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Ancient Storms of War Lyrics

Gravewürm - Ancient Storms of War cover art

Ancient Storms of War

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresBlack Metal, Thrash Metal, Doom Metal, Death Metal
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Submitted by level 8 Carlos Acioli (2013-04-25)
1. At the Gates of Armageddon (1:43) (Instrumental)
2. Riders of the Cursed One (3:41)
Fuck the weak
They all shall be slaughtered
Only true warriors
Shall remain

Conjured from the depths
And in darkness
Our fallen angel
Shall eternally reign

Brought to us from above
Now he has risen and reigns in hell
Lord Lucifer command our souls
Cast your power of infernal spells
Eye of the serpent shines on us
Gleaming with the power of the night
The way is shown to immortal souls
As we embrace the darkest light

Riding toward the light
Only to extinguish it
Bringing total darkness
Forever more
As wolves gather
Around the altars blood
To kill the sacrificial
Virgin whore

Cast far from Heaven
Our lord lucifer
Let his horrid will be done
Cursed and wretched face
Filled with disgust
Blasphemous riders of
The cursed one
3. On Icy Plains I Die (2:50)
Born into this world of death
Feasting on the fallen ones
Living only to kill again
Why must I keep doing this

Traveling throughout these treacherous lands
Only to find another victim
I must fill my insatiable lust
Another one dies tonight

Death comes to all of them
I must see to their demise
Downfall comes to all of man
Their hour of death is now at hand

Why must I keep on killing why must I be the one
I take their only life I need to see their blood

I have lived for many years
I've killed all who came my way
Now I dwell where there's no life
On the icy plains I die
I die I die on the icy plains I die I die
4. Nocturnal Spells (2:40)
Of unholy hatred he is slain
Fallen victims die in pain
Demonic chaos we'll obtain
Eternal darkness shall reign

Warriors come to attack
On wings of hate they ride
Bringing destruction to the gods
Through nocturnal spells

All have fallen in our path
Life has ceased their souls we take
Through bloodshed spells are cast
Watch em burn at the stake
5. Dwellers of Darkness (3:30)
We are the ones sent to destroy
We are the ones dwellers of darkness
To aide in the fall of heaven
We are the ones dwellers of darkness
Our evil lord shall reign again
We are the ones dwellers of darkness
Lords of death blacken our hearts
We are the ones dwellers of darkness
Cast from heaven it is done
Unholy scourge reigns supreme
Praise his name guardian of the damned
Dark savior lead our attack
6. Descend into the Underground (2:32)
Buried beneath the dark forest
My remains are sent to charon
Spectral visions of my dark life
This is the price I must pay

Tormented by those I have slain
Now I join their fate
Facing the wrath of mighty Hades
Tears my soul apart

Joining the place of those who've fallen
My existence shall be no more
I have slain all those of fear
How much more torment must I endure

As I descend into the underworld
7. Slaughtered on the Altar (3:15)
Brought to the sacrifice
Born to die to praise our evil lord
Souls shrouded in mystery
Only to slaughter millions of victims

Dagger plunge forth into her chest
Blood flows out till there's no life
Feast on the victims we kill
Devour the soul in the ritual

Sacrifice die in the ritual
Forsaken is your saviors soul
Darkness from a witches spell
Slaughtered on the altar of hell

Serpents gather blood they spill
Defile the burial enchanted witches mill
For the glory of our lord
We give praise to the slaughter

Slaughtered on the altar of hell
8. Beneath the Moonfog (3:01)
Darkened shadows emerging from
Ancient gates seals your fate
Tearing apart victims flesh
Altar vile desecrate
Drink the blood from the veins
Cause the death bringing doom
Raise the chalice to the sky
Praising our blood-red moon

Blood pours from the fount of death
Souls weep for those who've passed
Onto the other side
As tears fall from your savior's eyes

We shall embrace the oath
We shall embrace the fate
Foreseen in the blood-red moon
With death our eternal mate
9. Cranial Splendour (2:15)
I see you on the street my potential victim
I just gotta kill you

You wont suspect my coming attack
I just gotta kill you

With a quick decisive blow
Your head cracks open exposing brains

Cranial splendor

I drag you away my corpse companion
I just gotta eat you

I dig right in into your skull
I just gotta eat you

With a quick laughing thought
I bite down consuming brains

Cranial splendor
10. Ancient Storms of War (3:07)
Emerging from distant kingdoms
Ancient storms of war
Battle against their foes with hatred
To defeat the feeble lord

Ancient storms of war
Dwell in fear of the conquering darkness
Ancient storms of war
Die by those who rule the land

They strike swiftly they strike harshly
Mighty warriors destroying the lands
Gods empower their plagues of destruction
Their enemies bleed

Bid farewell to enemy souls
Their lives are taken away
Abysmal apocalypse
Exaltations of diabolical rites

Dark warriors on this night
Strike with divine might
Spill blood a war cry
Slaughter beneath a darkened sky
11. The Dark Horde (2:14)
Unleashed upon this land to kill with unholy hand
Vengeance in blood they seek destroy the savior weak
Riders sworn to obey Satan's high command
A ritual crucifixion is what they demand

Crucifixion hang your savior on the cross
Impale his flesh holocaust
Blood pouring from his soul
Luciferous achieved their goal
The dark horde ravages man
Dark chaos fills the land

A blood thirsty soul of pure unholy hate
Crushing those who oppose their malicious fate

Golgotha's where he fell
Luciferians praised his death
Darkness spread across the land
Pouring from the gates of hell

The dark horde ravages man
12. Cadaveric Dementia (1:48)
You're dead
A product of violent demise
You're dead
No one can save you from hell

I mutilate your corpse
To satisfy my dementia
Dismember your limbs
And feast on them
I rip out your entrails
To serve my resolve
Cut off your head
And adorn it with jewelry

Your corpse my delight
Your corpse my amusement
Your corpse my delight
Your corpse my enthrallment (paradise)

I drink your blood
It drips from my mouth
I chew your flesh
Savoring its taste
I slice your lungs
To see the gore
I erase your essence
Achieving satisfaction

Give your corpse to me
13. A Once Forgotten Kingdom (2:43)
Black mist appears from the forest
An eerie enchanting site
Lurking amongst the ancient ruins
We embrace the powers of the night

Spirits from a once forgotten kingdom

Spirits taught us the ways of the ancients
To be the masters of our destiny
Spirits from a once forgotten kingdom
In our hearts their ways shall always be
14. The Gorging (1:41)
Night falls upon the city
Time to feast has come
I wake up from my slumber
Leaving my casket behind

A woman walks in an alley
She doesn't sense my approach
Two fangs sunk into her neck
Blood drains from her body

My feast has just ended
The woman's corpse lies on the ground
I exalt the meal I just had
Now its time for another

The gorging will continue
Until its almost dawn
Lives will cease on this night
As it has for many centuries

I am death incarnate
Epitome of the undead
Innocence all fall victim
Just to save my hunger

The gorging it will continue
The city will fall prey to me
The gorging
15. Rise from the Crypts (2:16)
Rise we must rise
Feast we must feast
From our crypts
We shall rise
Mummified souls of darkness
Feast in nocturnal bliss

From the depths
We shall breed
Undead servants of hell
Procreation from the blood-kiss

Strike we must strike
Kill we must kill
In the shadows
We imbibe
Perilous screams in pain
Death in the blink of an eye
Hellish destiny
Growing darker each day
Resting in our lair
But from the crypts
We shall rise again
16. Possessed by Darkness (1:37)
Can't you now see I'm in hell
Pass by the cauldron profane
Possessed by darkness
An evil spell

Crucified one upon the cross
May you have eternal suffering
Screaming in anguish
We hail Satan's name

Unholy servant unholy ghost
Bastard one Satan is his name
He shall reign in the pits of hell
Possessed by darkness an evil spell

Burn the cross of the man
Who died for our sins
Anti-christ is upon the earth
We laugh at the witness
17. Black Candles (3:28)
Black candles will burn your holy cross
Black candles will burn your savior
Black candles in praise of Satan
Black candles will burn forever

Land of death eternal rest
Maggots feasting on rotten flesh

Renewed now evil soul
Filled with scourge and hate
Rise unholy servants
Warriors spawned from hell
Make black candles burn
Enchanted evil spells

Black candles destroy this holy world
Black candles enchant the darkness
Black candles left hand path
Black candles eternal damnation

Restore chaos to immortal souls
Light black candles unholy rituals

Follow now the ancient
Darkness and blasphemy
Rise evil purveyors
Black soldiers spawned from hell
Death to the Christ god
In darkness we will dwell

Black candles burn
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