-12-06)
1. Introduksjon (2:10)
2. Black Moon (4:12)
rivers of blood
spilled by the soldiers dead in combat
with an illusion... come out victorious

under the cold darkness
and a Black Moon
before the Warriors
their cruel enemies

Thunder shook to Heaven by exploiting
While the battle corrupt the calm

soldiers fall
the dark light of the Moon
the ground shook them invaded of terror
with cracks and wells battalions destroyed

Black Moon, heart of evil
enemy of the gods, formidable force
the warriors have sent a deadly battle
destroying dreams
of brave soldiers who went to fight

armies decimated in the half-light
Completed lives shattered dreams
cruelty has no end
Black Moon! Terror is here!
Black Moon! We are here!
Black Moon! We must not die!
3. Exorcismus (3:22)
of the vast depths of your mind
in the dark places of your in-depth look
where fear lurks...

salinas malum spiritus hominis a corpore
Sinite eam, per deos immortalis anima,
quae ego praecipio vobis
In nomine Patris, ...

virtus infinita non me oratio soluta
Hoc est corpus meum, ad tuos ire falso Deo
Incipit mei tenebras vicerat

the cold wind of forests
the essence of death
the burning of a body in flames
is my representation

at the stake your Burns
Although cruel, but is the best
the fire will purify your soul
drinks my blood and just so
You can be eternal

searched case to what I tell you,
I do not give false hopes
follow my journey
and I will never leave your body

have the ritual, a sacrifice is sufficient
It takes blood and flux in it
because only in this way you will be able to worship me
4. Legendary Forest (7:51)
My memories lead me to a mysterious place
where peace reigns, and nothing disturbs
I think what I have achieved, I have reached my end
I have found my place
This legendary forest, will be my new home

at night the spells charge force
need to hide you, keep you in silence
or you can catch you, there is a full moon protect
the land of the dead is not an option
runs away from me, and all that there is
This is my Kingdom for eternity

This legendary forest is the best thing I could find
calm sleep at night, this is now my place
do not want to take you to this my dark home
because I live, with your family, you can never go back

the spirits lurk, every day we are more
the souls in pain may never achieve
an eternal resting, without stress or concern
the trees keep a secret, you do not want to decipher
because if try your soul will belong me

legendary forest, an accomplice to evil, these trapped souls
You must release, the prison of ice, you must break
5. Lost Peace (4:54)
I am the failure of peace
I am the evil spirit of humanity
war, I am politics, my Kingdom is here
commissioned to purify humanity to this pathetic

the essence of evil runs through my blood
the devastation of the world
I represent what is eternal
your poor ideologies have to remove
your religion and in whatever way you think
It will be consumed by the flame of truth

I am the desolation that you grieved every night
can you see the evil in my eyes?
can you feel the kiss of death?
While burst inside

I am the evil of mankind
I am the absolute truth
I am what your church is silent...
I am the lost peace
6. Fuzzy Memories (7:49)
I am still on my journey in search of my light
my journey the stars, where everything is possible
where there is pain no
but I'm still far from reaching my destination

Fuzzy memories invade my mind
they disturb me and me overwhelm
can't me continue with my long
search for eternity

treatment of fight, keep them out of my mind
but they are so interfering I just can not
memories of pain, death and desolation
I have a history, wedded to the pain

clear my mind must, very difficult is
I need to rush me, I am sorry that I did not achieve
My delusions are more strong, see ghost next to my
I pursue and harass me, become me part of his being

I trust in my dream, everything is so real
I need to wake up, to get to a good place
the gloom is more strong, I want to catch
My ghosts are present, but I have to remove
7. Decrepitude (7:28)
the night falls, is so beautiful darkness
the cold autumn breeze kisses my face
the dry grass caresses my hands
My lifeless body rests somewhere...

Finally, penalties move away from my
I can finally return to feel good again
at the end my mind rests
I will now only have that look my way toward the light...

that need is death, as necessary is to live
I do not want you to cry when I see starting
at some world my sorrows I forgot
be careful in your hilarious, because light could not be
that thy soul should deserve

part without fear, fear no more
a new life is waiting for you, now you can't be here
free, meets your dreams, forgetting that the decrepitude
one day you will reach

the forest so cold is a good place
the dark sky, the best mural
the calm here, and nothing disturb
8. Dead Religion (5:05)
your still a dead religion
Your ignorance will not let you see
you without just you
but without you, there is here
wake up, get out of that pit
reasons, nothing can be done

It shouts, it ceases to be of the flock
never has to progress

Your God is really dead
dirty followers you absorb
child abuse, corruption, its fucking Empire will fall
they enjoy and are rotting in money

soon his Kingdom of lies will collapse
fuck you blind Christian

your blood will be with the firm ink pact
Satan is waiting for you,
your soul belongs, that you can not change
their signs framework in my skin

your rotten beliefs must be buried
in the coffin of the drowned last
and burn in the eternal fire
reduced to ashes in his flames, all the old ways

the rotten flesh of your Savior
will be eaten by worms
while dark legions begin the conquest

dead religion
have to kill the 12 disciples
between blood and mud die

torture, you have to burn them fucking live
nasty clowns, where was your faith?
you will die in my hands, spilling impure blood
because today, God, not here

nothing because you do
where was your Mystic protector God
Did you really save?
is your bitch already dead religion
your fucking religion already is dead!
9. Arboretum (2:58)
where dreams end
starts another reality
away from everything
where is the forest eternal

your cries are not heard
deeper than hell
is where the truth
the reality that has been lost
everything has become silent

in the land of the dead
where is this my home
There is only one safe thing
never return

my temple are in ruins
My mutilated body
lying on the green grass
kissed by the breeze
an eternal dusk

light not corrupts the calm
everything here is dark
tranquility kiss my soul
and finally I can transcend...
10. Outro (1:20)
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