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Keys to the Mysteries Beyond Full Album Lyrics

Grafvitnir - Keys to the Mysteries Beyond cover art

Keys to the Mysteries Beyond

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
Album rating :  –
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Lyrics > G > Grafvitnir Lyrics (8) > Keys to the Mysteries Beyond Lyrics (8)
Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2018-02-07)
1. Nidhögg (5:42)
In the deep
gnawing at the very roots of life
Biting, scratching, ripping
Aeons of acosmic strife

In the depths
of Hvergelmir's venom filled
in the icy streams of Hraunn
waiting for the blood
of the nine worlds to be spilled

By the beckoning
of poisonous waters
on the vast shores of Nas
Eater of the dead
Lord of the underoworld
Primordial hunger of wrathful jaws

Father of snakes
King of serpents
who brings woe and despair in the ending of all
Spraed thy black wings of chaos
bring the cursed word
that all now shall fall

By countless serpents crowned as king
Only rays of the black sun shine through
No other light will penetrate thy blackened wing
Blaze upon the path, for us, thy chosen few

O bringer of eternal dark
With glowing fiery eyes
With gaze fixed on the distant horizon
Behold the serpent king of death arise
2. Key to the Mysteries Beyond (4:26)
Crossing the barrier between life and death
that separates the spiritual from the mundane
To become a vessel for gods and spirits
And to attain the most sacred domains

Eros draws life from Thanatos
Gnosis flowing without begining nor end
A gateway to the void is created
The illusion of time and space starts to bend

Crossing the threshold of eternity
Concealed enigmas of the arcane
To obtain the key to the mysteries beyond
And receive the gnosis of the astral plane

Eros draws life from Thanatos
Gnosis flowing unrestrained
A gateway to the void is created
A world forged in Lucifer's flame

Crossing the threshold of eternity
Concealed enigmas of the arcane
To obtain the key to the mysteries beyond
And receive the gnosis of the promethean flame
3. Vargavinter (5:38)
Lommar av avgrundens lockrop, i sisttidens elfte timma
stjärnornas iskalla ljus mot sylvassa tänder glimma
Marors kall, hungerns skall, den isande nattens ljud
Skuggor och brinnande blodtörst i silvergrå ulvaskrud

Vassa klor och raggen rest, helveteselden flammar
Fasans vind sveper kall över skugghöljda bergkammar
Hatets skörd, vredens tid, en tid av hämnd är här
då Jahves folks blod blir spillt och ormens käftar när

Vargavinter, nidingstide

Korpsvarta mysterier uti hjärtats mörka hamn
Viskningar i nattens djup, härskarens sanna namn
Nu griften bryts, stenen välts, i sinnets karga svärta
Väck så det nordiska vilddjuret för att bringa död och smärta

Allt som satts nu skördas skall i vedergällningens tid
Samlas nu, låt lien svepa, då vargavinter tar vid
Ben så bryts, strupar slits i marors skräckfyllda vals
Varulvsbestens käftar sluts kring världarnas darrande hals

Vredens frö blommar ut, av natten närd till liv
I nattsvart prakt, i svärta krönt, dödens krans oss giv
Gapande käftar grenjar nu då anden är besatt
Nu mörker, illdåd, svartsejd skänk, på varulvars mörka natt

I bytesdjurens mjuka kött vi våra tänder sänka
I primordiala lågors sken skall uråldriga ögon blänka
Låt lien svepa över fårahjord medan vindar tjuter bistra
I skenet av vår herres eld skall det nordiska stålet gnistra
4. Crossing the Abyss (1:38)
5. Eternity’s Glistening Black (4:04)
devour me
Bring me to freign shores
Into eternity's glistening black
my somber spirit soars

Countless lifetimes has passed by
I've reached the point of no return
The acosmic sea beckons me
For the dark beyond I yearn

The enigma of a thousand deaths
glimmers through the veil of mystery
To eternity's glistening black I finally hold the key

Screaming nightwinds of the other side
sent to guide me home
In eternity's glistening black forevermore I will roam

Through the holographic universe
I can glimpse thy glistening scales
Majestic queen reign supreme
grant me the gift to see
beyond the veil

From otherwordly spheres blades of perdition
cuts through the flesh of the weak
Beyond the darkest regions of what is known
lies the wisdom that I seek
6. Journey into Storms (1:41)
7. Unleash the Storm of Nothingness (3:53)
Tempestuous storm of nothingness
rape the world, crumble and lacerate
Destroy the universe into splendid nothingness
To be born anew through fire - eternal life after death

Cold void of nothingness so lucid in my darkest dreams
Let perpetual darkness silence the last screams
Of countless ages now gone by never again to return
Illusions of the mundane world in an unquenchable fire will burn

As blades in the throat of the demiurge
and serpents in his "paradise"
Our cold lips shall utter the darkest praise as
his world implodes and dies

Unleash the storm of nothingness
Let Omega's black wings unfurl
Unleash the storm of nothingness
Let the stormy winds of death whirl

Sheathed in a mist of fire
Between dimensions outside time and space
The answers to our everlasting seeking
To know unknowable behind the fiery curtain's blaze
8. Eye of Lucifer (5:28)
Serpent's eye that pierces all veils
Eye of the dragon that blaze in the void
it expands awakened
Illusions shattered as the serpent is uncoiled

Feel the presence of Dracontias
feel the flow of the fiery snake
Liberator from the bonds of flesh
Foundations of the world start to shake

Inner senses awakened and sharp
Devil's eye burns with serpentine fire
A dark star grows a canvas of blackness
The throne of the serpent breed's sire

Fiery energies of the current
In a nightrealm as black as coal
Shine your light in the black of night
Behold the sun of the black hole

Feel the presence of the draconian force
Feel the flow of the snake
Liberator from the bonds of flesh
Ginnungagap start to shake

Inner senses awakened and sharp
The devil's eye, burns with serpentine fire

Feel the fiery serpent awake
Marvel the bliss of the void
Liberator from the fetters of flesh
leave the mundane perceptions destroyed
9. Whispers of the Primordial Sea (4:23)
Invoking the energy of the spirits of fire
Creation and destruction entwined
Attaining regions of the deepest of mysteries
The venom that gives sight to the blind

Penetrating portals to the underworld
Reversed worlds of things that should not be
Through luminous paths following the beckoning
the whispers of the primordial black sea

Invisible light illuminates the pathway
Exploring the tunnels of the doomed
Heeding the beckoning whispers
of entities by the acosmic sea consumed

Drifting in the waves

Moving along the blackest of streams
bathing in the light of a black moon
Descending into the depths of the sea
To become unborn in Tiamat's womb

Drifting in the waves

Unborn in the womb of Tiamat
10. Glimpses of the Unseeable (5:01)
Summoning dark elements of strength
Seeking the wisdom of the dead
Glimpses of the unseeable
A nightmarish journey lays ahead

A march to the kingdom of dark synergy
Where rapture reigns and time has ceased to be
Blades of sorcery rip the heavens apart
Creating a path to the realm of mystery

Channeling the forces of morbidity
Entities from a time before time
Archetypes of the powers of blackness
Rays of primordial darkness divine

Hidden in the cracks lies the primordial
Inhuman energeies a timeless state of dark
The abode of the trinity of black fire
And the bearers of the devil's mark

A different universe, a maze of wonders
A labyrinth in the sleeping dragon's veins
Where the darkest of dreams are woven
and alternate states of reality reigns

Summoning dark elements of strength
Perfection of the hideous and dread
Glimpses of the unseeable
Ripping the mundane world into shreds
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