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The Warrior's Code Full Album Lyrics

Gloryful - The Warrior's Code cover art

The Warrior's Code

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresHeavy Metal
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Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2013-12-13)
1. The Riddle of Steel (0:52)
2. Gloryful's Tale (4:17)
Gloryful - together we fight
Side by side, for glory and pride
We walked through hell and back again
United we stand
No one will cut this band

Ride with us into the battle
We're immortal, undefeated
Steel meets steel, all through the night
Like thunder we will rise

Hail, hail, Gloryful's tale
We bring the light
Into the dark
Wherever we ride
It's metal we bring

Side by side - we fight
My brothers, we will ride
Side by side - we fight
And we're never gonna die

Heavy metal - the flame still burns
Watch out posers
Cause the tables have turned
One of a kind, one of a piece
Like thunder through the night
3. Heavy Metal - More than Meets the Eye (5:45)
Feel the power
That hides before your eyes
A veil of conformity
Kills the wraith of all

Just close your eyes - what can you see
Leave all behind - what can you hear
Just close your eyes - what can you feel
Rising above with me

And there ain't no more boundary
Nor space for elapsed melancholy
A heart of steel assigns you to the pact
A bond between brothers, impossible to break

Heavy Metal - more than meets the eye

Never trust your eyes
Common feel the fire
Feel the heat
The spirit of the flame

Oh oh oh oh - what can you see
Oh oh oh oh - what can you hear
Oh oh oh oh - what can you feel
Oh oh oh oh - and feel the steel

Heavy Metal - more than meets the eye
4. The Warrior's Code (6:50)
The hordes of evil are storming the field
I'm taking their lives, armed with hammer and shield
I'm smashing their bodies, I'm striking with wrath
To destroy the enemy, my duty and path

An eye for an eye
A tooth for tooth
For honor and pride

The warrior's code
That burns in your heart
'cause pain is temporary
Pride is forever, never surrender

I feel no fear gods are leading my hand
This is the end, this is the last stand
Rain washes spilled blood, from our face
The pain always fades, it's honor that stays

An eye for an eye
A tooth for tooth
For honor and pride

The warrior's code
That burns in your heart
'cause pain is temporary
Pride is forever, never surrender
5. Breaking Destiny (7:11)
Shout it out loud, towards the open sea
Breaking the waves, the captive of the crow
Suffer a thousand deaths
No! She can't stand the curse
Breaking the promises
The union is getting worse

Follow the heart, all the way back
Fate lies in her own hands
And please forgive, this loss was never meant to be
And now, she'll change destiny, tonight!

Kingdom of the sea - to eternity
Forevermore our agony
Anger and pain
Breaking destiny
Revenge - a lifelong tragedy

Through snow and ice, through the eternal white
Burning the skin, leaving the cliffs behind
No looking back
His scream for vengeance hits the night
On wings of thunder
He will fall right through the sky

Father forgive, save me from this tomb
Reach out your hand, keep falling to the ground
Serving the thunder, won't be my destiny
Victim of your betrayal is what is meant for me
6. Evil Oath (4:58)
Chained down by the curse
Banned for a thousand years
Bearing all those miseries
With a fate that no one hears
Stigmatized with a sign
Damned by the winged god
Master of evil, deceiver of my soul

He burns ... he burns
My soul ... my soul
My mind ... my mind
God, break the arc!
Release me from this pain...Evil oath

Try to breath, all in vain
Desperation to inhale
Rage is a doorway
And hate becomes a pale
Mercy - for a lost soul
Master of evil, deceiver of my soul

Antic of eternal hate
Banned and spelled, until the end
This Bastille of loneliness
In an endless strife, torment for life

Spread the fright - spread the fear
Queen of the plague - already here
Hunger - of a lost soul
Master of evil, deceiver of my soul
7. Chased in Fate (4:52)
Listen to the sound
Of the battlefields
Men falling like leaves
In autumn's breath
No one stays alone
And iron will unite
Whispering our names
The legend will survive

I feel no fear to die
The pain will fade away
And the moment lasts forever
Strike down from heaven to earth
The end will know our names in here
Chased in fate

Waiting in the dark
With my brothers by my side
This won't be the end
Don't be afraid, we'll just coming home
It's a destiny that calls us
And glory is our guide
We will be heroes, immortal
Till the end of time

Kingdoms fall, but our tales remain
Carried through the night
Prevail the length of time
There is a flame, that burns all through the dark
Let all know that's just the spirit of your heart
8. Far Beyond Time (5:39)
Darkness covering the past
And things that we once knew
Less is what remains
Less are all the things that last

Time is moving on so fast
And marching on and on
Raising memories
Of heroes becoming outcast

Listen to the wind
Still knowing, carrying them high
Up to the sky
Far beyond, looking through the dark
That shadows are all along your side
Burn up the light
Far beyond time

Out of ashes back to life
Back into glory ride
Follow down your roots
Find that precious moments

Still the spirit is around
Of heavy metal sound
Bang your head with me
If you are man enough to follow
9. Fist of Steel (5:01)
Thunder, thunder, night in stripes
This is the sound of our gloryful ride
Fire, fire, we're running hot
Avalanche of steel that you'll never stop
Fighting the enemy, across the land
Unleash the power that no one could bend
Blessed with a flame, that burns in your heart
Bang all your heads to the sound

Raise your fist, all for one
Fist of steel, one for all

Unbelievers who won't understand
Don't listen to them, you know that you're right
As long as you burn you won't tear apart
A light in the shadow will fight the dark

Are you with me? We are! Joining the fight
United we stand as one, together we ride
Our hearts know we're right
Iron believe - and true
You're not choosing metal, metal chooses you!

Fire, fire, melting steel
Forging the iron to your destiny
Unleash the power, sharing no tear
Our free will is the weapon they fear
Calling my brothers, we're ready to fight
Be sure there's always a friend by your side
Thunder, thunder, flashing down
Eternal metal will take the crown
10. Sedna's Revenge (5:37)
Let me tell the story
Before ancient times
The myth of never ending hate

Goddess of the sea

She hides deep down
The blackness of the sea
The broken maid that hates the world

Gone to the deep
Never ending loss
Denied for ages
Listen to her call for revenge

Goddess of the sea

Lost forever, as the legend tells
To the never, down forever more

Goddess of the sea
Restless and never free
Crippled and broken
In revenge she believes

Captured by black wings
In her prison by the shore
The home of thunder and storm
11. Death of the First Earth (4:16)
Run! Hide!
Try to escape, but there is no way to hide
Cracking the surface
The world is on fire
The new age begins
'cause of his highness' desire

New age has begun

Death to the earth, a new one reborn
Witnesses frozen for ages in time
Mankind decline, pray for mercy
'cause we're next in line

Run! Hide!
Demons are warning of old earth inside
Defending what's hers
So little we are
Tearing it down
And we are bearing the scars

Sending the ancients to earth
New age, just has begun
Welcome to his new creation
All through chaos for this world
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