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The Light That Shines Full Album Lyrics

Fractal Gates - The Light That Shines cover art

The Light That Shines

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresMelodic Death Metal
Album rating :  77.5 / 100
Votes :  2
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2018-05-22)
1. Visions X (0:49)
2. Breath of Life (3:28)
On the edge of life I lay
So high afar

Falling over
Upon the distance of another day
Soaring stronger
Rebuilding the fields of hope that failed
Rememberance, defining the living we'll stare
Forever perceiving the limitless waves

One shadeless night for another day
Riding on the signs
Flashback of their call
We are under way
Wandering within storms
Before the sunrise, before the dawn will evade
Striving on this side for another day
Far beyond their core we are not the same
We know the way
We share the same Breath of Life

Recalling their cold
On our way to behold a new strain
Feel the shimmer rays
3. Chasing the Line (3:30)
Within the circles of euphoria
The signs are moving over and over
Burried are the seeds of utopia
Blurred are the fates of our night

Forlorn fields a new dawn will rise
Burning fully, reaching closer

Fallen all the way
Reaching the outside

Chasing the line
Freeing our minds
Achieving the stream of a new day
Reading the sight
Riding our path
Bringing life to a new state
4. Infinity (3:12)
Wherever hope fades, we'll embrace it with strength
Still the future is ours to regain
Whoever shall drain the power of your will
Remain on the shores of tomorrow's fate

Our reign will erase their trails
Erase all their trails

Across the distance
Relieving from our pathway within this maze
Above the oceans searching for an answer to be displayed
We dive ablaze

Infinity will lead our way
Into the flames of a new day
Fields of psychic waves feed our dreams
With the seeds of our veil
Infinity will be our name
Revealing projections of all beings
(Revealing perceptions of all beings?)
Hollow forces as our destiny
Reaching a new tale

So different is this light beyond
Where refractions seem to cast a shine on their own

Infinity will lead our way
Into the flames of a new day
Fields of psychic waves feed our dreams
With the seeds of our veil
Infinity will be our name
Revealing perceptions of all that remains
Hollow forces as our destiny
Reaching a new tale
5. Bound by Time (4:14)
Believing the reason
Forgetting the truth
Unleashing the after
Together under
Concealed forever
Drown in the distance
These overwhelming reflections unknown

We see the rythm get through
Within a burning thunder
Reveals the magic of their ruins
We feel the power all on us

Down in through the Ancient world
This is where we all sink
On the outer shores
Reaching encounters
We are the ones
Dwelling faceless

Within a burning thunder
Gathering still while I stand
One last time
Released unsunken
Within the dreams of solace
Dawn erased our daylight rays
One more trail
Reborn we enter

Behind this silence where life soars
To relive our healing All as I
Behind this silence where life soars
To relive our healing
Bound by time
6. Dreams Apart (4:42)
Oblivion upon us
Delirium breaking through the flaw
Lost into the abyss
Held within nocturnal laws
We aim to set free

Gathering our will
Deepening our might
Hope left burning
Consuming our mind

Incinerating what we all defined
Rebuilding the stream
Revealing who we are
Obliterating all the lives we lied
Refuting the dream
Revealing who we are

Everdrifting away
Dreams apart

Revealing who we are
7. Visions XI (1:19)
8. Faceless (4:59)
Right when the winds end howling
Revealing the maze
Unfolding a realm born ablaze
Drilling through the winter's gloom
Before this dull bright mist covers me
Is insanity calling me ?

Growing under relentless fall
I see their faces
Receeding in dismay
When the cold seems to fade
Where the storm yet remains
Hidden within, risen as one
Releasing the I

From this distance I found you
From this distance I sense the beats of your heart
Still frozen into the veil, untied to time
Faceless yet in flames
Igniting eyes of the tide
Dwelling through the chimera
Staring at the stream of life

Shapes of the Living
Marching towards our new dawn
Reaching the shores of tomorrow
Where there's nothing left of us
Nothing left

Merging with our fate, faceless
Faces of Flames
9. Arise (2:58)
Drill to ascend
Reveal the unknown
We're free beyond death
This will breeds tomorrow's fall
We storm our reign
Haunting from beyond
Feed the unveiled
Inhaling from the core, find our pulse

Drowning until the end
Forlorn state of mind
Burning deep within
Seeking the wind that binds

Above the abyss
Thriving through our time
Beside the solace
Yearning for a sign

We will arise
For the age to come

We'll leave these rays for another rain
We'll lead the streams of tomorrow's fall
Forever following the realm defining our core
Motionless fates marching to our call
Relieving within the Seas that Drown
10. Reborn (4:59)
With this rain, they called me
Repulsing their streams right onto my way
These fields are turning to grey
Inside my own veins

These sights of illusion
Overwhelm the state of mind we were in
Reaching the borders for another journey to find
These drops of deliverance
Lead our wings, lead our might
To new horizons
Transcending far away
Reaching to collide

Somewhere behind, somewhere tomorrow
On the edge of delusion
Somehow the will flows
We feel the afterglow

This is the end of all things, of all time
All what's left has fallen, turned to dust

Solar dreams ignited
Far beyond
Solar fields enlightened
Drifting to the shores ablaze

We are the ones
We are the ones who dream
Lost within, drowning inside
Stuck in this life falling appart

Reborn, unbind
Stuck in this realm, dreaming of life
11. The Light That Shines (3:07)
The place we live in
The change we drain on again
Persue the becoming
Behold the tale that they all sustain
I've been looking through me
Senseless, they would prevent the wake

Is this the end of our fate
Or a newborn dawn
Is this the end of our faith
On the tide of another fall
I whish I could remain stronger
Where the tide is gone
I whish I could wander deeper

I dive, bound to the core
I soar, burning further
Perceiving at last the light that shines inside of us
I dive, bound to the core
I soar, burning further
Perceiving at last the light that shines inside of us
12. Seas of Flames (5:44)
Nothingness from this place of no return
These are the remnants of a realm left forgotten in demise
The days unread, fading all memories from above (far above)
Merging the sides of another world
Nothing left of me
This prison falls for a last breath
Now I understand, now I am One with Them
Towards these halls of Life I dwell within
Reaching the fields of forsaken knowledge
Breaching through the secrets of Time
Breaching the streams of Time

We were the same, sharing the seeds of a newborn sun
Circular scriptures written on the visions of Past

We strove the same
We wandered alike through the Seas of Flames
Last pieces of fear
Restraining our mind in our inner Self
Into this maze of ruins
Feeding the air of horizons red
Feeling the edge of Life, of Another Self

Beneath the waves, away from this tide
Believing our fate was the link to a lightless star
Deep within lies our realm of a distant sign
Leading our Self burning through the night

We'll breach our lifeless pain
Leaving all fears behind
We'll reach the Seas of Flames
Unleashing the dream once left to die
13. Visions XII (1:19)
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