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Exhumation of the Ancient Lyrics

Funebrarum - Exhumation of the Ancient cover art

Exhumation of the Ancient

GenresDeath Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-12-08)
Side A  
1. Draped in Silence
Spectral visions
Infest an old house
Unheard in bleak emptiness
A mournful passing

I feel the freezing winds of beyond
Roaring behind the walls
Floating into the vastness of cold
To where I cannot go

Beckoning, the place of eternal sleep
Yet cursed I remain
Embraced within the shroud of death
Forever laid to rest

Haunting the dark halls
The twisted anger of the dead
Pounding and splintering the oaken walls
The eyes of dusty portraits follow me

Draped In Silence..

Hark the knell of the requiem bell
A disquieting metamorphosis
The foulest effluvium spills out down the stairs
The haunt of virulent spirits
2. Exhumation of the Ancient
Peer into the black mirror
Call forth the abysmal names
Come thee here...
Decayed souls
Left to wander in darkness
Centuries lost in oblivion
Hear my invocation

Thundering cruelty explodes
From hideous chaotic chambers
Infernal burning tombs
Glowing beyond the gates

Of the ancient dead
Rotting vaults emerge
Through blood-soaked black soil

Epiphanous upheaval of mortal sanity
Call forth the ancient names
Visions erupt beyond darkness
The deepest hell unleashed

Behold, as rancid caskets open
The arrival of the dead
Upon the earth, darkness swarms
An immensity of endless evil
Enshrined in desolation
Side B  
3. Abandoned Gods
Mutilation of Limbs
Screams echo in the dark
On the desert of suffering
Unholy shrieks of anguish

Retain your soul
Festering abomination
Walk into the winds of wrath
Beneath the columns of abandoned gods

Unleashed Despondency
Horrors are burnt alive
Daunted in grief - the souls remain
To drown in the deepest blood

Eternal Solitude
Desecrated purity

Overwhelming forces
Of immense shifting power
Scorch and incinerate
Suffer beneath the tomb

A cavernous void - of death and malice
Over obscure graves
Through caves of excrement and moldering corpses
The deepest wasteland

Triumphant Ascent - Upon the Throne
Behold the agonized souls and the thousand worlds below..
Eternity Lies Below.
4. Into Dark Domains
Floating in obscurity
A disembodied soul
Silence flowing beneath the cold
Ancient walls of stone

Drifting through dark corridors
Cobwebbed skeletons in black
The hideous ghost of sorrow
Lingering spirits of the dead

In stone unremembered
Their eyes pierce with rage
Hatred stirring in the deep
Haunting our very souls

Dismal moans penetrate with fear
Shattering the last vestiges of sanity
Terrifying faces emerge in darkness
Crawling in morbidity

Within the mansion of dark silence
The lower vaults slowly creep open
Timeworn entities appear in mist
From the roaring depths of eternity

Into Dark Domains..
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