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The Fallen King Full Album Lyrics

Frozen Crown - The Fallen King cover art

The Fallen King

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresPower Metal
Album rating :  85 / 100
Votes :  2
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2018-03-07)
1. Fail No More (4:09)
After many years spent far away
We are back home
Back to rule our land again
And to steal back our crown

Fleeing out
From the city of the blind men
We've returned
And we're going to stay as long as forever
Chasing out all the creatures and the nightmares
As we learned, all the limits
Are to break forevermore, you know

Fail no more
The fights against our will
The battles we have lost, are long gone
And I know
The times we've ways dreamed
Someday will be our own
Fail no more

Faster than a blaze
Our hand will strike them from above
Thousand million blades
Won't be enough to break the storm
2. To Infinity (4:11)
Since the time and the innocence
We've lost, won't return
We will ride through the echo of night and beyond

History will not repeat itself, just stay with me
As long as you remit we'll find them on the way
The answers that you craved for long
And we will shine again like fallen stars
The songs of Wintergaze are calling us
Don't be afraid about the shadows of today
As we won't see the maze again

Falling from grace we hide
Staring at the world while it's sleeping
Fading from the sky as we're speaking

When we'll return to dust
We will find if we had struggled enough
Can't you see?

Since the time and the innocence
We've lost, won't return
We will ride through the echo of night
And beyond
With these scars as our legacy
Through the stars to infinity
As we rise from the ashes, reborn

All our faults, they were forgotten with a lullaby
It's time to free you out from all the things you said
And search for what you craved for long
As we are below the city of the fallen gods
Forget the visions of the fathers and their graves
And blow the past away again
Can't you feel?
3. Kings (4:07)
Howling, crawling
The creatures are screaming at nighttime
We'll be holding up the blades for the broken
For the fears we live today
For the moment we'll realize
That everything is dying with the rain
Don't close your eyes
The path we're seeking leads thousand miles away
Hold up the reins as we're not going to fall again

Kings without supremacy, suns without a reason to be

Over and over again
The fire will bend and strike at our command
Up where the winds cannot reach
Our kingdom will rise for the ones who believed

Feeding the beast with our rage
Unleashing our power
As we're marching on the way we have chosen
You will never fail again
In a moment you'll realize that everything
Will never be the same in your whole life
4. I Am the Tyrant (4:48)
Born from the depths in the highlands
Between the daughters of wind
And the sons of the sea
Raised by the wolves and their hunger
I knew the world's bloody end
Before the struggle began

Hail to the beast, to the pain that it brings
To the ashes it leaves after coming unseen

Over the hills we were carried by the wind
For the glory we will rise up once again

I am the tyrant, crowned and fallen
Before the age of men
(Beneath the dark)
I am the hunter, bound and rotten
Beyond the gates of hell

Far from my land
Wild gales whisper my name
Buried under the sands
Lay the wasted remains
Of the kingdom we claimed

I'll release the fire moving towards the rifts
As the wicked desire unleashes
Thorns, entwined on my grave
Sealed up forever my throne, death after death
5. The Shieldmaiden (5:50)
One last time, learning to live once again
After saving myself from these demons of mine
I escaped my own prison as I couldn't see
All my life I was carried away with the stream
After losing myself in the dead of the night

Away with the stream
The dead of the night

Stormy is the wind that we walked, weeping our tales
Memories of a dawn burned up too late

Through the stars we'll rise again
Bringing our fire over the land
Standing proud until the end

Hurt me, I'll bleed
It won't break my will
I'm not afraid of this fighting
As long as I breathe
Walking on the fields
Holding my shield so they all can see
The lightning that shines over me

Out of mind, out of soul
Far away from the places I know
Far away from the people I always believed in
And I'll never see once again
I'm the daughter of hatred and snow
I was raised by the storm and I'm living
To serve my own pride
6. Chasing Lights (4:47)
Out in the darkness
Of the coldest winter night
Walking through the ashes
Of a dream I once called life

A lonely reflection of the one I used to be
Without a direction there for my eyes to see

It's the same all the times
Keeping on chasing lights
Like a moth I'm giving up

I say farewell to the ones I loved
I don't deserve to stay with you for long
My own hell dwells inside my mind
The shadows of my past I have to fight

Here I am leaving, in search of what I lost
A quest for understanding
What I'm looking for, 'cause now I don't
Here I am leaving, in search of what I lost
A quest for understanding
Cause now I don't
7. Queen of Blades (4:19)
Wind driving my wings for the final call
Coming to life as the flowers fall
Our grace will return with the brightest light
The will inside has left away
Those whispers in my head
And I've found a reason once again
For us to stay alive
If you believe my eyes
Like the changing seasons we will strike again

Hived in our flesh, the leeches suck out life
And catch new breath (seeds from the graves)
Angels amongst humans, ablaze
Our fire burns again

Once again we'll rise
The neverending light
Shines bright in our eyes

Coming to life as the flowers wither
As we look inside the mirror's maze
Our grace has returned with the brightest light
For once this time we'll left away
The shadows of the past
As we find a reason once again
And we will leave behind
The treasons and the lies
Even if we're bleeding we will fly
8. Across the Sea (4:45)
Deep in the night I was feeling undone
Coming to light for my eyes had been hard
Looking for peace through the oceans we sail
Dreaming the shores
Where we will find a new hope
For our soul to stay alive, me and you back to life

I'm feeling frozen, I can't hear my heart beating
As we're surrounded
By the things we are living for

I can recall all of these mistakes I've forgiven
I figured all

And I know, across the sea
We got lost but then
We carved our name in history
Here we are, tonight
'Cause we know, across the sea
We forgot our love while chasing our destiny
Please just hold me tight

After a lifetime again I will roam
I wonder how long will this struggle go on
So many places I keep in my heart
Once I was blind
Then you came through the darkness
For my soul to stay alive
Help me to save my life

Keep my flame alight to relief my hunger
Stay with me tonight
And wake me from the slumber of my mind
9. Everwinter (3:38)
This is the spell / time for everwinter
The frozen hell / run for your life

It comes with the wind as the prophecies told
The realm is meant to be hidden in snow
Treasured in ice, keeping beauty in the cold
A sharp caress has just painted in white all the ground
Only snowflakes now dance all around
We can see how the land is spellbound

This is the spell / time for everwinter
The great punishment of ice

Your heart will bleed as the winter starts to fall
Sowing the seed of a new dawn for this world

We hope for our prayers to be breaking the spell
And melt the cage of this wintery hell
Men never learn, evil deeds grow within
A tainted heart is too hard to redeem from its sins
10. Netherstorm (3:55)
Born in silence, in the darkest blaze
We hold the winter in our clench
The storm lives through our veins
We'll ascend to the outer space
Come back with the power of a thousand flames
Holding up her grace

We're the keepers of the wildness
We have travelled through demise and history
Falling keeps we left behind us
Cosmic rifts below our long craved victory

Faster is breeding the ancient primal
Unleashing its spiteful wicked brood

Warcries are feeding the crimson son once lost
Enlightened by the keepers of dusk
It reveals its outmost bright

Cold winds drive the force beneath
And throw the seeds on weakened soil to feed
Bring new poison through the fertile leaks
And lead the world into the final mourn
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