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Vengeful Ascension Full Album Lyrics

Goatwhore - Vengeful Ascension cover art

Vengeful Ascension

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal, Death Metal, Thrash Metal
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-07-09)
1. Forsaken (3:40)
Essence of repugnant evil
Casting these lives into torment
Implement of the unholy
Abhorrent portal of life

Engorge in this sacred flesh
Bloodstained sight of revelation
Abolish this repentance of sin
Birth of the omega

Bellowing fires arise
Blacking out the skies
Revealing the heartless
Bloodshed of righteous design

Honor the rites of massacre
Extinction of this passion
purging all that is holy
Boundless murdering desire

Save fires arise
Burning into the skies
Filling the lungs of the heavens
In a strangling breath

Carving the praise of Lucifer
Into these hearts of fear
Manifesting demons of these
Vile acts
Burn the praise of Lucifer
Into consecrated flesh
This immolation rite in the
Inferno's thrall

Twirling winds will devour
Demons will feed on desires
Tidal waters will drown
Cleanse the earth of doctrine
Invoke the promise of ruin
Vile deeds of the repulsive
Rabid acts of slaughter
Unsettling sight of destruction

Brand the praise of Lucifer
Upon the faces of God
Conjure the demons of this desecration
Slice the praise of Lucifer into
The wrists of this sacrifice
This deed will be the vessel
Of oblivion

Execration prevails
Lost to all that is evil
Murdering the essence of light
Reveal the heart of this darkness
2. Under the Flesh, Into the Soul (4:33)
The world is a grave, apathetic and cold
This selfish prison of a coveted wrath
Uncontrolled indignation still corroding in the mind
Crumbled walls that keep this grudge confine

Purging of this forgiveness
In the darkest moments of strife
Quietly waiting, stalking it's prey
Striking when the moment arrives

Ruthless in this hateful passion, calling of this dread
Slowly slip inside this trap of torment's game
Self inflicted poison inserted in your veins
Burrowing deep inside, walling in this pain

Reinforce the numbness inside
Emptiness of the demoralized
Onslaught of this hateful thought
Defiance of a rage filled heart

Grip of anger
Coiled despair
Conceal this past
Prison of this rage

Bitter sense
Distort the truth
Illusive thoughts
Of this distrust

Toxic actions conjure guilt
Casting this hex of discontent
Smother in a tragic stage
Seeding anger,
Resentment is born

Harboring a broken promise
Like a festering scar
Ignoring this harmful wound
Excreting pain

Immortalize this wrongful
Intention in praise
Entangled in this trap of unfading blame
Legendary accounts of this desolate resent
Resolution awaits with fangs of revenge
3. Vengeful Ascension (4:14)
Golden prophecy spilling with sorrow
Serpent of fire consumes this promise

Sleeping violence in oceans of unknown
Bring forth a storm of fear eroding the pride in man

Subdued to the fatal inner human fate
Bitterness of sense on this throne of menace

Temptation invoked in the garden of lust
Fire of spite matures, hymns of returning doom

Eye of the colossus, bleeding tears of sin
Matriarch of demon seed, birth the dark within

Feral reason etched into calm thought
Replace the presence of this devotion

Spiraling inside the belly of the beast
Coiled towers of swarm
Blasphemy is whispered in the unrest beneath
Awaken the chaos in this voiceless curse

[Guitar solo]

Graven image
Ruin of all
Blinding vision
Writhe in flame

Unearthly flesh, once concealed in thought
Breaking the surface of humanity
Crumbling cathedrals against a splintered sky
Clawing the flesh in this reckless surge

Masked with scourge, unleash this violent hell
Silence the stars, crushing eternal realms

Removing the face of this adoration
Isolation pours into innocent confines

Merciless rise
4. Chaos Arcane (3:57)
Chaotic void
An ancient force
Bestowed with cruelty
Spreading this malice

Stillness of midnight, the silence crawls
Looming clouds, like the raven’s wings

Chaos arcane, from the abyss i shall be born
Chaotic reign, bathed in blood i shall destroy

Infectious anger
Spreading panic
Strife of the damned
Conquers resolve

Your promise has fallen, rapture of charred praise
Foreshadowed faith, the aftermath of despair

Chaos arcane, from the abyss i shall be born
Chaotic reign, bathed in blood i shall destroy

Contagious weakness
These souls of man
Victims of worship
Mislead redemption
Abandoned order
Eroded sentient
All hope has gone
Catastrophe reigns

Absolute ruin, of all that’s profound, overcome with fright, dissolving pride
Nourishing the hate, residing in fear, tearing away worth, existence ends

I am the messenger
Demonic bearer of this madness
Harbinger of desperation
Defiant to this will of god

Banished from scriptures to be forgotten
Crowned in the blessings of apocalypse

I am this chaos
The crawling fear strangling the spine
Architect of all misery
Emptiness of failed belief

Absolute ruin, of all that’s profound, overcome with fright, dissolving pride
Nourishing the hate, residing in fear, tearing away worth, existence ends

Moral confines
Shattered defeat
Numbing bitterness
Grasp of death
Haunting outcome
Resides in man
Darkest instinct
Risen from the godless
5. Where the Sun Is Silent (4:35)
Submissive to death in a wakeless sleep
No breath to be heard, no light to retreat

With wings of black, the raven summons the night
In vaults of doom, buried beneath the moon, alone I lie

On darkened shores in coldness entwined
Enter this primal void of the devil's design

Splendor of this decay, manifest unearthly rites
Call forth the darkness, dressed in the blackest of nights

Release my soul in this descent, grasp of a decayed journey
Elude this gluttonous skies, corrupted with mercy

Unearth this starless realm of dreamless sleep
Weave the final space between life and death
Binding consent of this macabre affair
Impregnate the darkness with my final breath

Submissive to death in a wakeless sleep
No breath to be heard, no light to retreat

With wings of black, the raven beckons the night
From this cursed tomb, below the moon, crowned I rise

Filtered vision of this lifeless silence
Emerge from the cosmic trance
Submit to the cleansing dark, in death I will be reborn
6. Drowned in Grim Rebirth (4:14)
Dwelling from beneath
In cavernous depths
A primitive altar aged
In ritual blood

Ceremonial secrets concealed
In silent walls
Legends of evil entwined in lore

Whispered incantations
Echoed far from beyond

Revealing the genesis of poisonous magic

This flowing blood
From a pure creationg

Enter the summoning
Of the dark temptation

Gagging convulsions
In the hym of torment

Suspended animation
Offered in worship

Diabolical rite executed from
Tongues of the perverse

Drowning in the darkness
Of esoteric curse

Innocence swallowed in this foul act
Manifested deed conjures this death

Tumbling inside, womb of despair
Silencing coldness, suffocation prevails

Sacrificial submergence
Shaping of a wicked deliverance

Necromantic maceration
Blackened waters of sacrifice

Bloodless eyes evolving
Into a deathly void

Final breath of transform
This sanctity destroyed

Prying claws inside the consecrated womb
As death re-postures the infant is reborn
Praise the becoming of this vile hex
Emerging paragon of malevolent return
7. Abandon Indoctrination (4:19)
Exposing the lie
Of doctrine
Awake the potent truth

Portal to awareness,
Thundering asunder,
Hidden from the mortal eye

Desire guides us towards these darker paths
Temptation of the unknown void that compels
Resentment of this vision in purist ideals
Unlock the god fearing secrets of this hell

Morality falls into burden of untimely ruin
Plunging deeper inside this consuming void

Conspiracy of penance inducing this aversion
Canticle moans drip from tongues of persecution

Cold essence awaits
Distorted values of divine
Mortal born conceit
An inversion of mankind

Kneel before reality
The end has carved it's name
Upon this hallowed rite
Submit to all that is damned

Torn from promised salvation
The bleeding womb of betrayal

Expelling sermons of plague like curse
Locusts swarm in harmony of this annihilation

Unleash the fire that burns in the heart of man
Archaic sense that awakens this savage truth
8. Mankind Will Have No Mercy (3:48)
Destitute in this depraved existence
Expose the true horror of mankind

Eliminate the burden of resistance
Unlocking atrocities of the mind
Imminent extinction
Celebrated with these mournful screams
Rampaged horizons
Blood filled oceans of assault
Inhaling harsh filth
From the seared flesh of revolt

Hammer of reprisal welcomes death with open arms
Summoning the praise of this blood-soaked lust
Trance of deliverance, feed the need for this domination
Prepare to unleash these foul demons of war

Unhealed sufferance harnesses the urge
For infernal bloodshed
Awakening dark domains
Savage warfare
From conflict

Fire storms engulfing all that stands
Reckless force guides the hand of man

Resurface the frantic outcomes of self annihilation
Impressions that stain forever,
an image that numbs this sanity

Desires of triumph
The essence of cruelty
Seared flesh fades
Bone shrines of eternity

Storms of steel, emotionless attacks
Heartless acts unveiled in war torn violence

Indulge in this primitive urge,
passions overcome with hatred
Consumed by these starved warmongers of dispassion
Absolution for death, haunting battlefields
For the harvest
Bow before this throne of carnage

Wake of this lifeless cold,
paves the path of demise

Screams of vanquished defeat,
fading into chaos
9. Decayed Omen Reborn (4:25)
Storm within the all seeing eye
Foreseen revelation of this tempest

Pulling towards this dreadful nightmare
Desperate sounds escape through clenched teeth
Invoking the troubled senses to a horrific gaze
Poisoned conviction in filth covered promises

The great path of life,
plagued in desperation

Sanctified flame that
Consumes rampant desire

Liberation marred by
The anguish of reprisal

Decayed hands reaching
From the earth
To the skies

Reaching upward to
Pull the sun
From it's throne

The mouth of Hell
Deceit of this illusion

Surging venom in primordial hunger
Unforgiving like the wolf pack
To the lamb

Anointed in the rebirth of ageless bond
Devoted like the darkness to the night

Illusive word of divine
Deceptive sacrament descends

False remorse of this
Obedient devotion

Passionate belief resonates
With collapse

Cleansing the universe
Of reverent worship

A crown of despair rests on
The skull of decayed man

Prevailing reign of death
10. Those Who Denied God's Will (4:08)
Resistance calls for war
Against this rapture

Legions gather in force,
Potent from this rage

Raise the lawless order beyond the stars of God
Judgement of God's will with this fall of shame

Opening the earth for this feast of condemned
Bestowed penance of agony with no end
Forging scars where wings were once adorned
Tumbling revolt to an underworld with no dawn

Prestige devoured inside this conquering eclipse
Origin of flame within this vast abyss

Gnawing hatred kindles this thriving hunger
Desperate resent appears,
spawning the damned

Echoes of defeat assemble to proclaim conviction
Far beneath where the sun is silent
Winds whisper in vengeful tongue
While the counsels of wrath
Denounce this end

Reflective stage in this inner void of light
Unraveling hatred gained from this disgrace
Spiraling revenge penetrates this silence
Rising scourge, a godless domain is born

Revolt is cried under the soot of looming skies
Surface from this blaze of retribution

Born from shame inside this painful exile
Darkness crept from the
Resolve of collapse
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