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Absolute Verb of Chaos and Darkness Full Album Lyrics

Force of Darkness - Absolute Verb of Chaos and Darkness cover art

Absolute Verb of Chaos and Darkness

GenresBlack Metal, Thrash Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-29)
Side A  
1. Intro : Darkness Revelation (1:16)
2. Thy Mystical Vibration (4:18)
Oh, Darkness!
Surrounding divinity of the impure
Forging the chaos driven by the serpent of ancient wisdom
Torturing our souls, yet enlightening our existence
Coming forth to our ceremony in nocturnal coldness...

Blessed by the touch of the goddess-like night
Gathering the volatile elements, enriching death beyond...
Transcending our souls to absorb thy mystical vibration!!!
Holding the key to releasing the formless abyss...

Adoraration in the three temples of ethereal energy
Blood spilled over the spiritual fire
Gazing upon the purest form of evil
Unveiling the secrets, shaping the the ancient laws
In dark mystical vibration!!!

Blessed by the touch of the goddess-like night
Gathering the volatile elements, enriching death beyond...
Transcending our souls to absorb thy mystical vibration!!!
Holding the key to releasing the formless abyss...

Embracing the energy of dark matter
Crawling through the magickal paths of the mind
Possessing the essence of the mystical ether
I kneel before thy majesty...
Die... Transcend... Prevail!!!
3. Creations from Obscurity (3:54)
Magic riddle from the deep, receive the foreign powers
Bring to us, adoration with occult beliefs and arts
Soltices and Equinoxes lead the Herrenrasse exhaltation
Ancient temples of sacrifice gave to man his might

For the ages the abyss approaches, damnation for eternity
Hallucinations and nightmares, possess the deep in the being
Elders and primordial monsters are lurking into the darkest planes
Dreaming with the dead and from gateways, inferiors possess the men

Creations from obscurity

Horror creatures, the moon draws like spectres, werewolves and vampires
Dwarfs and gnomes, lords of snares in league with Transylvanian wraiths
Silphus and ghouls attack the crowd, witches increases their convens
Terror’s creed still dominate the earth before the sects of shame

Creations from obscurity

The spawn of the damned abhor the angels, it creates horrors of Hell
Demons are your sons who vulnerate the man when entering from the gates
Raise the dead in voodo upheavals, rotten liberates its plague
Ceremonies and praises into your temple, safe from the pest

The thirst for eternal return cut the wings of man
Anphoterus at light and darkness, trapped into life and death
Space eater bring bring your soldiers, calling to Thanatos and the master
Let them play with arts, manipulate their destiny
With 7 opened seals to be afraid

Dark lords eructating the elements from the entrails for the land desolation...
4. Kliphotic Procreation (4:01)
For those who walk the left hand path
Because their hearts will rejoice...
For those who unveiled the mystery of the hangman’s smile
Because granted with wisdom they are...
For those who are enlightened by darkness
Beacause they bear the grace of true will
Kundalini meditation in hypnotic midnight trance
Slither along like a snake, no taste thy rotten fruit

Liberator Lucifer, listen to this litany
Constructor Tiamat, asphyxiate them with fear
For the sign of the black dragon and the eleven angles
Mystical trinity manifested through us
Absolute verb of chaos and darkness
Grant us the highest initiation in the occult doctrine

Mysterium magnum – reveal thy majestic knowledge
Mysterium magnum – unleash thy furious flames
Mysterium magnum – show us thy mystic grace
Mysterium magnum – grant us thy magnificent black light

In silence, and by the formula of the old ways
I crave for your influence, so strong and so pure...
Transmutating from material plane to a divine conscience
Crawling through the tree of life eating each Sephyrs
Kliphotic procreation!
5. Abraxas Revenge (3:42)
Regent of the counterpoint and destruction everywhere
Three gods have kneel down to your capricious and hate
I invocate your Cacodaemon, infinite evil of the universe
From macrocosmos cast the malefice to the being
Possessor of the archons, the man will be prepared
Waiting for his own foe so at any moment he shall wait
To a man jackal
Black shepherd that from Sirius star searches
Source of virtues like Thindalos’ beasts ready to depredate

Fear the Abraxas’ revenge...

Change the course of the planet to set it faraway
Treating to Ophiuchus who has come back from Nibiru’s rain
Elevated will be tamed vipers, from Chessed to Geburah
Into 13th position with its spark and terror trace
Serpens Caput-Cauda
Anguipodus that the fear reveals
Famelic flagelations to the temples under your domain
With serpents that beat their heads through cannibalism and venom
That annihilates every careless creature of this land

Fear the Abraxas’ revenge...

Lurker at the thresholds, crowned in the right for vengeance
Scale into order and death, ascending in a morbid Thalionis
Send the wretched Incubi, descendant of repulsive creatures
Sicarious resurrected into the dead, life antagonist...

Perichoresis and malefice from the stars
Descending from Maon by the Sephirots greatness
Abraxas, the Basilidian Heretic, the God-Devil!!!
Your tail lacerates benevolous spectres, puppets crucified...
6. Oceans Of Black Lava (3:21)
Oceans of Black Lava
Oceans of Black Lava
The dark cosmos descends
Enter foreign constellations

The spells of Seth are casted through Caligo Maxima!
The “Alienus Sum” comes soon
and shall endark the spirit of men for the centuries
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