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Delenda Lyrics

From A Second Story Window - Delenda cover art


TypeStudio Full-length
GenresMetalcore, Deathcore, Mathcore
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Submitted by level 12 DaveÅkerfeldt (2011-07-30)
1. Acknowledgement
2. Soft Green Fields
[SUDROV (The Prophet):]
HEAR THIS. I have seen their patronized eyes through the lashes of expired cadavers; and the removal of hearts through their chest cavities...
We are aware.
We are alive in this world...
We will see the sun as they tear our chests open and rip our fears from our minds; we are not troubled by this...
We can see the sun rise and fall with frost at our feet, and blood in our eyes.
Still there is more life for everyone, and we have not chosen this existence...
We will never see this stop happening, our shielded eyes!..
We will not see this aging moon until it soars!
They call it heaven.
Cry for yourself, CRY HUMANITY, or just cry for mercy.
Is this as much as you care to fake?..
We are not a spark to rise; we are flame to stamp out.
We are not what you expected this is the silence before the beginning.
We are aware...this is the end and we will show them all.
Am I the only one?
Watch in disbelief...
We are a destined few who will see this crumble down in our hands...
We are the few who wait as this crumbles down again...
This is the ending and it's where we start.
This is the ending and it's where we are.
Go! We are not ready for battle...
I cut the skin from my arms...we are not ready for battle, the world burns and we are dead from the inside out.
3. A Piece Of History Written In English
[TOBIAS (The Son):]
SEPARATE yourself from the end of this, before you become the end of the one thing that you never wanted in the first place...
Moving forward against my will.
I am now aware of how you sit... watching, judging, and always leaving waste in your wake...
I make my final stand, my heart it separates into pieces.
I've been forgiving, but this isn't what I signed up for, and I say we leave it all, do not give up until you are dead.
I will never stop believing in this, it is over again.

What shall we do? What shall we do now?

THIS is a new beginning.
I hold the sun in my hands.
And if you let me save you, we will bring means to this end...
Again and again we believe, looking into this light, and we still scream burning in this fire.
4. Dark Waters Of Thought
Lost at sea and the breeze is SLOWLY killing me.
My blood may stop in this wind, Jesus what a storm this is.
Drink in that darkness my love; it very well may be the last you see.
If you look out to the sea, dead and gone is where ill be.


I see the waves like giants.
Their hands are smashing our ship...
I know now that I am lost and there is no escaping.
I am to be swept away deep into the blue.


oh god not down again...my dreams have been true...this is how I end.
No! Down...not down again...dear sweet oracle please let me wake FROM THIS...don't let this be my end!?!
I have done my part; please let me wake from this!

5. Oracles And Doorsteps
THIS JUST IN! The oracle has done the unthinkable. They killed them!
We are the last survivors. This is the final act and the first offense.

Breathe receive the air they leave we're never coming home
Now you can understand the horror and the choices we have to make.
So grab my arm. We will take them and we will run away.
So drink deep my mortal tears and give a voice for our remaining sons.
We will not give their lives. This will be the last sacrifice...
We are not awaiting this; your dreams have come to an end.
I am the answer!!

We are the means!!.. We are the answer!!

I am the answer, we are the means
I am the answer, this is a day dream
I have seen the voices I know
I have given in too many times
Your world ends in pain
My darling
You will rest in peace

We are the answers, we are the dreams, and I will not let this stand.
And now, I will read a list of the dead. Now I will read the dead.
6. For Those Lost
7. The Crusher
A blitzkrieg of grey swarms my senses, while I sit doing my duty...
As this belt speeds by carrying the bodies of those young past...
I can see them pulling the last bag from the boat...
It seems ripped from its journey, human dust spills everywhere clogging my lungs.
It's hard to breathe and this cloud speaks to me of memories gone cold...
One more bag before the five o'clock bell... This cloud it speaks to me of your end...
These bags could be anyone, they could be me or they could be you.
Murder from failure, crush them all, bones to Ash... Life to dust...
Give me the strength to sift these bones. I don't know if I can take it.
This may be too much... Save yourself from the walls that you are hiding in, it can get so lonely...
This is actual murder, can..t you see the change? Take my arm and run who wouldn't do the same...
Give me this poor child; there lay his legs out straight.
Help me bind them tight, and place his head in this...
(Walk die fight run)...
Hear this; let me grind him to dust... Let this world swallow us.
8. Ghosts Over Japan
sometimes we can see the skylines rise above the fields of sinking stones
crawling away from this sun again, it feels like forever since this all began
and these prayers of mine are lost in this house of sand
we float away just like the ghosts over Japan.

And they float away like the wind. so will you stay with me?
And wait with me? We can change this world forever.

Stay with me and wait with me... You can see down again here we go...
Look out your window and see the world as it starts crumbling down again, here we go!..
Walk away into this dream it will end with me.
9. These Lights Above Us
crumble down oh symbol on high, this world is no more
feel the warmth of horses breath on your neck
kiss the flames of Loki's blade
then you might be able to understand what has really happened
there is nothing more, only dark
we have lost everything, this well has run its course
I feel so betrayed. As if I am going to be murdered by the air I breathe, the ground I walk on, and this water that cleanses me.
We can leave our legacy to the cockroaches
do you see those lights ahead? Can you see them?
They are angels sent to kill us
they are the angels of death

...but the dead.

No. The dead only whisper their words.
10. Mourning For Morning
An angry and destructive race, led by a sire brandishing a crisp new letter giving heed to your ever-present doom.
This troubles me greatly. You are a separate entity...a life where there was no life... through your destruction he can live on.
He has destroyed everything he has promised you... Why would he destroy you, those who he has created in his image?
Calm your storms, ease the tides, walk fast over breaking ground and give heed to the parting skies...

I have loved and been love. I have given away my heart too many times.
Look at me now as I lay here falling apart.
My battered limbs no longer in motion and these veins dying in their rows.
I have followed for so long and never questioned. I can feel myself break apart...
For the first time I want to become one.

So, board up the windows and leave us alone tonight.
It ends over and over and over and over again.



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