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Dominande Tenebrae | Full Album Lyrics

Goat Torment - Dominande Tenebrae cover art

Dominande Tenebrae

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
LabelsAmor Fati Productions
Album rating :  –
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Lyrics > G > Goat Torment Lyrics (5) > Dominande Tenebrae Lyrics (5)
Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-02)
1. My Hands Reach Out (3:06)
Within the palms of my hands lies salvation
As they reach out for his throat
It is for you that I dwell
It is for you that I fell
On my knees, with all my strength
To hear his final breath
Covered in blood I follow your lead
To kill one, is to murder all

Father! Hear my call
See my hands trembling!
Feel my fire burning!
See their blood flowing!
I honor you by chanting your name
Show us, who are from your blood
To walk in your footsteps
Guide us, who are from your blood
On the fiery road of Death
2. Titan Fire (3:39)
Prometheus! Mighty Titan!
Deity of Old!
In thy name we
Oppose and avenge!
Prometheus! Mighty Titan!
Challenger of Gods
No more shall we
Sacrifice them bones!
Prometheus! Titan fire!
Prometheus! Titan!
Prometheus! Mighty titan!
Who stole the light?
And separated us
From the clay born waste!
Prometheus! Titan!
We'll slay the eagle
Break these cosmic chains
And set us free!
Prometheus! Titan Fire!
Prometheus! Titan!
3. Dominande Tenebrae (3:57)
Knowledge bestowed, dust to fire
Manifestations of ineffable darkness
Entering aeon of ecstatic force
Pulsating black walls, bloodred halos
Tunnels of poisonous blessings
Abysses of unfettered death
Grotesque adoration
A genocidal embrace engulfing all life
Escalation of absolute evilness
Evocation of obscene abominations
A reign of rats crowned with dirt
Returning to states of non-existence
Dwelling on the threshold of division
At the crossroads named death
Grotesque adoration
The devil in all dimensions...
4. Onwards to Judecca (6:48)
Downstream the Styx we row
Taking souls to their rightful place
The rows with blood were damp
The bark lit with brimstone lamp
Their agony for fuel, was shovelling its bones
While the furnace chants with a thousand groans
The sulphurous fumes... scorched their hands and face
One more soul on the wooden floor
He couldn't breath no more
Forever injured creature
Never believed... to be a man again
He has to pay full fare
To be carried throughout
For its only right he should have his due
So we'll land him in the rightful place
A place where his flesh will waste
Into the flames, everlasting torment forevermore
Then the traitor awoke
With an anguished cry and his eyes filled with fear
Louder and louder the thunder crashed
And brighted and brighter the lightning flashed
Closer and closer his paradise draws near
So we'll land him in his rightful place

The waves are being carried away
Scavengers pick clean coastlines' bones...
Their winged, sick insistence...
Their final promclamations
We're reaching the bedrock in view of his firmament
His judgement is waiting to be drawn
We're only a few rows away...
Farewell scorched soul
Enjoy this place of wondering dream
As your cursed soul shake in its wake
Your silent screams are in vain
Farewell, farewell scorched soul
May your bones last long
Judgement is so sweet
When it comes from no one...
No one but you
5. Abusing the Weak (1:57)
6. Angelwhore Dominator (2:55)
7. King of Locusts (4:16)
King of locusts, hear us at your shrine
Destroyer of worlds, lay forth the judgement
Father of the abyss, sweep your serpent's tail
Conjure the angel of the bottomless pit
That the dragon may tremble the waiste
Infecting the womb from which all came
Showing nothing but genocidal rage
And transfrom this realm in poisonous tomb
That temples may burn and the city may fall
That fires may cleanse this earth
That Jerusalem may perish and tremble in fear
That winds of death may be blowing across the planes
8. Invoking the Dark Gods (2:12)
9. Bestial Command (5:59)
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