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The Harlot Star Full Album Lyrics

Frost Giant - The Harlot Star cover art

The Harlot Star

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresMelodic Death Metal, Viking Metal
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2018-02-05)
1. The Harlot Star (2:54)
2. Forgive Me Not (5:02)
Forgive Met Not
Of all the things I wish to implore
Do not pray for me anymore
For I have succumbed to my doubt
And turned my back on the divine
These things that go against the orderly
Procession of the heavens
A skeptic's soul am I
Forever rejecting the divine
Across the sky, defiant
A Harlot Star that thwarts
The Will Of God

Forgive Me Not
For I shall seek no comfort in God
No solace except that which I define
I've seen the dogma revealed
And I know they've preyed on my fears
Content to question without regret
Or fears of eternal damnation
For I have seen the stars
I've seen the suns and watched them die
Across the sky, defiant
A Harlot Star that thwarts
The Will Of God

Guitar Solo (Ty Asoudegan)

Guitar Solo (Jonathan Smith)

Across the star-shot sky
One being will defy
The order of our God-forged heavens
Frozen deep in doubt
Trapped with no way out
Can't pretend to want forgiveness

Forgive Me Not
3. Apostasis (1:40)
4. The Curse of Doubt (3:15)
A violent omen in the sky
A tragic moment to decry
On that evening when faith died
Never to be forsworn a lie

A lie that I was told
And learned as gospel truth
Falsehoods came crashing down
My whole world came apart

Pulled forth from innocence
Crushed my naive heart
Poisoned from my earliest
Childhood memories

Trained and obedient
I never questioned why
I was to give to God
All glory and my life

My life, my whole life, I trusted this lie.
5. An Exile in Storm (2:12)
6. Prisoner of the Past (5:25)
Run! Flee! As if the hounds of hell
Are at your heels
Far away to escape the
Inquisition's steel
Northward bound, to the lands
Of my ancestors
Where the followers of Jesu
Will be turned away by pagan swords

Turning back, through the pages
Of antiquity
Scavenging through the wreckage
Of a history
Of a people and a culture
Crushed under the heels
Lost to lore, for all time
This fading legacy


And it's plain to me that I will never live to learn my history
Regret and rage is all I have to bear
Among the crumbling ruins of the past
Will I find what I'm looking for?
My gods, my people to be found nowhere

Travel through these forgotten lands
Feel the futile steel in my hands
Long ruined are cities of old
Abandoned, destroyed all so long ago

Far away, to the land of my ancestors
Lost to me, are the secrets of the past
Never will I reclaim that which was stolen from me
Lost to me, is the one thing that I need to be complete!

Guitar solo (Scott Breustedt)
7. Ashes Among the Earth (2:40)
8. The Forgotten Graves (10:21)
All this time, spent in vain
All the searching, nothing gained
Still I wander against all hope
To find a place where I belong
With my past on my heels
The relentless pursuit of ideals
Driven further and far away
Pray for the sins that my thoughts betray

Betray me to rest, there's nothing left
Oh gods, let me die, for here ends my tribe

There is nothing, nothing left
Of my people, my clan, my kin
All their knowledge forever lost
Chained and bound at the foot of the cross
How can I not fall to despair?
Here lies death, I am the heir
Why have the gods forsaken me?
Better to have been blind than allowed to see

Knowledge is a burden you cannot escape
Your awareness shall be your curse
For all of the years you will carry the weight
Of a truth that can never be told
For you the world will not pass you by
You will feel it everyday
The bittersweet loss of all innocence
As your mind and body decay

And so it ends...there is no end

The forgotten graves lie silent and still
An eternal wait that time will never fill
I am left behind, I am tired and alone
A man without destiny, will I ever find a place,
To come home to?

Guitar solo (Scott Breustedt)

Oh gods, this cannot be
I've come so far to find
Nothing but dust and ruins of long ago
Born into legend and folklore
And children's tales
Oh please my gods, don't let this be the end
Oh please don't leave me
Please don't leave me here.
9. Of Clarity and Regret (6:33)
For all the years
I wandered long and far away
Has it been so long
Since I had a place to stay?

Over time I realized
That the only one chasing me was me
The life that I once knew
Now seems alien and disembodied

I was forgotten now I'm free
Now if I only could let myself be
I can find a new way
Fear not the night, embrace the day

The first time that I saw you
I knew that we would spend our lives together
And 40 years has passed us since that day
Now I look into your fading eyes
Surrounded by the ones we love
Grateful for every last memory

If I had to do it all again
I would not stay my hand
Every step that I took brought me to you
And so I let you go in endless gratitude

Clarity, you are my life
For better or worse, till death do us part
Clarity, you are my light
In joy and in sorrow, I fear not the night

Guitar solo (Scott Breustedt)

Clarity, fear not the night
Embrace the light, you are my life,
You are the night.
10. Monuments to Nothing (8:48)
O time, my mortal enemy
Have you come to take me on my Wyrd
And grant my soul eternal rest?
By all the gods, the old and new
I could have sworn that you were cruel
And yet you greet me
As a long lost friend

Only now do I understand
Where lay my destiny
I carried it with me all along
For all is nothing and nothing is all
No light without the darkness
Nothing forever but the endless march of change

Guitar solo (Ty Asoudegan)

All is nothing, all
There is no light
All is nothing, all
There is no darkness
Come with me anon
Will you hold me?
Bring me to the stars
To be reborn

What of me will remain?
They will forget
And what of them?
Their Wyrd is their own
Let go of everything
You fear to lose
Let go and live again
And live again!

Guitar solo (Scott Breustedt)

Nothing lasts, over time, not a thing will remain
Not even our monuments to nothing we built in vain
Nothing lasts, over time, not a thing will endure
All we have is our memory and the dust of our ancestors
To remind us of what we once were.
11. Perpetuum et Aeternum (2:45)
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