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A Legend to Believe In Full Album Lyrics

Fogalord - A Legend to Believe In cover art

A Legend to Believe In

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresPower Metal, Symphonic Metal
Album rating :  65 / 100
Votes :  2
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Submitted by level ― (2013-05-12)
1. Follow the Fog (2:19)
"...and so the legend begins, in a forgotten land once covered
with ice and snow, a land now fallen from grace... follow this
saga through the mists of time... follow the fog..."


Nebbia dominerà
Sulla terra dominerà
E per l'eternità
E per la gloria
Nebbia domina...
2. At the Gates of the Silent Storm (4:54)
"...a child... a blood-red night that turned his magic world
into pieces... he'd lost everything but the hope in an ancient
prophecy that his grandfather once told him. He spent his life
searching for the only war-god who can end this hell on earth,
as the prophecy revealed. Many years later, old, blind and alone
but still full of rage, he screamed once again his lust for vengeance,
hoping to find the path that lead to where the Fog Lord hide...
the path that lead to the Gates of the Silent Storm..."


Long ago the night was silent
Long ago the sky was stained with blood and screams
And I faced terror and grief alone
From the sky dark flames fell on us
and I can't know why

The fire has burnt away my winter silence
my forest in a while...

The ice was turn to black sand
No eyes were left me to see their rising shade
And I escaped from that massacre
Fog, it was my guide
To find my lost way in the dark while

Years pass by, still I am here in winter silence
Waiting for a light

I unleash again the rage in my heart
They've destroyed my heaven
The snow is gone
A black era has begun
But hope is rising
At the gates of the silent storm

and now I
scream in silence words of hate
dreaming vengeance everyday


But hope is shining
At the gates of the silent storm
3. Black Era (0:27)
"...the land of our tale was an heavenly place full of life, mountains,
snow and forests... but now everything is fallen... the enemies
turned our world into a desert of pain... no water, harsh lakes and
forests of ashes... welcome to the Black Era..."
4. The Fog Lord (5:06)
"...the miracle happened... the prayers had been heard...
the gates opened and the fog rose up as the prophecy told!
The Fog Lord, long-invoked during those neverending years of
suffering and tortures, listened to the call and returned to fight,
spreading hope through the people... a new chapter was ready
to be written... a new chapter written in blood..."


Ghosts and spirits all around
Screaming hours, clocks will pound
Monsters, demons shall appear
Children cry, primordial fear
Nightmare's at your door

Deadly march of torture wheels
Fear among us scares and kills
Trapping feeble hearts with lies
But hope will shine, justice will rise and
We're not falling out

If you can't believe...
with your eyes you will see

High in the sky the Fog Lord destroys his enemies
Down on the earth the Fog Lord destroys
Everything that stands in his way
Hail to the Lord...
The Fog Lord!

A fog bank lies on the hills
Grey silk mantle for the fierce
He returns to lead the fight
Give them pain and make them die
riding stormy winds

Rise and follow fog and mist
Forge your weapon hard with steel
Waiting silent for the night
He will guide us through the fight and
We're not falling out

If you can't believe...
with your eyes you will see


It's the Fog Lord's call!

For the right to play
For the right to dream
For you and me he will come

For every child who plays
Everyone who dreams
I'll take my sword and I'll fight... you will see!


You will see...


It's the Fog Lord's call!
5. The Scream of the Thunder (4:48)
"...from village to village, from town to tow the news of the
Fog Lord's return rose up, and then the rebellion started... guiding
a storm of steel he gathered all the people to avenge those years of
oppression... and so, straight to the victory, the battle began... hear the scream of the thunder!"


Into the night follow the light
the fog in the silence
Into the day the power prevails
The warrior is rising
Into the dark follow the mark
the seal of the might
We'll ride so high to the sky...
We'll fly!

The loud scream of the thunder
is guiding the storm of steel
Follow the loud scream of the thunder
towards this magic land
Follow the fog, straight to the victory
Carry your sword right to the flames
Dreaming of peace, proud, full of glory
This is my story, epic and true

Into the storm you can reborn
strong and immortal
Hammers and stones breaking the bones
lead our legions

Bravery calls, enemies fall
over the land
Write a new page
This is the heroes' age!


You can cry, you can cry forever
You can fight, once and for all

(FogLord) ...you must fight: once and for all!

6. A Legend to Believe In (4:14)
"...and then victory seemed close at hand, lightnings
of steel covered the battlefield, no sign of fear stroke the
hearts of these glorious warriors led by the Fog Lord himself,
but something obscure started to creep through this path
of glory, and the legend turned another page...
and this... is a legend to believe in..."


Cries of war through the battlefield
and the wasted plans of ice
Our fear has gone, and blow the winds
Our blades in the sky

You don't walk alone
in the land of the ancients
Your name will remain
As a light in the night

The fire awaits me...
The sacrifice in me!

Thunderstorms of the god in arms
and the lightnings shock the sky
I lead the storm inside of me
And glory will rise!

You don't walk alone
in the land of the ancients
Our names will remain
'til the twilight of time

And wind will show me
A legend to believe in!

Ride on
Thunders and skies!
Don't fear this night...
Follow the fog and rise
Follow me through the fire!

Ride on!

(Fog Lord) Mountains show me why I'm feeling down...

(Voice of the mountain) Ride now, face the flames, until the end!

7. The Dark Prophecy (2:04)
"...the second hidden and mysterious part of the prophecy
revealed dark words: the Fog Lord shall die by the fire-sword to
win in the end..."
8. A Day of Fire (6:23)
"...and the day had come... great walls of fire generated
by the primordial black-magic of the enemies trapped the
Army of the Fog... so the Fog Lord accepted his destiny
and attracted to himself all those flames of hate...
then the warriors had the chance to escape outside the
walls to the mountains, saving their life, while the Fog Lord
sacrificed himself for their freedom... he died to free you all
forever, in the day that will be remembered as... the day of fire..."


Now the time has come
for the prophecy's words
He will die by the sword
When the fire comes
He will fall for you all
Farewell my dear friend

Under a blazing sky
You will question me why
There's no way to break out
From this burning walls
With his last (breath) he will call
My name to carry on

The Fog Lord died
To free you all forever

From this nightmare run
From this burning sun
of a day made of fire
Will we carry on?
The time has come
For the blood tears, the one has gone...
There is no return
to the mountains ride
'Cause the Fog Lord shall die
Underneath a firestorm!

Then all around was red
We won't surely forget
of the day when he died
But from darkened skies
a voice spoke this words:
'From hell he will return!
To end this war
And live in peace forever'


Rex tremendae majestatis
Qui salvandos salvas gratis
Salva me fons pietatis
9. Our Last Nightfall (3:51)
"... everyone cried for the sacrifice of the Fog Lord... how could they
carry the task he asked them... how could they fight their final war
without him? And this is the sad strain that the legend told us of
that evening... while many of them felt in their heart that it could
had been their last nightfall..."


This evening light show me pages in white
This nightfall rhyme whispers words lost in time

A cold rain is falling down
and the clouds colour dark skies
for his silent goodbye

And when the candle burns
We'll face the storm
Of our last nightfall
Deep in our heart
This twilight rain
Could mark the end of time


I see a dawn of a day full of light
This dark today I forget for a while

When everything falls
as a leaf from an old tree
Fades the darkness with me
10. Strength of the Hopeless (0:32)
"...no hope shone in their eyes, but he died for them and he was
the only one from years to give them life again... so they went on for
victory or death while they were marching to the final battle, with
the strength of the hopeless in their hearts..."


From the coldest lands we ride
to the fearless snowy plains of ice
on the darkest lake we sail
then revenge and courage will prevail
11. The March of the Grey Army (4:06)
"...and so, from the coldest lands to the plans of ice they marched
on to the final day with swords in their hands and hate in their
hearts... and when everything felt they remembered the Fog Lord
last words... so may rage be your blade!"


Hear the story of the march
Of the men that challenge evil hearts
Of the ones who choose their fate
To come back in peace - but now let's hate!

Now the final day has come
They are marching to the war as one
Crossing deadly mounts of hell
To this magic rivers they will say 'farewell'

The final day stands on my way
And side by side we march towards the night
Through endless seas and fields of flames
Rise on and on, may rage be your blade!

From the coldest lands we ride
to the fearless snowy plains of ice
on the darkest lake we sail
then revenge and courage will prevail again



Save their lives from the shadow

12. Of War and Resurrection (15:40)
"...and so it began... after a while of breathtaking silence the
ultimate battle that could decide the sort of the war and of the
entire world raged on... but when their forces started to fade
against the immortal fire-power of the enemies something
happened: Fogelen, the misty sword of the Fog Lord appeared
on the battlefield as a lightning from the sky and called back his
master for resurrection! And so the legend came to its last page...
the Fog Lord returned from hell to fight again side by side with
his Grey Army and they followed the fog one last time for the
beginning of a new life or for the end of everything..."


The endless dark has come
And paints black horizons
A million-blackened stars
are waiting for war

The world we know is burnt
A new one is rising
A good or evil one:
It's time to decide

My eyes are lost in this terrible sky
My mind is finding no reason to cry
My heart was pounding for nothing but love...
But now my lust is for war!

It's time choose on what side you will fight
It's time, no colours are left: black or white
It's time to follow the fog or to die
So glory and honour will strike

We marched from places of heaven to hell
Through darkness and shadows and death
Follow me to reconquer your land
Or follow me, it's the end!

The Battle rages on
No time for survivors
The fields are green no more
dark blood fills the ground

Through axes, steel and shields
The chaos rules the skyline
Outnumber here we are
But masters of war!

In our heart a light shines on
Here we wait for resurrection
Come winter sun, for us, shine on!
Call my name, forest of snow
(Fog Lord) I'll return!

From hell... return!
The Fog Lord rose... It's resurrection!

(Voice of the Sword)
Come back from where
Our masters lie...
Forever stay by my side
As one to seal this night

This voice is screaming loud
from mountains to mountains
the Fog Lord has returned
he rides filled with life
He crossed the land of hell
but stronger than ever
The overlord is reborn
to fight for you all

(Fog Lord)
Time time has come for me
to rise from the ashes
and now the battlefield
will taste all my rage
The clouds are turning dark
The mist on the horizon
The final storm in me
Resound in my hands

He's back to guide us
He's back to save us
He's back to win this war
All hail the risen lord!

(Fog Lord)
For you I'm back from the valleys of hell
Through darkness and shadows and death
Follow me with your last bit of strength
To make these nightmares end!

In our heart a light shines on
Here he stand in resurrection
A winter sun, for us, shines on!
(Fog Lord) Hail my name, forest of snow
I'm returned!

(Fog Lord)
I know my triumphant flag in the sky
I know these rhymes are the end of my time
I know you'll cry for my silent goodbye
I know that victory is mine
...victory is mine... Victory is mine!


"...Like a north wind that blows cold as ice, they destroyed
the army of death. The fog rose up in triumph while rivers
returned to flow and snow reconquered the mountains...
and this means... victory..."
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