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Infestation of Evilized Deformities Full Album Lyrics

Glory Hole - Infestation of Evilized Deformities cover art

Infestation of Evilized Deformities

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresThrash Metal, Death Metal
Album rating :  70 / 100
Votes :  1
Lyrics > G > Glory Hole Lyrics (9) > Infestation of Evilized Deformities Lyrics (9)
Submitted by level 10 LightListener (2016-01-31)
1. Introphilia (0:32)
2. Necrolust (3:42)
Enter the Cemetary
Choose the Tomb
Dig with Force
And Exhume the Dead.

Reek of Putrefaction
Orgasmic Smell
Go Back Home
And Desecrate the Flesh.

Carcass in the Bed
Naked for You
This Putrid Flesh.

Feel the Pleasure
Filling your Mind
Pervert Desire
Is Real Now.

Necrolust Pleasure the Flesh
Insane excite with the death
sexual perversion normal in your mind
necrolust is all that you need.

Bestial stench
spurting brown liquid
lick rotten foot

Fast ejaculation
within the ass
splatered organs

Orgy with the deads
moral death
disowned by society
condamned by the fate.

Isolated in your life
of sins and crimes
praising your believes
normal in your mind.

Necrolust pleasure the flesh
insane excite with the death
sexual perversion normal in your mind
necrolust is all that you need.
3. Death by Deformity (3:51)
A kind of horrible monster
Mutilated and Deformed
Your existence is sickness
Dont be worth of be born
Brutal Abomination
Rejected from your mothers wom
Obscene defecation
Laughted by everyone
Death by Deformity
Articulated limbs
Huge yellow eyes
Cruel disgrace of nature
You really need to die
Condemned by Society
Victim of public Humiliations
Torture without mercy
Because your deformity is an evil manifestation
Death by Deformity
4. Magic Death (4:54)
Drink the blood
Lurking Terror
Female Dissection
Smile at pain
Laught at fear
The wizard says
What is shown
Is not always real
Live shows of gore
Slave of Spells
Find your end
by Magic Death
From his hands
Plays with guts
5. Mass Slaughter (2:41)
People ask an opposing question
They Want to Know the entire Truth
About their destiny in the
Hand some fools
New conflic threats the world
Megatomic Missiles
Armed to hit the target
Finally death will win
The trend is the politic of terror
Hundreds of bombs are ready
An explosion will blow you away...
People are blinded by ignorance
But Still know about the warning
Cruel dictatorship has no mercy for you
Nuclear threat is the law
Mass Slaughter
6. Infestation of Worms (4:48)
Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust
Once entombed
Youre Rotting Fast
Hair Grows up
Flesh decays
Ignis Faatus
Out of the grave

Infestation of Worms
Savage invasion in the Tomb
Necrosing eyes
Powdered Skulls
A chilly grin you will see... Dig out of the body

Openend womb
Devoured now
The putrid stench
Is all around
Eternal sleep
Immortal soul
A morbid Night
Noone will Know

Infestation of Worms
Savage invasion in the Tomb
Necrosing eyes
Powdered Skulls
A chilly grin you will see

Devoured Cadaver
Feasted by worms
The doom of that putrified remains
Becoming of dust
And corrosed bones goes to hell
7. Fucken Evoked (3:05)
Entraped on the scourge of possession
Evil souls infected your mind as a pollution
No control over the possessing him
Persisting until is forced to leave by ...exorcism...

Fucken Evoked
Fucken Evoked

Demonic challenge to the mind of the victim
Deranged, No scape for this damnation
Failure of the priest of gods intervention
Enslaved by disturbing identity

Fucken Evoked
Fucken Evoked

The body has lost his
defienace with the devil
Your soul leaves this world to another
Condemned to the eternity in the fire
Hell is the doom for mankind

Fucken Evoked
Fucken Evoked
8. Impossible, Horrific Creatures (4:01)
Bit off his head
Like a gingebread man
Killing acid bloody pulp
Is streaming out your cutted throat
They are not dead
You will die before
You cant kill them
And Cannot scape them
Their Wrath Announces... the doom...
Malignant, deformed faces
Skin turning to black
With their beastly hands
Slaughter impotent human preys
Devoured reamins of deflored corpses
Then vomit as shit from mouth
Suffocate victims with this excrements
And eat again these rest
Impossible Creatures
Sepulcral Whispers of death
Risen from the dungheap of hell
Appered to the earth
And you will torn to pieces
9. Evilized Remains (5:39)
At the mortal gallow that Bitch
Screams in fear
She is in the place where shell die under the sign
In Blasphemies and horrors him will be appear

Can you hear ...The Screams...
As the cemetery is openned
Desecrating skull and bones
Gathered for a secret rite
Of moralizing gore

Evoked evil rapes that slut
And kill whom he doesnt care
Demons screams for victory
On these Eviliezed Remains
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