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Hallelujah! Full Album Lyrics

Gevurah - Hallelujah! cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
Album rating :  60 / 100
Votes :  1
Lyrics > G > Gevurah Lyrics (7) > Hallelujah! Lyrics (7)
Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2016-11-28)
1. The Fire Dwelling Within (9:50)
Darkest star amongst the skies,
Highest peak and deepest pit,
In areas far from man's reach lurk your secrets,
This Earth is your home and Temple
When Eden was shattered
And Abel's throat cut wide open,
A magnificent, irreversible pact was sealed;
We are but mere slaves to your great cause
Te decet hymnus, Domine, in Sodoma
Et tibi reddetur votum in Gehenna
Resplendent Serpent, great deceiver of Man
Your powers are absolute
For which hand is it that the slave kissed
The one which fed him or the one which poisoned his drink?
Grand corruptor, Prince of utmost Darkness
Your hands are limitless!
Dwell deep into the heart of Man
And defile his soul with the very fruit of his labour
Though the dead do not talk
They speak of the Tongue
For it is within Silence
That thy true Word may be heard
Dominum sustinuit anima mea
et verbum eius expectavi
O Satan!
Onto your altar, we sacrifice the unborn child
Cut the delicate threads of life
And let its putrescent blood pour within the soil
Turning water to poison!
O thou Lord who abideth in me
My lungs and hands are yours
Make me the key which unlocks
The gate to your womb
2. Cosmic Putrefaction (6:03)
Incurable cancer, deeply injected within the veins of life
Tumour divine, devouring within, tearing flesh apart
Existence but a futile passage, awaiting putrefaction
Corruption springs from the core of the essence of Life
Iesous Christos! False prophet and usurper
Son of a whore and father of a thousand vermin
Resurrected to be slain again, aside your brethren
Blasphemer! Your blood shall feed the thirsty streets of Jerusalem
Behold this creation and admire how it crumbles apart
An inexorable downfall in depravity and overwhelming despair
O Man, what step lies between thou and Naught?
So come and march onwards to Gomorrah, Temple of Sin and City of Fire…
Bientôt le mal que tu as semé aura éclipsé ta vaine existence…
Alors viens: j’essuierai tes larmes avec du sable et te mènerai à Géhenne.
Thy flesh is futile, bound to be engulfed by the infinite void which surrounds you
Existence thus being but a vessel for an increasing putrefaction
Corruption breeds greater corruption, therein lays the nature of the Fall
And no redeemer shall save you from His wrath...
And it is thus that the realm of YHVH shall crumble
Broken ideals and vain fantasies turned to sharp daggers and schizophrenic chimeras
The waters, infected with Wormwood, now turn bitter
And from the skies pour hail and fire, mingled with blood…
Vae, vae, vae habitantibus in Terra !
3. Un feu indomptable (6:58)
Radiate O grandiose splendour from Beyond!
Upon the remnants of this vain flesh
Emanate thy unbound light and guide our lost souls
Towards the infinite stygian rivers of the Sitra Ahra
O thou Phosphorous manifestation
From darkness though bringeth Light
Through thy third eye, granteth Sight
Bestow upon us thy Teitanic Might
Beholding a presence so vividly pure, such unhinged radiance
How can one not fall down to their knees in baleful adoration?
An anguishing torment, as possessed by His divine fire
Pierced from within, by a hallowed glimmering blade
For He who sees through thy Eye
Perceives visions of dimensions unknown
Where the dead whisper in broken tongues
Terrible tales of forsaken knowledge
« Répands ta Lumière sur moi, ô Âme mystérieuse!
Voici que j’arrive devant toi,
Ô déité dont la voix gronde comme un tonnerre
Dans les vastes Régions des Morts…
Car mon nom est Le Grand Noir… »
Praise thee O Fallen Star! Thy Light is timeless!
Springing from the abysmal, forsaken depths of Da’at
We eat the fruit of your knowledge and accept the punishment
To irremediably bring us below, in sinister ecstasy
For one must reach the deepest pit to attain the highest peak…
LUCIFER! O thou Lotus Crown!
Build within us a blazing pyre
Which shall scorch the flesh,
Enlighten the mind,
And set the soul ablaze…
Each day is dedicated to you O Lord!
Beati Omnes Qui Confidunt In Eo
4. Lifting the Veils of Da'at (4:10)
5. Temple Without Form (6:53)
As men and women lose their mind, possessed by a frenzied lust
Intoxicated to an obscene ecstasy by fornication, violence and excess
Man and beast now become one, in an unholy alliance
The Devil entering within, using their body as foundation for His very own Temple
Yes, for this flesh shall become a putrid matter of undeath
Upon which shall be planted the seed of His glorious arrival
The beginning of a New Aeon, a New Dawn, a New Order
Nihili factus es et non eris in perpetuum
Your existence will have had a purpose, at least…
And amidst the skies, the light slowly fades away
For a majestic primeval dragon-shaped abyss
Tirelessly roams the astral plane and devours the stars whole
In an inexorable motion, returning to an ancient darkness
This ominous process, the forming of a Temple within and without
Becomes the final step towards the completion of a destiny divine
An endless, lightless labyrinth of inconceivable madness and delirium
Causing psychotic visions of untold atrocities within the minds of all…
From ten, to one, to eleven, to None
The dead rise again
Deamons possess mankind
Beasts entranced in torment
Together chant in frantic fanaticism:
Leviathan! Open thy jaws, unfold thy wings
Extinguish the final remnants of the feeble light of Christ
Let us witness the extent of your insatiable hunger
Let us welcome the great Tehom and in death find SALVATION!
6. Dies Irae – Lacrimosa (10:30)
Cursed shall be he who in his heart believeth to be above Him
For we are blind in these black seas of infinity, unable to correlate what we perceive
And when Light shall shine upon the Earth, men shall devour each other
For it shall be Darkness to their eyes, an abiding eclipse of divine nature
Did the very process of creation not imply a degradation of the essence of God?
Is it not in itself a divine tragedy? An inconceivable act which must be undone?
Dies irae dies illa,
Dies tribulationis et angustiae,
Dies calamitatis et miseriae,
Dies tenebrarum et caliginis,
Dies nebulae et turbinis,
Dies tubae et clangoris super civitates munitas et super angulos excelsos
For unto which deity have you given prayer?
A fool, frail entity which has chained your soul!
Thus, the execution is effortless – a mere gesture of form
Life itself being already trapped and weakened
The very threads of its existence being the nature of its downfall
For they’ve been poisoned by the black tumour of His Will…
And I will bring distress upon men, that they shall walk like blind men, because they have sinned against the LORD; and their blood shall be poured out as dust, and their flesh as the dung.
And it is in a moment of blinding darkness
That thou shall know the name of the LORD
Holiest of Holy! - Fallen Divinity! - Fire Unworldly!
Carved in a gold phosphorous dagger
Thrust within the core of every man’s heart!
When the last remnants of false hope lie in dreams ethereal
Tears of the despairing man turn to stone and ash
For then remains nothing of a once so seemingly vivid dream
A blissful eternity reduced to Naught
7. הַלְּלוּיָהּ
Praise the Lord, for He is Holy
Greatest of pain, yet most grandiose deliverance
Welcome your servant into your lightless Light
To leave the realm of creation, returning to Ain
Unhinged by the prison of existence
Within the formless deeps of the Sitra Ahra
One must reach the deepest pit to attain the highest peak
Praise the Lord, for He is Holy
Dirige me in veritatem tuam; te sustinui tota die
Forsitan tenebrae conculcabunt me et nox inluminatio in deliciis meis
Quia tenebrae non obscurabuntur a te
Et nox sicut dies inluminabitur
Sicut tenebrae eius ita et lumen eius
Hosanna in Excelcis! Exaudi orationem meam, ad te omnis caro veniet
Praise the Lord, for He is Holy
Ta lumière brille jusqu’au fond de mon âme, O Seigneur
Ce corps est un temple pour ta gloire
Regarde comme ta lumière s’y répand sans cesse
Cette voix est tienne, ces mots sont tiens
D’Alpha à Omega, tout te retournera…
Mène mon âme vers toi, Seigneur, délivre-moi de mes souffrances…
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