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Beneath the Columns of Abandoned Gods Lyrics

Funebrarum - Beneath the Columns of Abandoned Gods cover art

Beneath the Columns of Abandoned Gods

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresDeath Metal
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Lyrics > F > Funebrarum Lyrics (18) > Beneath the Columns of Abandoned Gods Lyrics (5)
Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-12-08)
1. Tombs of Sleeping Darkness (6:16)
Cold darkened tombs
Rot in my subconscious
Where putrefecation reigns
The violation of the dead
Shrieks of death
Crypt in total darkness
...In a sea of endless torment
In the tombs of sleeping darkness
Lay virulent rotten coffins
Inexorable morbid horror
Convulse in blasphemy
Desecration of flesh
At peace, shall be no more
Apostasy in monstrous hate
Lost in a grave
Insanity rips my mind
Blood, wrath and decay
The haunted cannot escape
Desecration, life shall be no more
Drowning in the depths of my inner soul
Putrid corpses in the utter dark
Madness floats in a mind
In a sead of endless torment
2. Adoration of Abscessed Cadavers (6:25)
I break into the morgue
Searching for cadavers
Roaming the dark hallways
To relieve my lust

At last I find the room
Filled with bodies, stench and decay

I lacerate their arteries
Skulls I smash apart
Vaginas, now flooded and torn
I search the table for my tools
To perform this sickening art

I shove the corpses to the ground
Reveling in their dead flesh
Putrescent pus drips from blisters
A mind reeling with pleasure

Grotesque incision, morbid delights
Surgical mutilation, stench of innards
Blood and decay
Shooting my load on her body

Dripping blood, reeking skin
Reveling in their flesh
Putrescent pus
Grotesque incision
Shooting my load
All over her body parts
3. Miasma of Pestilence (8:11)
Submit to the plagues blackes wrath
Blistering flesh seeping toxic blood
In amorphous hidden depths
Cadavers excrete their deadly stench
In naueating waves
Absorbed in painful darkness
Drowned with putrid shapes
Fear obscured by the eternal grief
In the depths of rotting flesh
Miasma of pestilence
Beneath the dead lake
Unheard in morbid death
Condemned to rot (in dark)
Blood drips from your eyes
Beneath the shores of blood
Dead souls float below
A journey disembodied
In streams of death
Vortex of putrid flesh
In shadows beneath the tomb
In drifting bogs of eternity
I crush the god
4. Dormant Hallucination (5:07)
Skies open deep red
Over a woeful cemetery
The mausoleum's carnal altar
Entranced into the dark

Penetrate the tomb
Her apparition awaits
Constrain the lustful spectre
Into corporeal fornication

Obscured in lifeless pleasure
The sanctum swathed in secretions
Carnality and blood
Seep from cold marble

Macabre evil spirit
Release me from this life
Through a dark, dripping ossuary
Fog absorbs flesh and dissipates

Lost in a baleful aftermath
My subconscious now entangled
In a damned ghost's purgatory
The paradise of flesh
5. Depths of Misery (4:55)
Inhale the stench of the dead
A putrid moaning cadaver
Mangled in the pits of darkness
Screams through the gates of death

A journey through a blackened abyss
Streams of blood and carnage
Holocausts' fire incinerates
Where flesh perpetually burns

Glowing winds of trepidation
Rise from the tomb
Expelled from mortal realms
The supreme sacrifice

Dragged into the underworld
The caverns deep below
Inhale the reek of darkness
Streaming from the graves
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