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Escape Full Album Lyrics

Germ - Escape cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresPost-Black Metal, Blackgaze
Album rating :  90 / 100
Votes :  5
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2016-11-29)
1. I (1:04)
2. Escape (8:28)
You're alone in the dark
deep within the shadows
lost in the mystery
screaming out bittersweet.

Turn the page
of another nightmare
steal the dreams
end the masquerade.

The fire in your eyes
it has died.. died
in a sorrowful tomorrow
you will awake alone.

Making new regrets
the rain pured down
the wind it howled
on the day I went..

"Dont leave me
please, don't leave me
I need you
I need you".

You make me want to die.
3. I'll Give Myself to the Wind (6:13)
I feel sadness when we are near
I don't know why the emptiness becomes darkness
I'll give myself to the wind
and maybe on that morning
I'll open my eyes and see brightness
for the first time.

It seems so easy to stop breathing
but with a laugh comes a breath and we live on
amongst all that is crashing down
if I hold out my hands will you give me the sunset?

They all stare at me
as the rain from above washes the blood
from the holes in my hands
and the tears from my eyes
mix with the rain and the choir.
4. Under Crimson Skies (6:14)
The glass has decayed
and returned to sand
yet still I dreamed
that this would never end.

Standing on a platform
are you too cruel to suffer?
Squeezing my hand tighter
with shards of glass in your palm.

You buried me against my will
under crimson skies I was lying still
gently I gripped your hand
as the blood poured onto the sand.

I looked to you to guide the way
but the freezing winds lead me astray
and atop the uphill climb
you pushed me down the other side.

I can still see your reflection in blood
can you even recognise yourself?
And you left me here to burn
before reaching out your hand.
5. V (1:45)
6. The Old Dead Tree (9:02)
Gazing through the window
watching leaves fall from the trees
reaching out for someone
I know it all ends here.

You are well dressed, yet pale in hue
and tears pool beneath your trembling body.

I hated myself as the world passed me by
and now the morning has already died.

See the old dead tree
you can't bring it back to life
so save your water
for the ones which can still survive.

The season of spring breathes new life
and light fills the garden
though unspoken we both know
there's no sunrise again..
7. With the Death of a Blossoming Flower (8:07)
I was hiding deep within your dreams
behind the black clouds covering the sky
it was me who made the night so dark
and the rain which poured upon your shivering shoulders.

The thirteenth apostle of never-ending sunlight
is it cruel how it blinds and burns your skin?
And deep below the soil beneath your feet
I am the one who poisoned the roots
(of trees which no longer grow).

When the clouds break around the dead summit
and the broken bell echoes throughout
when the wind no longer whispers
with the death of a blossoming flower

I am found..
8. Closer (4:05)
Looking through shattered glass
shattered memories
in a broken existence
is there hope to be found?

I once had a dream
where I saw the future
and if the light is just right
I can still see it now..

As the petals guide the path
to a stolen nowhere
you are not there
but your perfume still lingers.
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