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Milestone | Full Album Lyrics

Gideon - Milestone cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresChristian Metalcore
LabelsFacedown Records
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-04-03)
1. Gutter
Let's go back a few years and look on all the lies
That you fed to me and yourself
The standards you held so highly
The book you followed so closely
Was it all nothing to you
Just a phase you were going through
Just a chance to call yourself one of the few

Your words gave me something more
Something real to me but it wasn't you

Oh God forgive me for turning my back on you
For letting others influence the belief that I have in you

If I walk away with one thing from all of this
It's to never again put my faith in man

Maybe one day you will see the mistake in your decision
The flaws in your revision
I can't believe it was nothing to you
Was it all nothing to you
Just a phase you were going through
Or just a chance to call yourself one of the few

You'll never give up on me
You never stop letting me know that you're right here beside me
You never give up
God show me the way
God show me my way

He will always be there for you
2. Bad Blood
He always heard that family comes first
But walk a mile in his shoes you'll see that family hurts
Just an innocent boy full of life but that coward left him with nothing

You were never family
Now I'm leaving you behind
You took me for granted I'm letting go
You can save your goodbyes

Years go by three kids and a wife
But it's still eating him alive
A life of struggle and strife
But he won't give up this fight

He always heard that family comes first
And this time he'll make sure of it
He tries to hide the pain
Thinks back to that time and place
Stares that coward in the face and he screams

You'll never know what you put me through
Now I'm leaving you behind
3. No Acceptance
How could this place go from being so welcoming
To shutting doors in everyone's face
This used to be the only place that I could go
To get away from all of my problems
Now it's the source
What happened to the love that was left from the leaders set before us
All we need is the will to change
The will to make an effort to accept anyone no matter the situation
To have our doors open to anyone that is wanting to know
What it's like to have a home
To have someone listen to them
To have someone relate to them
You have no idea the amount of impact you could make

We can be the change
It's like you got it in your mind that we should stay the same
Selfishness is not the way deliver us from our prideful waste
We can be the change you gotta get it out of your mind

We can change
Throw your egos away you won't be needing them anymore
You're just leading them astray from what they need
A sense of family the feeling of hope
We need to get back to the love we use to know

They can try and stop us but we will not back down
We will be the change
They will not stop us
They will not slow us down
We will be the change
We'll make our voices heard
And well let them know
I am the change
4. Overthrow
I can only hope that one day
Everyone will see you for what you really are
So quick to judge everyone's actions
But so quick to forget your own
When you know nothing of my situation
Who do you make your opinion known
I'll never know what made you this way
Or why you say the things you say
Nothing good comes from it
Nothing good comes from any of it
Before you speak take a step back and think
Is it all worth it to you
Stop spewing your lies

I am no better than you
What happened to the friend I used to know that you outgrew
I am no better than you
Self proclaimed king of this city

And talks would never be like this
I reminisce and think about the times
When you were once my good friend
Now you're a parasite
Only furthering yourself
You will receive your own

No longer will I sit by and watch you
Destroy what took so long to build
This city has been here long before you
And it will be here long after
5. Prodigal Son

This is the last time
I will choose to run from the ones that I love
A young man that was full of pride
That was full of self regard
Forgiveness you still show
A prideful youth that I'll never get back
You carried my weight
Forgiveness you still show

This is the last time that I'll run from the ones that I love
I am the Prodigal Son I will no longer run

Now I'm older and I can see the truth
The sacrifices you made for the life that you would struggle through
A prideful youth that I'll never get back
You carried my weight
Forgiveness you still show

I never knew how much you mean to me
And now I'm taking it back
I used to count down the days that I'd leave with my selfish ways
I'm taking it back
With the love that you have shown me
And the man that you have molded me to be
I'm taking it back

You were my Restoration
6. Mask
There is nothing that you can say to me
That will take me from the place that I am meant to be
So-called friends turn their backs and run
Convenience is the only thing they do not shun

Is this just another smile
Is this just another mask you wear
The friendly faces in every day new places
Who is real and why is it so rare

The gratitude that I hold so closely
Is for the ones who always see the truth and trust it solely
A companion a closest friend
The only thing that will matter in the end
7. Still Alive
All life lay ahead and every road led home
You stand by me shoulder to shoulder

Looking back
All of it has happened so fast
It's all a blur
I'll always stay thankful for the past
And look forward to the future

This life has thrown us curves
But it's worth every lesson we've learned
Thick or thin
Through good and bad
I will stand up for you in the end

Is this the last real taste of innocence
Or the first real taste of life
The memories we hold are helping us survive
The memories we hold onto are keeping us alive

All life lay ahead and every road led home
You stood by me shoulder to shoulder
Years go by I'm getting older
But we'll stand together shoulder to shoulder

My Brother My Friend
Remember how simple life used to be
Nothing could stop us from who we wanted to be
Stay young
Stay free
8. Milestone
9. Maternity
In my twenty-one years of living
I have never felt so helpless
Your agony is leaving me restless
I don't know how much more I can take
I can feel you slipping away
Growing farther and farther apart
Your absence is leaving me in the dark

It's been years since I've even seen you
The only thing I've heard is about the hell that you've been through
The demons that you fight are the ones I fight too

I've done all I could just to bring her back

Mother I've done all I could to bring you back
We're growing older as the years they pass
Just bring her home God bring her home

You've got it in you
I'm living proof

It's been five long years since I've danced with the devil
I want the same for you but you have to want it too
And I'll always be proud to be your son
But my sole intent is to see that His will is done

Your absence is leaving me in the dark
10. Coward
Coward gutless child
Coward gutless excuse for a man
Too many times I've watched you raise your hand against my family
Too many hours hiding in my closet praying for
The strength to do something
To put an end to this

Woman why are you still there
The fear of leaving should not outweigh the fear of staying
You don't deserve this my diamond in the rough
You deserve the world my diamond in the rough
Don't let anyone tell you different
Don't let anyone ever tell you different

I will never understand what she saw in you
All the pain and suffering you put this family though
You are nothing to me but a gutless child You're nothing to me

Show me a man who abuses the bottle
I'll show you a broken family
You don't have to put up with this there is a way out
There is always a way out
11. Faceless
Faceless you remain to me but your actions did not go unseen
Do you think I'll ever forget that night when you took my mother away from me
The only woman I could trust
The only woman who understood who I really was

But I'm growing older and with each passing day I learn the world gets colder and
I learn everything that happens has a meaning has a purpose

God it's taken me years and years and years
To finally be able to say that I am over this
I've lived for far too long in the shadows of my own hatred
How can you forgive me if I can't even forgive myself

I can only hope
That I will get the chance
To tell you all of this
Face to face

I can only imagine the pain that you are going through
Knowing of the grief and emptiness you put this family through
How could I be so selfish to think that I was the only one affected

Just know that in my eyes you are forgiven
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