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With Fire Full Album Lyrics

Feast Eternal - With Fire cover art

With Fire

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
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Submitted by level ― (2011-12-03)
1. The Inward Heart
Why do you weep
Falling man dying man
Whose tears do you shed
Is sorrow felt for your brother
Or is it from within

Does the heart break
For the wretched
Will it rend for the weak
Or shall you cry out to Heaven
Better them than me

Why do you weep
Guilty man tarnished man
Whose fears do you share
Will you feel anything
Save your own despair

Pre chorus

Tears fall like rain
Shed in covetous fear
Only you pay the price
For the pain

1st chorus

Look into darkness
Lay your heart bare
There is no refuge
None who cares
You follow your grave
It awaits
Fall forever down

2nd chorus

Alone you wallow
In secrets dark and deep
Close your eyes
Try to hide
No excuse
No way out now
Fall down
And call His name
2. An Ember in Ashes
A shadowed path
Where hatred burns
Dark hearts
Consuming night
Believing lies denying peace
Words that bleed
Grim deeds of pain

1st chorus

Fists of rage
Storm heavens gate
Blasphemy뭩 scorn
Spat in His face

Stumble in pain
To curse His name
Of hammer and nail
We are to blame
The path of ruin, selfish, insane
His call I hear
To break my chains

2nd chorus

Redemptions tears
Ignored, enslaved
Midnight뭩 heart
Fallen from grace


Let us be reconciled therefore
Unto the creator
Forsaking the idols of youth
Forgetting the sorrows flesh
Cast down the image of man
And be one with the eternal
Cast off your bonds
Soar above this fallen land
And be free

An ember in ashes
Fanned to flame
Never too far
The shores of peace
Embracing the truth
Lies to deny
Forgivness knocks
His grace awaits

Repeat 1st chorus

Tear down your thrones
All men deceived
Eternity burns
In haunted chains
Freedom waits
Accept His pain
The Lamb of grace
The key to slaves
3. Castigating the Glutton
You look at me
Thinking you know me
Casting curses
Presumptions and spite

Speak of me
Lay open your ignorance
Before God and man

Judging me
Point out my flaws
You dig with your wisdom to condemn

Such a fool
Thinking you know
So enlightened so low
So proud you’re all alone


You dog you pig
Your sin He forgives
Inviting you to the divine
You fool you swine
Deceived your blind
Deny as you will
Your wisdom is dead

To blinded to see
This world this life
Is your end

From the dust
Never counting the cost
Your flesh your idols fail and fall

Barren and lost
To a life of flesh
Blinded by lies…..you’re devoured

Dying in ruin
Aware and abandoned
No glory no hope
No kingdom for you awaits
4. Infernus Dictum
Beautiful tongues, Deceitful tongues
Withered in lies and shame
Lead my heart to darkness astray
Virtues lost to ones own gain

Words are just wind
A pale façade
Your lying lips deceiving me
A mouth filled with guile
Destroys in the end

Spoken words empowered, destroy
Covering truth with lies
Promise so much with blackened words
Spreading like sickness, Burning inside
5. Burning of the Good Man
Corruptible vile insidious
Hideous insanity reigns
Curious losing all morals
Unconscious falling away

Blatant dark passions
Divisive decay
Our righteous are burning
The blind led astray

Sickness ravenous blistering
Ablaze noxious rage
Blackness drowning eroding
Devoured crushed in despair

A beast, a creature of lust
Prince, power of air
Free, he will kill
We die if we will


Corrode cauterize, Burn my mind
Wipe away ruin from my eyes
Rotted fetid filth that flows
Erode away peace leave only lies
Yearning longing seeking disease
Corruption will come and feast
The stench you retch
Lifeless and cold
Heart filled with death and shame

Fire, rising engulfing
Glorious, roaring within
Enlightened, open to see
Awakened, raging free

Inspired pure passion
Revival reborn
Our righteous now risen
The lost no more

Spirit, revealed redeemer
Healer, grow within
Blackness fading, receding
Overcome, glory begin

This beast, laid to waste
Returned to Sodom to burn
Free from this death
We live, we live
6. With Fire
We call on thee, creator of Eden
We call on thee almighty sacrifice
Come now wait no longer
Bring in your harvest
King of our night and day
Let your peace rule forever more
Come Christ redeemer
Claim the saints in your name
Father maker of healing light
Father supreme creator
Spread your wings and cast aside
The powers that we fight
Majesty maker of land and sea
Unleash your fire, your judgment
Heal this world from its sin
Reveal to us eternity

With Fire, burning eternally
With fire, you are embraced
With fire, passion that burns within
With fire, take away my sin

Alpha, beginning of all things
Release us from our chains
Awake us from this dreadful sleep
Set us free once again
Omega, king of heavenly stars
The trumpet is now sounded
Call now your children home
Purge us with your fire
7. Shadows of the Abyss Pt 2: Enemy of All Flesh
Lurking amongst shadows
Hiding in the dark
Like a rat he creeps in filth
Alone in his shame
Accursed is his name
The accuser lies in wait


Hidden from our eyes
Blackness and lies
Beneath the serpents belly
Lay the truth
Wallowing in the mire
In fire his kingdom swims
Pain will never end

Broken burning monster
Created and cast down
He steals glory with deceit
Fallen son of heaven
Lost in eternal depths
You뭠l be crushed and forgotten

Repeat chorus


Feeble fallen creature
Useless inane
We cast you aside
Mock you this day
Broad is the way
And wide is the gate
In the abyss
Your fire waits

Foulness surrounds him
The stench of sin and death
His iniquity condemns
All who follow
Enemy of all flesh
Scourge of the creation
We resist and you fall

Repeat chorus

As it is written
You and yours will burn
No kingdom awaits
No reward
Tempt me no more
Wretched son of hell
Get behind me and be gone
8. Blood Forged
To battle darkness,
A weapons forged
Honed for the task,
To survive the surge
The battles raging,
For eternities throne
Consuming the Heavens,
And Earth below

To suffer the plagues,
Hells fires unleash
A culture in flames,
Are dying in vain
To stand in the gap,
The damned are pleading
A warrior of boldness,
Wage war in your name

1st chorus

In honor and truth
To endure the fight
To clash with the Beast
Quenched in blood
Tempered strong

The ending of days,
The inferno sealed
A measure is taken,
Of souls and crowns
The sting is removed,
The dead transformed
Enter the Promised Land,
Tears fade away

Rise above,
Triumphant at last
Joining in victory,
With our Lord and King
Anointed with glory,
Honored by faith
Rise above,
Reborn in blood

2nd chorus

With faith
My sword strikes
In strength
Darkness reels
The promise
Forged in blood
Victory is ours
Freedom is won
9. Into the Hands of an Angry God
Father of ages
I call to thee
A prayer of discontent
I do conceive

Raising my voice
To heavens high
I shout to your legions
Do I cry

Bringer of vengeance
It is your claim
Into dust forever more
Our enemy slain

As Philistines fell
And Sodom before
Behold Gomorrah
Iniquities door


Into the hands of an angry God
His vengeance comes
Behold your judge
Release and repent
There is a fate
Worse than death


You see His glory
Soaring high
You see His power
Drawing nigh
You will feel
The coming wrath
Turn your eyes
Don뭪 look back

Anoint me now
O blessed one
Power from
Heavens high

Release my spirit
Set me free
Grant me healing
This night

My enemy fierce
Coming so close
Raising his talons
To strike

My shield my rampart
Covered in blood
Defeating this darkness
We fight
10. A Hymn
Victory is His name
Champion is His claim
Righteous eternal King

Repeat 3X

Arise O people and gather to
Prepare to receive your King

Bend your knee and bow your head
Greet mercy with humble grace

Behold His might, ever living ever strong
Great lion who never sleeps

Comforter conqueror King of all Kings
Sit on the throne for all time
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