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Return of the Reaper Full Album Lyrics

Grave Digger - Return of the Reaper cover art

Return of the Reaper

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresHeavy Metal, Power Metal
Album rating :  86 / 100
Votes :  5
Lyrics > G > Grave Digger Lyrics (196) > Return of the Reaper Lyrics (12)
Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2016-11-24)
1. Return of the Reaper (1:16)
2. Hell Funeral (3:01)
Ravens of death
Calling my name
Right out of hell
With an evil spell

There is no romance
Only fire and screams
Darkness rising
And killing your dreams

Revelation has arrived
In the fire you will die

The reaper is back
With angels of black
Hells bells hell funeral
The reaper's not dead
He's dead ahead
Hells bells hell funeral

Pounding sound
Get down to the ground
Into the blackness
Where silence is dead

Wafts of mist
Cover the land
See my coach and coffin
Be sure it's your end

The reaper has returned
A lesson they should learn
From darkness he will rise
He kills all the silent cries

The reaper has returned
All human life is burned
Anguish, fear and pain
Welcome to reaper's reign
3. War God (3:46)
Raging through fields of agony
Soldiers kill without morality
War is conducted, highest brutality
Each lost life is a tragedy

Again and again
Turns the wheel of time
On and on
Until the last king dies

Wargod wargod
Enemies will rise
With swords of hate
Wargod wargod
Hellbent for vengeance
Bloodshed for free

War leaves pain and punishment
Sparked by greedy governments
Sparing their lives in imprisonment
Or die by torture and ill intent

Return to hell
Demon's child
Get out of my way
We're running wild
4. Tattooed Rider (4:03)
I'm back on track
I never look back
Two wheels will guide me
Straight to heaven

The road be my grave
At the end of all days
My death tone sounds
In a metal way

Harder and faster
Hear my laughter
By moonlight I ride
With god by my side

I'm a tattooed rider
Straight out of hell
I'm a law breaker
Thunder yells
I'm a risk taker
A trouble maker
Hunted like a spider
Tattooed rider

Live for the moment
I live my dreams
I never surrender
In moments of pain

Life gives me brighter day
Open your eyes
When heart and soul unite
See the light in the sky
5. Resurrection Day (2:58)
Shadows from a wasted land
Human rights facing their end
Wind carries on a nasty smell
Evil's breed, rise straight out of hell

No time to lose
Silence means the end
No other choices
Raise up your voices

Resurrection day
From ashes they'll rise
Hell to pay
Resurrection day
From down below
Beggars pray

Stars fall down from the skies
Far away I hear the battle cries
The flag of hate blowing up in the wind
The misery of society forgives our sins
6. Season of the Witch (5:04)
A misty dawn breaks through the clouds
The forest's sleeping horses rise
The thunder god demands tribute
The king refused to pay the price

Princess of the midnight sun
Lost in the shadows, on the run
To survive wolves on the hunt
Nightmare won't end, a wonder must come

Only the good will survive
Only a few will find salvation
Hold up the flame to be alive
Reaching out for revelation
Season of the witch

Father, father I don't wanna die
Oh Lord, please tell me why
Father, father you betrayed me
Ooh Lord, why you broke me

Season of the witch
Time to break out
Season of the witch
Don't cry too loud
Season of the witch
Time to break free
Season of the witch
Join the crowd and follow me
7. Road Rage Killer (3:18)
Straight into the sun
Warrior of the eastern world
On the road to Babylon
Far away from Avalon

Walls can’t stop me
I'm on the prowl
Brought a couple to death
Intoxicated by crystal meth

I'm the killer
The road rage killer
Hell on wheels
The master of steel
I'm the killer
The road rage killer
Faster than light
Evil of the night

Don’t look around
And never look back
Get your eyes straight ahead
Get ready for attack

Fear isn’t my friend… hahaha
A word I've never heard
Rage is my passion
Death will be my end
8. Grave Desecrator (4:22)
Out of the coffin, your soul cries for mercy
But I have nailed the lid forever
Bag pipers play tunes or sorrow
I cover your bones with moss and mud

I dance on your coffin
Celebrating the end
I call all the rats
Your last supper my friend

Grave grave desecrator
I'm the human's greatest hater
Grave grave desecrator
The last human traitor
Grave grave desecrator
I'm the human's greatest hater
Grave grave desecrator
The last dictator

Six feet under will be your paradise
Worms and spiders by your side
Hallowed be your name eternally
Your rotting corpse I take carefully
9. Satan's Host (2:56)
Watch me die at the cemetery
Killed by priests of evil mercenary

Hands are cold, my face is pale
A warm embrace, souls for sale

Heathen demon church and death
Kills my brain and steals my breath
Heathen demon holy ghost
Welcome Satan's host

Satan lord alive and mystified
All mankind will be victimized

Pray for mercy, I'm your whip
Obey my prayer, suck my dick
10. Dia de los Muertos (4:15)
Creatures of the endless night
Blinded by the pale moonlight
Dancing through the empty streets
Celebrating life and weed

Retribution - execution
Dissolution - revolution
Bleeding eyes, no pain no gain
White skulls scream in the pouring rain

Oh oh oh
Dia de los muertos
Oh oh oh
Day of the dead
Oh oh oh
Dia de los muertos
Oh oh oh
Day of the dead

Sighing spirits in a ghost parade
Screaming Jesus stays in the shade
Unholy jugglers know the truth
Bloody hands feel no ruth
11. Death Smiles at All of Us (3:52)
Under the spell
Into the gates of hell
Sacrificed for mercy
The price you have to pay

A storm comes up
Empty streets, lonely rats
Cry for the children
Following the tunes of death

Laughing eyes
Will show no fear
I'm out to kill
Revenge is near

Death smiles at all of us
Killing without mercy
Soul dies, fearless eyes
Death smiles at all of us

Death smiles at all of us
Killing without mercy
Angel cries, no more lies

Ashes to ashes
Hate is under your skin
Dust to dust
The victims of your sin
12. Nothing to Believe (4:33)
I wish I could be someone else
To live my dream, to live my fears
I wish I could stop beating myself
To save my soul, to share my tears

Take me back into your arms
Take away this crown of thorns
The highest summits I will rise
To fight my demon in disguise

Nothing to believe
Something died inside of me
Nothing to believe
Till the end of time will set me free

Nothing to believe
Something died inside of me
Nothing to believe
True love will set me free

I close my eyes, the sun goes down
I hold my breath and hear the sound
I'm still alive and ready to leave
I see my life in endless grief
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