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Indiscipline Full Album Lyrics

Festival of Mutilation - Indiscipline cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresTechnical Death Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2015-12-31)
1. Severance (1:23)
2. Optical Nightmare (3:57)
The strength of morning sunlight
The strength of great night sky
This power is around me
No one can deny

The constant struggle for a moment
Of a great peace
You have stirred my faithful heart
So I can't be released

The strength of your blind faith
The strength of blissful heart
This power is against you
Against your ancient black art

Speak to me through the shadows
And dance in black circle
In moment of cursed struggle
I give up, the mind is weak

An optical nightmare
Unknown forms of life
A thousand demons stare
The product of my art

Become a magician
Try to break my spell
And optical nightmare
3. Indiscipline (3:44)
I hide from myself
Inside secret shrine
The bleak destiny
Embrace the myth

Scattered clouds and dawn
I got here on my own
It's time to wake up
Lay hands on

I am scorned
Absorber of the souls
Souls of the beasts
Evoking awe
Crow and dove
The different sides
Of the same worthless coin

4. Theater of Depravity (5:00)
Sly smile behind the mask of greed
Depravity is born to be immortal
Lucifer calls on the show, assembling
The master parts of his heathen symbol

So, would you like to join the show
The black cat knows your name
Your role in the present life is over, you lost the bet
Theater of depravity, instrument of death

Lucifer calls on the show
Celebration of chaos has begun,

So, would you like to join the show
The black cat knows your name
Your role in the present life is over, you lost the bet
Theater of depravity, instrument of death

Somewhere out of space, witches flying
Laughing from above at your face
Lucifer calls on the show, awaiting
Your headless body's ready for another role

So, would you like to join the show
The black cat knows your name
Your role in the present life is over, you lost the bet
Theater of depravity, instrument of death
5. Katul Ferman (4:19)
I'm waiting in your shadow
There's no one you can trust
Become the great deciever
Until you return to dust

Hammer of justice is
Stronger than anything
Your convulsive body
Is roting quietly

You're wasting my energy
It will not last forever, not while I'm alive
Among the hills I'm standing, waiting for you and your brothers
I will kill them all

Like demon I will fly, above your habitat
If you let me in your life, I'll drink your fucking blood
You can call yourself a God, raised from the mud
But I don't want you in my life, not while I'm alive

Spiral dreams, global coma
I see them running into the mist
They are bleak and blind
6. Personal Cosmos (4:12)
Life, construction of powerful mind
Existence is created
Law of attraction will change our lives
Beware of thoughts

Deny control, show the iron fist
Break free from the iron strings, defy the evil eye
Wisdom all around, in you and me
Reach the biggest point of existence and you will see

Dismiss your demons, be your own sovereign
You felt abandoned but it was the last time
A life in desolation, all evil you admire
Learn from the past and burn your own desire

A story made of fantasy
A veil of knowledge is removed
White dove spread its wings
Messenger of life is free
7. The Den (4:58)
Your face has changed since the day,
The day they told me you are gone
Far away from this gray domain
Why don't you take me down with you

Come along the fire river
That flows through my veins
How can I dwell
In this circle of dismay

Hunter is awakened
United by nature
Mocking at the world

Come into my den
You won't regret
There's nothing you can lose
You have no right to choose

Come into my den
Jump down I'll give you the wings
Serve me if you please
And heal my disease

Now I can see clear again
I won't share this treasure
Only the chosen
Deserve to know
The animal inside of me

Will you, will you, will you follow me
Will you, will you, will you come to me
Will you, will you, will you come into my den
8. Cranium King (4:29)
With burned shoulders and homeland behind
Heading to the unknown
The faithful shadow of the old friend
Leaving in a yellow robe

Skinny and forlorn anchorite
Follows the inner river
An integral part of the nature
Into eternity he goes, he knows the primordial truth

He is Cranium King not introvert
He is Cranium King not extrovert

He doesn't need air to breathe
Heart rate is silent and slow
Pronouncing the magical word ''Om''
He sits quiet and calm

He is Cranium King not extrovert
He is Cranium King not introvert

Cranium King he's not introvert
Cranium King he is extrovert
9. The Thralled Horse (4:33)
I am drowning in unknown environment
Climbing the wrong mountain
Riding on the railway along the brown river that flows
To nowhere

Nausea causes my misery
Stupidity and money collide
I don't care anymore, about myself, about my life

Indoctrination turns the man into a thralled horse
Docile and quiet, showing no aggression

Displeasure in their motherfucking hearts
Unveil the illusion of persona
Their heads are under anesthesia,
But they are wide awake

Displeasure in their motherfucking minds
They don't have the time to think like me
Their heads are under anesthesia
But they are already dead

Active and systematic destruction of human values
From the point of ignorance can not be recognized
I feel my spirit resists, but are you with me
Do you feel the same cold chains,
Be the horseman not the horse
10. Erisapfel (3:55)
I feel the force of strong and destructive wind
The burden on my chest, wisdom behind blind eyes
I mistrust
Eclipse the feelings, deny the guilt
Humanoid shadow, whispering to me

The shiny apple of discord
Impaled on the great horn of victory
The shiny apple of discord
Carry me into the spiral spheres

I am the only one, who can forgive
I am the only one, who can deny anything
That exists

It was my pleasure to conceive the universe
My hands were clean, when I gave you an apple of discord

Take me I'm yours, no matter how I feel
This last injection of venom made of lust
Now I am prepared to dance with the Devil

I'm something strange and archetypal
Sentenced to life, I am reborn

Take me I'm yours, no matter how I feel
Now I'm prepared to dance with you

My mighty lord, I shall devour your soul
11. Il Principe (4:00)
Crest fallen and sad
Falling from grace
Searching for the end
I'm lost in my own land

Lament and regret
A repulsion of death
No more control
War against all

Tempting power pulled me under
Blinded I still wonder
Why not take it all
Conquer them, kill them all

But no, I can't do that
Damnation of existence
Quite bad philosophy

In sea of flameless thoughts
Blindness is my crown
Wolves at the door
Howl forevermore

Hesitant and pale
I'll rot in jail
Pillory or rope
King is chopped in half

Chopped in half
II principe
12. Postmortem (Slayer cover) (bonus track) (4:02)
Funeral held for the depression of man
Holds the key to his own death
Entering a tomb of a corpse yet conceived
Tighten the tourniquet around your neck

Sifting away the debris of hated life
Cold touch of death begins to chill your spine
Seeking life beyond your perishment
Repeating words echoing through your mind

Chanting lines of blind witchery
To save yourself from extinction
Wanting to die is your reason to live
New life born from the oppressed

Taste your blood as it trickles through the air
Another casualty beyond the shadows you fall
Losing ground, the fate you feel it draws near
Fatality, reality, you await the final call

My sinful glare at nothing holds thoughts of death behind it
Skeletons in my mind commence tearing at my sanity
Vessels in my brain carry death until my birth
Come and die with me forever
Share insanity

Do you want to die!

The waves of blood are rushing near, pounding at the walls of lies
Turning off my sanity, reaching back into my mind
Non-rising body from the grave showing new reality
What I am, what I want, I'm only after death
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