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Monuments Full Album Lyrics

Flagellant - Monuments cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
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1. The Black Void Unfolds (6:47)
From the depths of the hungering void
The song of Radiant Death rings true
Strangling the infantile heart of the world
The beast awakens within man

From sepulchral tombs of the earth
Forgotten temples rise
The eternal opposer ascends on darkened skies
Draped in ashes of burning worlds

The void unravelled to swallow the stars
Hosts give praise to the Prince of Death

Come, rotten maws of salvation, embrace us all

As the stars tremble in their sockets
Before the unyielding will of the void
Hungering, it seethes with primordial rage
The foundations of the world begin to sunder

And from this pulpit of flesh, bone and bile
Come ghoulish preachings of death divine
Hosts give praise to the morning star!
In ravenous light I ascend to BURN

Draped in the ashes of the burning worlds
The great opposer reaches for the stars
As the gates of Death now open wide
Hosts give praise: to the Prince of DEATH

For in this body a Temple has been erected
A eucharist of urine and offal received

As the I transcended into the great void
Through the gates of Daath and across the dunes of Set

To feast upon the fruits of knowledge
With ravenous delight
To crucify the lamb over and over and over again
Behold, the black void unfolding
2. God of Torment (6:05)
Imminent death, inevitable necrology
Suddenly as from a vivid nightmare awakened
The air is thick and dense with sulphuric smoke
And the odours of cooking flesh and bone

Thousands crying out in immense pain
Standing in line, shackled in chains

Gaze upon endless fields of torture
Demonic devices of ungodly construction
Bodies impaled upon the branches of the Tree of Death
Writhing in agony and eternal suffering...illumination!

Open the gates to the infinite labyrinth
This is the final judgement, the bottomless abyss
With venomous tongue I testify this grandeur
Forced towards the opening, eternal tomb!

A black sphere that strangles all light
Radiating with piercing darkness
A manifestation of intense torment
Behold the void, hungering for your redemption

Deus deceptor, demiurgos, dark creation
To this divine devil, kneel and repent

Revealing the absolute truth
Showing them what is ultimately hidden
Behind the veil called reality
God of torment, carnal existence of YHVH
3. The Unseeing Eye (6:56)
Amidst a pile of bones
Lies the severed head of Christ
And inside his rotting cerebrum
Holy Death shall arise

Deep within the Nazarene skull
Embedded in his forsaken cells
Pandemonic visions gather
To manifest the end of days

Conjuring a pillar of corpses
On the hills of Golgotha
A massive throne of flesh
Where the ruler ablaze resides

Sepulchral voices chanting
Giving praise to malediction
In the pits of abominable demise
The father of desolation has awoken

This great destroyer of worlds
In devote chaotic remembrance
The Void in extension
Devourer of the cosmic surge

Whirling through the tornado of souls
Purgatorial flames that scorch mankind
The unseeing eye of inverted gods
Punisher of adogmatic damnation

Encircled by the fiendish triarchy
Spewing disease over the earth
The fabric of life's creation
Now suddenly crumbles to dust

Beneath the serpentine manifestation
Everything but Death shall perish
As the anfractuous lord
Animates the abysmal grimoire

So arise from the soul
And cleanse all that is sacred
Hear the sinful sermon
Harbinger of doom unfold
4. Monuments (7:16)
The surface of life adorned by scars
Monuments of carnal depravity
Destruction of the I to transcend
To bring blessed Death upon Creation

As the serpent slithers through our veins
Let whirlwinds of blades come forth
Let them stab viciously at the Seven Seals
To open... the gates to the end!

The serpent's jaws are open
A maw of madness awaiting to consume
Inject your venom, reptile of old
Let your wisdom burn us all

Conjure the beast, this timeless creation
Entering through the unfathomable surge
Wounds of earth rupture, testimony of destruction
Horror of the underverse...MATERIALISE!

...for He shall break us with tempests,
and multiply the wounds of the Lamb, a thousandfold...

At the fiery horizon of a burning world
He shall rise from the ashes of Eden
Wearing a halo of flame
Through death shall you be cleansed

The darkened opposer, collector of souls
Abomination reborn, forever famished
Our almighty saviour craving thy essence
Defiler of mankind, prime advocate of murder

Let flesh be torn by locust
Let the seas turn red as blood
Let the stars fall and crush the earth
For what is man if not but golems of flesh?
Let EMET become MEIT, divine truth to death!

For as aeons pass, the gospel of death still echoes through life
Let its chanting become as claws
To adorn the surface of life with scars...
5. Within the Circle of Ouroboros (6:18)
Infinite vortex of the burning entity
Devouring the essence of time itself
Through the invertation of an enlightened age
Subversed under the stare from shrouded eyes

Glowing sphere of ineffable divinity
Sacrilegious unfolding revealing the void
A holy death that transcends even God
Its name remains untold by tongues blackened and blistered

Filtered through ages of consternating torture
Within an existence characterized by rotting decay
Forever spiralling towards an endless end
Witness the circle, Ouroboros complete

And cosmos ambulated by its venomous touch
The poison fangs dripping omnisciently fierce
Absorbed in the veins of universal will
Penetrating its way into the grace of the one

A godless hiatus in the continuum of space
Radiating with the death of a thousand souls

Embraced by tentacles of the unseeing eye
The very foundation of this world will tremble
Rise up from the depths of qliphothic pathways
Eternally extinguishing the life-giving light
6. Into the Maws of Death (6:44)
Dark is the shadow, cast upon the world
As the Tree of Death reaches above to pierce the sky
Towering high, this ominous monument, proclaiming the death of us all
Its roots entwined at the heart of the world, burrowing deep to destroy

Behold the serpent fangs that strike at the throats of your children
Piercing deep into their flesh to inject the seeds of holy death
To make the wounds reopen on the holy child
A revelation through stigmatic scars, that whisper of our doom

So arise, Leviathan, arise
From the abysmal depths of the world
To shake the foundations of creation once more
Imprint the seal of undoing, upon as all!

Through annihilation shall we transcend!
Into the maws of death, descend!
Be devoured by this ravenous primal force
Open wide Death's golden door

The stars flicker, drowned by the tides of darkness ascending
Shrouded by this presence the world shall sink into pitch black damnation
So enter through stigmatic wounds, enter and possess!
The flesh of us all shall be shrouded in the putrid cloth of death!

Manifest now, harbinger of our doom
Enter this world to sow the seeds of destruction
Radiate O sun of stellar annihilation
Ascending across the skies

Enter the gates of undoing!
Through the maw of death, transcend!
Enter the gates of undoing!
Into the maws of death

Twisted roots are burrowed deep into the earth
To spread the blessing of annihilation
Enter and possess our vessels, burn the flesh with truths divine
Radiate! Radiate! Radiate with death!
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