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Game Over | Full Album Lyrics

Final Stage - Game Over cover art

Game Over

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresPower Metal
LabelsFS Records
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-01)
1. Game Over (4:18)
Decades of division, separation by the fence
One city, two peoples, blinded by difference
Overlooked tragedy, delusions, our plight
Desperate starvation, the powder keg ignites

As the two sides face off,
World at the touch of a button
Waiting for the first to blink
And the countdown is on...

Time for action, quick reactions, scour the apartheid wall
Decisions, decisions, move fast or we fall
The enemy's in sight, target's mine now
Click of the trigger, the west I disavow
2. Lady of Pain (4:30)
I've been to the end and walked away
So you return, and it all changed
One look into your stormy eyes
Just promise once, you'll play nice

I should have then walked away
But now I'll have to stay and play the game, of

My Lady, of Pain
My Lady, Arcane

Won't barter the price for some peace
The impulsive heart, by your caprice
Woman, will you cease your headgames?
The breaker of hearts, have you no shame?
3. The Burden (0:45)
4. Veil of Judgment (4:03)
Habitual existence in the tribes of Aden,
Mind a Serf to tradition
In the presence of the stranger,
Accept scars of submission
Don't bat your eye, or raise your voice,
At the strike of a hand
Chosen for you, he’s your saint now,
Mutilate on command

Pay the penance of those so contrite
Willful myopia of a blinded sight

Veil of judgment, weaves a veil of sorrow
Born from hate, robs you of tomorrow
Veil of judgment, spelling your defeat
Internal hate, your soul incomplete
Veil of judgment, quells doubt and defiance
Oppresses thoughts, on him for reliance
Veil of judgment, bow your head, know your place
Weakens pride, your being, your face

Under asylum, escape to The Diets
A mind’s deliverance
Is blood the concrete of your soul?
Is to serve your existence?
Thoughts defied in the photoplay
Extinction by debris
Looking death in the eyes
Am I the enemy?
5. As the Empire Falls (3:45)
Donning the miter, what he represents
Doctrinal despot, Guilt concealment
Lifetimes of regret, hundreds of wars
Countless lives raped, to apologize for

Accept his word as law
No matter what you abhor
Practice what you preach
Conscience can't take it no more

Enslave those in need, pollute minds of the young
We own your body, we admit to no wrong
Witch hunts, crusades, repudiate and suppress
Are you men of dishonor, or will you confess?

Accept his word as law
No matter what you abhor
Practice what you preach
Conscience can't take it no more

Actions by men of the cloth, in time justice befalls
The deception well runs dry, as the empire falls
As the walls are closing in, and lady justice calls
Your reign is at its end, as the empire falls
6. Rise Again (2010) (4:28)
The Lady of fortune, a fortune of lies
Pierces the heart, inducing demise
Succubus creature, beguiling affection
Toy with your thoughts, swells the infection

Refuse to perish, to a hunterless prey
Retreat and fight, another day

Rise again, the world's in defeat
Fall again, nowhere to retreat
Strive again, triumph unforeseen
Rise again, destroy her machine

Twisted tales, told of disaster
Future's foreseen, slave to the master
Freedom of will, tilting the powers
The end has arrived, at zero hour
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