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Multi-Dimensional Fractal Sorcery and Super Science Full Album Lyrics

Gigan - Multi-Dimensional Fractal Sorcery and Super Science cover art

Multi-Dimensional Fractal Sorcery and Super Science

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresTechnical Death Metal
Album rating :  82.5 / 100
Votes :  2
Lyrics > G > Gigan Lyrics (26) > Multi-Dimensional Fractal Sorcery and Super Science Lyrics (8)
Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-16)
1. Beneath the Sea of Tranquility
Once seen only through dreams
A frigid desert
Covered in the dust of bones and space
Pulverized remnants of civilization
Atmosphere dead and long forgotten
An environment of peace and self-reflection

A mercurial presentation
Ulterior motives abound
On her surface we walk unfettered
Yet within her intrigue surrounds

Swirling, dry solar winds
Withered, blistered surface
Unassuming vantage point
Hiding in plain sight...
One illuminated hemisphere
And one in eternal night

Subterranean infrastructure
Military command
To observe not affect
Until invasion day is at hand
Awaiting orders with bated breath
Anxiously anticipating our impending death

Dizzying array of technology
Utilization of the past, future and present
Complete dedication and commitment
Without fear
Without judgement or bias
Just cold rationale blended with cruelty

Surveilled from space
Intentions unknown
Suspicious iniquity
Beneath the sea of tranquility

Days, Nights, Tides...
Omnipresent influence
Minds, Hearts, Lives
Innocence or malevolence
Buried deep inside
Beneath the sea of tranquility

Knowledge obtained is knowledge abused
2. Influence Through Ritualistic Projection
An infinite prism
Unbroken avenues of color and light
Unobstructed travel
Equations and fractals - Scientific might

Omnipotence leads to arrogance
The need to control
Foresight is not the future
Each journey takes its toll...

Heat bends the air
Reality pulls apart
Physical displacement
Near rupture of the heart
Rapid palpitations
Fluids leak through the skin
Intense dehydration starts from within.

Never really noticed
Just a shimmer or shine
A presence is felt
Sometimes dark
Sometimes divine...

At first there is confusion
Was that my mind?
Then there is revulsion
What lurks inside?

Subtle like a feather
Just a tickle in the ear
New thoughts and suggestions
Followed by a sense of fear...

With results behind them
Through their spells they return
Their machinations in place behind them
Our world is set to burn
3. Electro-Stimulated Hallucinatory Response
Clandestine cosmic operation
Funded, sanctioned, supported
Compassion aborted
Specimens sorted
Conditions afforded
The sheep file in
Lifespans are shorted

No sedation
Forced in your space
Crushed with no air
Apparatus and instruments
Alive with the charge
Under the eyelids
In through the gums
Pushed through the webbing
Of two broken thumbs...

Volts charge
Limbs contort
Skins sizzle
And circuits short
Withdrawal or current
Immediately submerged...

Enter the void...
What do you see...
Do you see your dreams...
Your dreams are real...
What do you see...
They see your dreams
Your dreams are real
They see your dreams
Your dreams are real
They are not real
Your dreams are real
4. Mother of Toads
She lives there
Down that path
She is the mother toads
For the devils
That's what I've been told

Wide and warted
Flowing undulations under her clothes
Her minions
Low and lazy
Ensorcelled and frenzied upon command

Eternal hunt for new seed
Entrapment and misdeeds
Walking down that path it leads...
To her infinite horror

Pinned down upon the ground
Never to make another sound
All around you the death toads surround
As you impregnate the mother of toads
5. Obsidian Sun
It's swirling center
Of blackened ore
Infinite absolute zero
This frozen orb...
Pulling planets on solar winds
Icy graves to live within...

Denizens of the frigid deep
When cold stars die
And black suns sleep
To your frozen land we creep
To bask under the obsidian sun

Hear our chants
Smell our scents
Feel our hearts
Taste our blood
And bring us to bask
Under the obsidian sun
6. Cosmic Triangular Communications
Equilateral separation
A sum equal to its parts
Mathematical communication
Numbers re-routed
To better serve the infinite arts...

The riddle of Sierpinski
Laid out for all to see
Only those with open minds
Will benefit and live free...

Those that choose to walk about blind
Deaf, dumb and in fear
After all is made equal
Their purpose will be made clear...
Our existence is but a passing fancy
Never to be repeated
The human race has had its chance
We deserve to be defeated

Turn back around
Stumble back into the mire
And prepare to be bathed
In everlasting fire
7. Gibbering Hordes of Zemiath
Rambling oily legions of doom
Stinking inhuman atrocities
Roiling dervish of blood and pain

Indiscriminate in their scope
Bound by blood and death
Ravages upon ravages
Violence until that final breath

Objects of worship
Throughout infinite worlds and time
A perpetual masquerade
And a sorcerer's foolish pride
Combined with immortal guile
And summon forth the gibbering hordes...

Reversal without exception
Intentions inverted
New-found perversions and degradation
All unto the immaculate Zemiath

IA Zemiath!
Zemiath IA!
8. Bio-Engineered Molecular Abnormalities
Blacklisted missions
Covert operations
Wrapped within cultish secrecy
Electronical magicks
Sorcery, steel and substance
Molecular manipulation
On a rudimentary level
Twisted motivations
Resulting in horrendous
Affronts to organic life...

Accelerated growth
Unheard of intellect
Chemical cocktails flow
Freakish abhorrence
Pulsating, weeping
Unhinged mentality and
Aggro-violent personality...

Intentions malevolent
Compassion irrelevant
Biology, physics and magick
Working in unison
Ultimate realization
Upon instruction
Fleets are formed

Intentions inseminated
Impending distortions of realities
Ushered in by
Bio-engineered molecular abnormalities...
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