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Selcouth Full Album Lyrics

Flummox - Selcouth cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresProgressive Stoner Metal, Doom Metal
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Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2016-03-07)
1. Selcouth (12:30)
She dresses like a flower in summer
Even as she waits for spring
Her voice quells the darkened silence
The sun goes down when she sings
She dances like a friar on Sunday
Monday comes she ain't the same
She cuts herself another memory
To remind her of the shame
And I'm to blame

My demons are attracted to her
& her shadow calls me hence
My demons make the world seem smaller
& blind my every conscious sense
My, my, I can't believe I'm saying
This ain't only your fault
I gave too much of my soul in your hands
Looking back, I'm a pillar of salt
And I call your name

My heart has hardened too much
That it feels it's been turned to stone
When it is exposed to the sun
My tale has a short span in which I don't know if I can trace the source where this shit all began
You don't belong here anymore
Neither do I

Her gaze makes a cat's seem swifter
Than a breath formed from a gasp
Her hands as light as finest feather
It makes them too light to grasp
She walks with the moon in starlight
& her rays are like the sun
She chooses the night time to fight
You don't know where she's coming from
time to run
2. A National Selection (6:04)
Only the morons are procreating
And I'm just sitting here masturbating, it's true
All because of you
Parents that can't teach their kids to read
Don't even know how to spell the word, 'succeed'
Teaching them how to pray the gay away
Teaching them that the pigs should put the niggers in their graves

Only the idiots are gettin' lucky
Teachin' their spawn just how to dougie
Why me?
Can You still not see?
The population's getting kinda hard to ignore
The more and more you see their knuckles draggin' the floor
The devolution process seems to be taking toll
Textin' on the telephone on the way to sell their souls

Ignorance is sweeping the masses literacy passes to ashes burned by fake arrogant asses
Once they were lads & lasses
That passed the classes that clashes
With the talents that surpasses the balance of the bloated fuzzy feline fascists that cash in on those who ignore the score scored on the board flashing red staring dead into the commercial break you intake for their sake to make them cake & toys of their choice you know all those little spoiled brats will take it. So enjoy the ploy set by all the guys with your rights in their tights setting their minds against everything you do, you know you gotta learn the truth, because it's up to you.

Everybody's gotta do something to fix this whole vicious stitch that we're mixed in, but nobody has even really got the time to do a little research while they're jerking it off to ponies online

All of the idiots are shittin' kids
They're gonna have to really make a special lid to open up their minds
3. Tongue-Saw (1:53)
Doo Dah Doo Doo
4. The Ghost of Ronnie Dio (5:01)
The ghost of Dio comes to our practice space every midnight
& with his help, a tasty jam, is what we're sure to write
I hope he helps us write something like 'I' or 'Holy Diver'
With amplified technology his words we'll decipher

But after all what do you say to the dead king warlock of rock n' roll?
Look for the sign - the last in line - the words that will reveal you to your soul.

A sage, or mage, of ancient age who died a little too young
Of dragons, & devils, & ancient beasts he primarily sung
To say his ghost is haunting us seems frightfully absurd
I'd demonstrate some actual proof, but lonely is the word

Through rainbow eyes, the wizard flies to legions of the brave to save again the chosen ones, the bastard sons. The mob rules to follow the tears away

Look away from the sea, those evil eyes staring at you & me
This is surely a sign they'll burn the sun and drown the children at sea
if you truly have a spark, don't lock it all up or you're just a rainbow in the dark

Every time I climb upon a mountain I see the silver lighting in the black
Those who shine won't be borne to heaven
Those facing hell better turn back

Over & over again
5. Hummingbird Anthem (5:35)
I went trippin' into the woods
I brought back a story I'm sure like you've never ever been told
It was he, me, & Drewby - yes, Drew, see - he was Nathan & I was me
We three met a denizen of the trees
Swiftly lifting nectar from a flower like a thief

From afar, Drew could hear the fluttering thing
Listen for the buzzing, the hummingbird is singing the day away
This song would surely not suffice
Drew prophesied we three would surely find the Flummoxing fowl

Our trio strolled through honey suckles
The wind to guide & hide our chuckles
We followed the whispers of the breeze
We came upon the enchanted spot
The bird of feather floating a loft
The petals of flowers shimmering green
Lo! We gazed upon the bird below
She did not heed nor fear we fellows
She fuzzily fluttered amidst our three figures
'Twas strange she did not hide in terror
To see such giants tromping hither
He spirit & ours were somehow intertwined
Now came our destiny we claimed
This bird & our blood shall be the same
It's perfectly clear - sacrifice her to the flame

'Twas Drew who caught the fluttering thing & squeezed the life right from its beak. It squeaked & creaked between his teeth. The pieces that leaked were packed in the pipe real neat. And So, we smoked the hummingbird, & ground her up into little bits. It hit harder than all the bong-hits we ever lit under slanted eyelid slits

And so, my story has been told. You might not believe me but surely you'll have a question or three. You might just disparage or call it a mirage. You might ask 'how?' or 'why?' but I say hummingbird resin don't lie.
6. Nazgûl Ashes (1:54)
7. Depression Heap (5:29)
I'm sitting here stranded on my depression heap
My enemies are the only friends that I still keep
The world keeps spinnin' 'round as I decay
Why must I live in such a pitiful way?

Time goes along & it drags me down
You people don't know what life is all about
Misery & woe keep tormenting me
They blind my eyes to any empathy
Stranded here lonely on my depression heap
The voice in my brain makes my eyes start to weep
Isn't it obvious? Isn't it real?
Isn't my pain something I really feel?
Life is confusing & consuming me whole
It only ensues the blues in my hollow soul
Obscured by a rolling tide of fog
I curse every name of every fucking god
Why must I draw breath into my lungs?
This joyless life has only just begun

Everybody's sayin' have a wonderful day & I say to myself, ' I'm feelin' fine!'
The world's still spinnin' so avoid confrontation - don't say something totally out of line
Don't mean what you say or say what you feel, even if the blood pouring out is real - but I'm dying. I'm crying.
Something's got an evil hold on me, and I force a grin & a wink & I say
I'm happy, so happy
The world ain't gotta know I ain't right - little do they know while they sleep at night I'm dying, I'm breaking down.
I've got to get a hold of myself, before I reside in an urn on the shelf
I'm Alive.

I'm standing in the distance of my depression heap
But the weed & the whiskey lay my bones to sleep
I've been through the hell that dwells within my mind
Now I must live so don't you waste my fucking time
8. Pan's Daughter (6:29)
Helen Vaughan has taken my soul
Left my body broken & cold
Her allure discorporates my mind
The love she makes takes & stay behind

Nymphs & satyrs host our abominable orgies
My Demi-goddess shape shifts & twists upon me
Bestial sex in the woodlands afar
The reeds of Pan hark under the morning star

All right now

Mistress of the overwhelming bliss
Conjuring the images long buried in the abyss
Fuck my soul & peel open my eyes
Lift the veil great daughter of Pan

Why did you let me go to the woods with Helen Vaughan?
I have seen the man of the wood, lord of satyr & faun
I have seen the woodsman
I have seen the great god, Pan
I am only mortal man
I cannot live on
9. Flight Through the Cosmos / Unibirth (12:05)

Fog rolls over the starlit pavement ocean
Sifting through the lifeless ghosts below us
Capsizing clouds fill the burning night sky
Ancient vapors disappear in my eyes

Blackness enshrouds her deep & silent motion
Stars meld with the sky & bleed in the ocean
A cold sweat and a touch on your face
The sea is troubled for you are in her wake

Fly through the cosmos, feel where the wind blows, see the earth as it burns
Find where the moon shines, make the time rewind, give the gods something to learn
Light sacred fires, build the new empires, dance in the rays of the sun
Create the new sound, make the walls fall down, sing until existence is done.


In the airless oceans swim the slipstream divers of ancient age
With time blown halos weaving flight
All making ink on astral page

As the streamlined forms of time
Race through the valleys of myriad streams
All season's day-night mystic plays
Reign shifting plot on flowing dreams

On weaving, reaching pathways march
The senseless heralds of just born days
with dying matter's final shout
Entreat the bounds of heaven's gaze
10. Bark, Paddle, & Ball (8:50)
Let the song tell you
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