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Forever In Terror - The End cover art

The End

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresMelodic Death Metal, Metalcore
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The End Lyrics

Submitted by level ― (2011-06-09)
1. Sunlight Sands (2:54)
The lines we follow,
Have driven us to this place.
Look past the present
To look the future in its face.
Where the sky still shows on our side.
Let us know that we're still alive.
That we're still alive
This is our time to shine the reason for our lives,
To take this in and hold it close. Don’t let it go
For better or worse we grow.
(Despite past mistakes)
To live on you have to know.
(Moving forward)
The Sunlight shows us, Where it hurts the most.
And this is where it hurts the most.
To live on without the one I love to…
Standing alone in the sunlight sands,
I have become a ghost.
That we're still alive
2. Overboard (5:38)
The moonlight hangs above our bow.
Calm night air spreads out its cold breath.
Denial is vain; you never wanted a shallow grave.
Overtaken by scoundrels
You swallow your pride
To drown in your shallow grave.
A captain뭩 death, one contempt and brave.
Over the edge, forget the past
You뭭e seen your future, a moonlit path
Now we dance to release this bitter plague.
Now you...
Dance beneath the waves
To drown in shallow graves.
3. Lunar Fortress (3:12)
Through this struggle, is where we've made our place.
Constant demise shown by the human race.
Just shut this fading case and swallow down the key,
Placed fate in the hands of vengeance, a liar뭩 truth is any word he speaks.
I can not hold the world; the weight will crush my back.
The dial's set to incinerate, Targets locked and it's ready for attack.
And we're ready to attack.
The shadows cast, we live in the darkest of the night.
A billion miles away and still no closer to this Heaven's light.
This battle ground will host the mightiest of men,
Twelve spears to cast them down and burn our palace to the ground.
Burn our palace to the fucking ground.
The weight will crush my back.
I can not hold this world..
So will this fortress fall?
Tear down another wall
This burden on us all
Fuck You
We've waited for this call
For chances not to fall
The writings on the wall
Now we fucking take you,
This is my chance to hold
To break the fucking mold.
This life is yours to loathe
Now we fucking take you on!
4. V2009 (2:59)
So many things to say, But they will never mend.
And until this day when my word stood true,
I’m leaving the past behind to start over with something new.
I hope this tears you apart,
I hope this haunts you inside.
I remember what you said to me,
The first time you died.
I've watched us fail; more then I'd like to admit.
You’re nothing more to me then a selfish fucking heartless fake.
Living in your lust; I see past the versions of your face.
I'm scratching your name off the one and only lover's list.
When I still believed in the word but now it’s gone you cease to exist
So don't let down your guard and keep your enemies close.
Here’s where it’s setting in to the…
You’re nothing more to me then a selfish fucking heartless fake.
Living in your lust; I see past the versions of your face.
Fist full of guilt send the damage to your name.
I hope this feeling fucking haunts you inside.
I'll send you off with a final goodbye,
These dreams have faded of you and I.
Silent Treatment now
5. Fallacy of A Memory (3:33)
Take this fear-fold it up and let it sink in,
I'm fucking finished hoping for this life to begin.
The world has fallen my time is calling, this is my destiny.
Learning lessons with interceptions getting the best of me.
"I'll give this all I've got, we can not let this fail.
Through all of these shards of glass and still these feelings will prevail"
Laugh in the face of failure, It's now became my middle name.
No bringer of fortune could tell a truth to leave your words living in vain.
The final warning signal slips through my grasp,
To fuel the fire, burn with desire or your chance will pass.
Now it's leaving you behind...
"I'll give this what I've got; we can not let this fail.
Through all of these shards of glass, and still these feeling will prevail"
The day the world was mine we fell away.
6. Until Valor (3:10)
Seeking promise, loyalty and truth
We ride amongst those who are the broken youth
For seasons past we've waited calmly
To return this place to a civilized society
We must not waiver on our course
We’re destined to continue no remorse
In this humanity's doom we'll all be put to the test
Will valor prevail or will your soul never rest?
Take a breath
Return the hope for all man kind
Trust in yourself and follow the light
Open your eyes believe in the fight
We will be another fallen town.
Until valor we ride amongst those broken youth
We must not waiver on our course
We’re destined to continue no remorse
7. Defiled Within (2:54)
Open your fucking eyes, as they shine bound and frail.
With this hate intact, I’ll act and fuck you in betrayal.
Letting go of all these words as they seep into your chest,
Liars will lay the lessons, and beggars will bring the rest.
They've come to spread their plague within. Disease throughout the land,
And lent their putrid warning signal while shearing off the saving hand.
From my mind scarred, scorned, by futile hands of hate.
What a misfortune in humanity (overflowing with) contortion and now it's just too fucking late.
Now you lay in waste, Reborn a life disaster
Put down your pride and power, so we can close this chapter
There is no turning back the damage has been done, so sit await your day of truth.
There's no turning back the damage has been done so sit, await your day (TRUTH)
We've pulled the countdown switch to end this life.
You’ve tied yourself to this Neuse.
With this hate intact, I'll fuck you in betrayal
8. Vertical Horizon (3:29)
Searching out to find a pattern in the center through and through.
The light that shines brings us all closer to the end of truth.
"And I can't do this on my own a million miles away, and I feel so all alone.
Now I’m so alone..
In a structure filled with lies and ties taking up their turn.
To let the rays shine down, Now we watch as this city burns.
A losing war, in this balance of mankind.
Our twilight will be found when the sun has set.
A losing war, in this balance of mankind.
Our twilight will be found when the sun has set.
The day this earth stood still.
We watch them fade away.
9. Finite Infinite (3:45)
10. Lazarus Mirror (3:58)
The gates are closed, there’s no more sign on life.
This blood's been spilled-it pours down slowly from this heaven’s might.
Skin burns in agony; you’ll lead a life a legacy.
Learn through pain, now my name you fear the rest of me.
Standing on hollow ground the end is near in sight.
A man has placed his future walking towards this bitter light.
Once true deceiver,
I see what I’ve become
Sell your soul, take the fall as your skin begins to boil.
I see what I’ve become.
All my days are trances,
All my nights were dreams.
Truth in anatomy, nothing is what it seems.
See what you've become?
To see what I’ve become.
My fears have become true, just learn to respect.
Your words grow short; your mouth is living with regret.
Would you save me now?
Can you save us all?
Once true deceiver,
I am a believer these prayers will save us all.
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