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Zombie Suicide Part 666 Lyrics

Gorelord - Zombie Suicide Part 666 cover art

Zombie Suicide Part 666

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresDeath Metal
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Submitted by level ― (2011-06-03)
1. The Stench Of Flesh Decomposing
The Stench Of Flesh Decomposing
In a Cellar Underground
Putrid bodies torn to Shreds
A Cadaverous Bloodshed

Meathooks Draped In Blood & Guts
Bones and Skin Removed

Silence In The Cellar
Corpses Underground
Fatal Wounds Inflicted
Screams Without Sound

Crush The Bones with a Sledgehammer
Pulverize their Heads and Eyes

The Stench Of Flesh Decomposing
2. Screams Choked To Silence
Rotten Flesh Blood & Guts
Human Parts All Over
Rituals Of The Macabre
Bodies Slaughtered Slicing Throats
Relentless Violence Twisted Trails Of Death
In A Room Below The Ground

Screams Choked To Silence

Mutilate In Pact With Death
No Love Left Forever
Screams Choked To Silence
3. Dreams Of The Macabre
Bloody Entrails In My Closet
Rotten Cunts On My Bed

Human Skin Is Now A Carpet
On Where I Sodomize The Dead
Skulls And Bones On My Walls
Human Hair Inside My Pillow

Blood In Goblets Flesh On Plates
All Around Me Death And Hate

Necrophilic Cumfeast Orgy
GoreBukkake With A Corpse
Masturbating On It's Body
While I'm Watching The Beyond

Feed My Body With Her Nectar
Warm & Yellow Slime
Behind Closed Eyes There Is A World
Blasphemous Necro & Sexual

Dreams Of The Macabre
My Own Private Hell
4. Horror Gore & Unreligion
Zombies Infest My Existence
Images Throughout The Day
Flesh Consumed In Silence
Gore & Horror All The Way

Blasphemous Until I Die
Jesus Died In Vain

The Blind Can't Kill The Goat
Your God Is Worthless Here
In My Lair There Is No Substitute for Fear

I Breed Hate With My Persistence
5. Outback
6. Shrieks Of The Undead
Rising From Their Graves
With Skin Of Rotten Death
Maggots Crawl From Every Hole
In Moonlight Draped In Red

Beyond The Gates Of Hell
Their Souls Are Kept Undead
Craving Blood & Living Flesh
They're Dead But Still Alive

Shrieks Of The Undead
Souls Of The Damned
7. Cumfucked Face Of Death
Face Impaled With Needles
Eyes & Lips Removed
Razorblades & Butcherknifes
So Sexual
Dripping Semen From Her Teeth
Mixed with Blood & Piss
Bound & Cold Without A Pulse
My Erection In Her Throat

Cumfucked Face Of Death

Face Impaled With Needles
Eyes & Lips Removed
Razorblades & Butcherknifes
So Sexual
Cumfucked Face Of Death
Wrists Tied Up With Pianostrings
Butchered Like An Animal
A Necro Fucking Gathering

Cumfucked Face Of Death
Butchered Like An Animal
8. Four Ways To Heaven One Way To Hell
Her Skin Is Cold & Rotten
Her Breath Is Sickening
As She Fucks Her Little Cunt
With A Crucifix
The Boy Descents From Evil
The Number Of The Beast
Born To Rule This World So Unholy

A Family In Texas
Deadly Cannibals
Dismembering Their Dinner
With A Chainsaw
Going Down The River
In A Southern State
Ending Up In Horror
Murder Death & Rape

Four Ways To Heaven
One Way To Hell
9. I Am Master Here
Cum On Your Face
Cum In Your Open Eyes
Then Force You To Swallow
My Golden Yellow Rain

Tie You Down To The Fucking Floor
Then Watch You Cry In Pain
Bloody Sexual Submission
I Am Master Here

Leave Your Life From Where You Came
You Are Now My Slave Of Fear

Naked, Wet & Terrified
Your Ass I Penetrate
Still Tied To The Wooden Floor
I Cum Inside Your Fucking Face

Forced To Choke When I Ram
My Fingers Down Your Throat
Then You Puke On My Cock
Before We Fuck Some More
10. Alive When Fucking The Dead (Bonus Demo Track)
Alive when fucking the dead...Necrophilia
dead flesh against my skin as i penetrate her rotting limbs
Ripping flesh from her crushed knuckles, rape her cunt
cum inside her rotten vagina with a grin...
I fell alive...when fucking the dead
11. Necrophilic Orgy In Entrails & Cum (Bonus Demo Track)
Digging up the recent buried corpses, cold & willing
piles of bodies before my eyes, wich i long to cum over
no need for words, as i fuck the dead
raping whole families in their graveyard beds
ripping out entrails as i cum inside rotten mouth
in the dark i scream from pleasure
the dead wakes me to life
necrophilic orgy in entrails & cum
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