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The Tide Has Turned | Full Album Lyrics

God Forsaken - The Tide Has Turned cover art

The Tide Has Turned

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal, Doom Metal
LabelsAdipocere Records
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2014-01-11)
1. November/Forsaking the World (4:17)
They say that life is an adventure, for me it's just a painful nightmare. They told me that I am not real, but the world that they see ain't real to me. They say that I am going to die, yes, that's all I have been waiting for / Why am I still alive? Kill me and lay me into my grave / My Existence is more like the life of a butterfly, flying around and trying to find another flower. They say that I am driving them insane, but I am going to die and I just don't care / Everything I have done was already meant to fail / They told me that I have no future, but I never wanted to live forever. They say that I must be crazy, but I am on my own now and living to die. I am dying, hanging in the rope I just found. You'll all have a better life without me around / Everyday I try to find a better way to kill myself.
2. Until Death Joins Us Again (4:33)
My love, forgive me, I have waited too long. I know there is no other way, the pain it too strong. When the sun goes down the darkness entwines me in its shadows. I will be with you again as the wounds in my arms still bleed / Ours skins are so pale as our lips meet like heavenly angels. We raise our wings and fly until we see the morning signs. Our bodies are floating as we paint our love into the clouds. We are together, for ever, as we are raining down as tears.
3. Jupiter (5:53)
4. Astral Voyager 69 (4:49)
We see the sings of doom, the beginning of the last aeon. We run ourselves down and die from diseases unknown. We hide from the ozoneless sky and watch them fry / We gather under the brown moon, step inside the salvation. We launch our last one, our last hope, astral voyager 69 / We stare off into space, observe the great vastness. We set our course and travel for all those lightyears. We land on our new planet, blind our eyes in silver sunlight. We sleep under the two moons, wake up with the misty dawn. We walk through the ashgray lawn, swim in oily ocean.
5. The Tide Has Turned (7:37)
I feel you and your warmth, and your kisses so sweet. The silent moments feel like years, our time, never dies... never dies / I see your peaceful eyes watching the flowing water. You're standing on the river where we met, your hands and lifted. Your mouth is moving like you want me to hear your voice, as you finally dive I see a relieved smile on your lips / I have been on our river so many times before, always waking up from the same old nightmare. I have so many questions and yet so few answers, and the answers I have tear me to pieces / I have no use for this world of endless sorrows when every second takes me deeper into my memories. The tide has turned for my life, it has to be ended. I only have to dive and let my soul fly.
6. Nowhere to Be Found (3:14)
I am standing on this starlit shore, I have reached my destination. I see lighting ripping the sky in the distant horizon. Yet I can sleep the rest of my moments under the sparkling stars. I close my eyes / I have stopped wondering why but my mind is traveling back in time. I am still captured in the past, at the end of my lonely voyage. It is here where I will cry all my tears, still unknown, for ever to be forgotten / Nowhere to be found / I am softly lifted, my pain released, flown towards the redeeming light. It is here where I seal my fate, end my worthless life and it is here where I am, letting my innermost feelings fall apart.
7. Giving It All Away (5:13)
Look at me now as I lapse into silence again. Watching the people walking in the thickening snow rain / I guess they all are looking for something to believe in, someone to tell their worries or just to ease the pain / As I try to follow the footsteps in the rained snow, I know that I don't belong and no one will tell me why / Its getting dark outside and the stars are hiding behind the clouds. I light my last candle , only to see my shadow on the empty walls / In the break of a new day I am gone in my world made of dreams. I have no gods to pray for my self to die. Nothing matters to me anymore and I laugh until I cry again / I am finished with it all , I am leaving, giving it all away.
8. It's All the Same in the End (4:38)
It's all the same in the end, as we are biting the feeding hands. We didn't know that we wouldn't last forever. We won't ever learn , we'll die together, at last / We have no wings to fly but still we try to reach the blue skies. All that we can give are our sins and undressed bodies. Let us die with our lies, let us fly to distant heavens, 'til we touch the burning sun, 'til our minds are as one / Now we can all feel the life, once so blooming, leaving us to die, taking away our troubled souls. Our misery made us so weak, we never knew ourselves. We see our creation, burning in eternal fires.
9. She Dies (3:42)
See the sparrows dance and hear it singing for its spouse. See the eagle flying high above the wintergreen mountains, landing on the top of the tree, its sharp eyes searching / Ruffling its feathers, knowing where its prey crawls. Feel the same strong wind that raises it on its wings, lifting it higher and higher to its bluish realm / Oh no, it's all gone / Bathe in clear spring waters, see how the salmon travels in the rapids. See a shooting star in the night sky and make a wish in your mind. Explore the untouched wilderness as we burn down another rainforest / Hear how our mother nature cries, weeping a thousand tears. She dies as our thirst for life doesn't end 'til we drown in our own filth. She dies as the hole in the ozone later enlarges, we have lost her.
10. Goodbye (3:33)
I see the naked trees waving their branches in the wind. I want to lay myself under their shadows and rest, I want to sleep on the dead leaves and try to forget / I have no solution for this misery I am in, I guess it doesn't matter anymore, I want to give in. It doesn't matter if I don't find my way out. I am sure that I don't have to live anymore. There is no one left to tell what I'm after. I just keep on going 'til the day I'll be gone / But all that agony and despair comes back to me now, like on big wave breaking into my soul so cold. The tears I cry are like blood from my aching heart.
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