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Nemesis Divine Lyrics

Gallows End - Nemesis Divine cover art

Nemesis Divine

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresHeavy Metal
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Submitted by level 4 chelsea485 (2015-05-13)
1. Nemesis Divine (Trial of the Gods) (4:41)
"The Son of man shall send forth his angels, and they shall gather out of his kingdom
all things that offend, and them which do iniquity; And shall cast them into a furnace of fire;
there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth. And then shall the righteous shine forth
as the sun in the kingdom of their Father"

– Matthew (13.41, 43)

"Remove the prisoner, he will die tomorrow"

Solo: Thord

Deep down in the cellar, where no sun has ever shined
Candlelights casts shadows on the walls
The stony walls are whispering tales of death and pain
And the silent screams of souls lost in vain

In this cell in god’s hell I’m waiting for the dawn
Awaiting my final day in life
Am I really marked as food for the gods?
Or is this all just a wicked game

Solo: Thord

The night is over and it’s time to watch me die
The priest has taken my last rites
And the streets are full of kinsmen, shouting out for pain
As the magistrate slowly raise his hands

Welcome all you lost souls to this trial of the gods
Welcome to our nemesis divine
We are warriors of faith, protectors of his ways
Welcome to this auto-da-fé

Solo: Thord

Bleeding on a rack of chains
Crying just to ease my pain
My life is slowly fading away
And I feel the madness grows
As they lead me to the stake
Telling me "embrace your fate"

The purifying fire licks my wounded soul
This is my nemesis divine
And with all that I got left I scream out for revenge
And suddenly my mind goes blank

Like a phoenix I am rising towards the blackened sky
Witness my nemesis divine
And I spread my burning wings for one final strike
The reckoning day is here for you
2. Soul Collector (3:30)
I’ve got a contract with the devil
I’ve got death right by my side
My mission is redemption and the gavel is my scythe

For all I care you’re all the same
Sinners deep within
Begging for salvation from your sins

I am a soul collector, there’s no escape from me
I am death and I will set you free

You won’t see me coming, I’m a shadow in the night
Swift as thought I wield my blade in rage
No remorse and no regrets can ever change my mind
Once I get a hold of you you’re dead

I am a soul collector, there’s no escape from me
I am death and I will set you free
I am the executor, your life is in my hands
By my hand you’ll face eternity

Solo: Thord

I’ve been to hell and I’m eager to return
To feed the furnace one more time
Purgatory’s waiting for another soul
Your time is up, come on let’s go

Repeat Chorus

Solo: both
3. Kingdom of the Damned (3:52)
10,000 years since she fell to sleep
Yet in the cold wind you can feel her breathe
Upon an ivory throne she embraced the sands of time
Knowing that one day, the time for her would come

She is the queen of the damned
You’re just a puppet in her hand
She’s the lady of the night
And as the stars aligns to mars
She will come back to us all
To raise a kingdom of the damned

And as she glanced the moon high above her head
She found the power to search into the minds
Premonitions of what must be done
Knowing that one day the time for he would come

Repeat Chorus

Solo: Thord

One day she will return to execute her plans
To make this world her own
An act of god she has in store for all of us
Against humanity she’ll raise her deadly hands

Repeat Chorus
4. No Return (5:07)
Solo: Thord

Behind the lies and false belief
There is another way of life
So why don’t you try?
There’s nothing wrong in living life
Don’t be afraid to walk on the line
It’s all worth your while

Just choose your own fate, never kneel before society
Raise your hands up high, and scream out loud

As the world keeps turning we march towards our destiny
And on this path in life we’re bound to roam
Approaching nightfall, with burning eyes we set the course
We’re reaching for the point of no return

Nothing’s sacred don’t you see?
It’s all up to you and me to reach for our dreams
No morning star will guide our way
There ain’t no preacher here to say
"bow down and obey"

Repeat Bridge

Repeat Chorus

Solo: Thord / both / Thord

Repeat Bridge

As the world keeps turning we march towards our destiny
And on this path in life we’re bound to roam
Approaching nightfall, with burning eyes we set the course
On our journey to the end there’s no return
And as night is falling, our journey finally reached it’s end
We are at the point of no return
5. The Curse (5:30)
Six days ago I left this world for a better place
A different time in another sphere so far from here
On a journey I have plunged myself
To a land of make believe
But little did I know about my fate

I see myself I am falling from grace
And nobody’s catching my fall
Lost in this world and I cannot get out
Someone please answer my call

I roam the streets in this eerie world so close but yet so far
Invisible to mortal men, my presence is unknown
This can’t be right! What have I done?
This wasn’t meant to be
Lost in here forever, for all eternity

Repeat Chorus

Solo: both

Repeat Chorus
6. Set the World In Flames (3:28)
Everyday of my life I’ve been building it up inside
For so long I’ve tried my best to remain sane
And I know in my heart that as soon as night is falling
The beast inside will rise and take control

Can’t you see it in my eyes
Can’t you see the fire burning
Hate is all that’s left
Enough to set the world in flames

I’ve tried a million times to somehow ease this pain
But every fucking time I crash and burn
I am standing at the threshold of a never-ending night
I’m staring at the gates of hell

Repeat Chorus

Solo: Peter / Thord / both

And now the night is here and every shadow comes to life
There’s no way to control this state I’m in
And as the burning red is rising
And as the flames taste the sky
The fire in my eyes shines bright as day

Repeat Chorus
7. Not Your Own (5:46)
At the edge of reason there’s no limit to ones mind
Born out of hope, the lie turned treason into gold
The man with the power says the future is for all
While his other hand gives the command
To start a bloody war

Fight! Why can’t you see?
Trapped under the iron fist
Controlling you and me
You’re not your own

Inside the holy temple miracles are told
Born under a lucky star, some people have it all
But some will always use you
"A tenth is all I ask"
And in return you’ll be the one who will lead the holy war

Pray! Why can’t you see?
Trapped under the iron fist
Controlling you and me
You’re not your own

As far as you can see this dream is a reality
But your life is in your hands
This dream will not set you free

Solo: both / Peter / Thord

Out in the cold and the dark, I turn my back on you
Lost in the cold and the dark, I turn my back on you

Your life’s returning you can feel it every day
No more lies, no more deceit, you are your own
There are things in life you’ve never seen
It’s a sinners paradise
No more hate, no more guilt, you are your own

Fight! Why can’t you see?
Trapped under the iron fist
Controlling you and me
You’re not your own

Repeat Chorus

Solo: both
8. Different Eyes (3:48)
Through the wasteland of my soul
I’ve been searching for the key
To why I’m trapped inside myself
When all I want is to be free

The mirror shows my face
But my eyes reveal the truth
Inverted joy of life
Lost in a broken dream

At last I’m free again to cast my shadow on the wall
How I’ve longed for this day
The colour’s blinding me, I see the world with different eyes
It feels like I am born again

Solo: Peter / both / Thord

From now I’ll never be the one
Who’s left behind
The fruits of life I’ll reap in joy
No more tears left to cry

Repeat Chorus
9. The End (3:14)
I feel the end, it’s closing in
It’s just a feeling I have
Maybe it’s to late to wonder why
Things went this way

And now I see the light in front of me
This must be the end
My life passes slowly before my eyes
As I bid life farewell

Have no regrets for the things I’ve done
‘cause this is what I believe
I will not kneel or crawl for you
So just get out of my way, get out of my way

Repeat Chorus

Solo: Thord

Repeat Chorus
10. The Unborn Flag (4:31)
Solo: Thord

Last night I had a dream, a vision so it seems
I saw the world slowly fading away
I don’t know what this means or if it’s meant to be
But something told me what we have to do

We will raise the unborn flag
To show the world that the time is here
This is the dawn of a new age
So let us rise from the sea of hate

I woke up to a sound, a crack beneath the ground
And everything around me seems to fall
Is this insanity or can it really be
Some sort of message from the other side

Repeat Chorus

Solo: both / Thord / Peter / Thord / both

And now we’re off to war
We’ll fight you ‘til the end
There is no time to waste, "no time to waste"
With fire in our hearts we charge into the night
This is our fate

Repeat Chorus
11. Storm of Fate (5:17)
Solo: Thord

Listen! Hear my warning, it seems a storm is closing in
Rising from the depths below
A blood red moon is rising as a sign to mark the path
Of revolution here on earth

"When we reach our judgement day not a sin is left behind"

We live our lives through cables, letting go of sanity
In search of money, fortune and fame
Machines predict our future, yet we never seem to change
We’ve isolated mind from heart

We’re waging war on neighbours
Don’t give a fuck about our kids
We feed the green machine in lust
But all the money, all the power, that separates our lives
Won’t help on the judgement day so bow down
And pray, in vain

Mother earth is bleeding as we use her everyday
Without a thought of consequence
We’re making money on pollution
Spewing poison in our lakes
Without a thought we bring the end

We’re ignoring all the warnings
Letting greed dictate our lives
Building empires to hide the fact
That this world has come to it’s end
Sending missiles to destruction
Another journey through the dark
Without a thought we rule the stars

Solo: Thord

The day now turns to darkness
Sulphur clouds eclipse the sun
Thunderstorms rip the world apart
Humanity is bleeding from the scars self-made by man
Oblivious to the bitter end

Look to the burning ruins of what life used to be
Look to the fields of battle where souls scream in agony
No more the end is dawning, we’re left here in misery
We’re all victims of the storm of fate, storm of fate
12. Riders of the North (10:22)
Solo: Peter

Under the stars in a foreign land
The sound of hooves breaks the still
Look to the sky, follow the ravens flight
He will lead us on our way

Here we come, riders of the north
And by our side death awaits
To all of those who dare to stand in our way
We are all warriors from the north
A mighty legion from below
We’ll steal your heart and soul
In the name of the fallen one

Rain starts falling on the frozen ground
Covering us in the mist
Wolfs howl, it’s a sign of prey
Soon the war will begin

Repeat Chorus

Solo: Peter / Thord / Peter / Thord / both

"Lo there do I see my father
Lo there do I see my mother, and my sisters and my brothers
Lo there do I see the line of my people, back to the beginning
They do call to me, they bid me take my place among them
In the halls of Valhalla, where the brave may live

– Ancient Viking Prayer

Side by side we await the call
To arms, for battle, prepare
By sword and shield we will conquer all
And tame the world by our will

Repeat Chorus

Solo: both
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