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Heart in Squalor Full Album Lyrics

Glatisant - Heart in Squalor cover art

Heart in Squalor

GenresDepressive Black Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-05-16)
1. Precious (3:59)
Spare me, I would poison your coffee,
Put you in your grave,
And snap your neck with my spade.
Spare me, I read you right the first time.
Powder in your nails,
Like a Hummer with sails.
Spare me damaged goods in a hallway tavern,
Already beaten true.
I was better without you.
Spare me, I would never have known you
If I could have seen
How you would come to let me down.
Spare me, your family doesn't trust you.
Rehabilitate in your own life,
Heave the taste of consequence
As you run away from the awful truth
And those better without you.
I was better without you.
2. Heart in Squalor (5:23)
With status, build a keep
With nothing to shoot at inside.
Make a few bricks out of me.
If you want a piece of my life,
You can have the whole thing.
Whatever you know me for, I abhore.
Whatever makes you fond of me, I'll spit on.
I'll spit my rotten teeth on you.
With what good I have been,
I was only being trifled with.
Living to serve addiction,
My head is screaming when I kiss.
I can't love anyone.
Whatever you want me for, I abhore.
And when I'm starved out of town,
Don't say you're sorry.
Don't hawk me your regrets.
You can take your feather bed
And stifle in it.
3. Chains to Sleep in the Shovel's Bed (5:00)
My sins have been paid for.
Stack the deck.
Omnipotent, turn the innocent.
I screamed, limping away with precious speed.
My precious thing knew the taste of antifreeze.
Oh my god, who made my brown eyes green,
Never forgave a thing.
Drunk on worship, power, and glory.
He hates me and wants me locked up.
Beat the water to stone.
Run across.
Purring, predict the smell of my blood
As I'm chained to my bed with a shovel.
My noble fantasy, the worst yet to possess me
4. Such Spite (7:17)
I've seen what one will do for power:
What one will do for control.
For what they don't have within,
I feel nothing for them.
I don't want to know anyone, anymore.
They all know how
It's fucked up to talk about
Ending your life
But it's all I have to mention.
I could have spent my prime lying down,
Like a fictional hero
On a picture, on a page
Decorating his cage.
Shedding every motive to be rid of it.
With a science to
Make everyone believe you
Could be worth much.
I'd kill myself just to spite them.
It's all I want to talk about.
It's all I want to do.
Kill myself just to spite you.
5. Like a Cheap Suitcase (7:09)
Touched by the rain, you swore it was my dream.
You swore you saw it happening.
Like a whore gone months without a bed, I got wet.
Desperate, I believed you.
Paying taxes, I smiled and covered my eyes,
Covered my ears, and danced all night.
In time I heard the tune and folded like a cheap suitcase.
Piece after shit piece.
What fool would give so much for such shit
To hope for and much more to prove than yesterday?
Nail this crown into my head and bend the knee
To everyone but me.
And you're not pissing in your sheets.
No surprise, even you believe in lies.
I'm good to watch you die.
Wouldn't you like to think it wasn't luck?
What is toiling for if it was?
But what would you know about toiling?
Work is hard, life is cheap, and talk is rich.
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