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Prisons of Flesh Full Album Lyrics

Feast Eternal - Prisons of Flesh cover art

Prisons of Flesh

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
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Submitted by level ― (2011-12-03)
1. Immersion (4:41)
My heart sails thru - A river flowing red
Result if his compassion - An offering was given
A cruciform tree floats by - Remnant of the price
Scoring a tear in my soul - My being permeates...Darkness

Trenches of my sorrow - Congested righteous delight
Elation replace defeat - Bring forth praise
Lord God within me -Hold me together inside
Keep my path steadfast - To escape drifting away

Choosing total immersion
Into the delivering flood
Currents annihilate the sin
Resurrecting what is dead

Embracing me from within - Choke out my sin
Your power holds me steady - When calamity strikes again
Father of my heart - Save me from the void
Lord fill my sails - Your spirit be my guide

Choosing total immersion
Into the delivering flood
Currents annihilate the sin
Resurrecting what is dead
2. Forgetting God (8:22)
Uncertainties of life - Plaguing me
Never ending failures - Are all I see
Hopeless frustration - Fill me with pain
Battles & struggles - Come to kill again
Lost in myself - Seeking to see
Trying to be - What's been called of me
Falling so short - Expected & seen
Bleed not in vain - He who died for me

(1st Chorus)
Here on this mountain I stand crying,crying
This fallen one
I who turned my back & forgotten God
Rebellious child weary of idol's & sinLord heal me again
By you alone I swear my life,The living God
Pour out your blood

Struggle 7 pain - Left me for dying
Wanting to curse him - But him I'd not shame
So many questions - Confusion betrayal
Calling for answers - In this world all will fall
To suffer to grow
Patience & hope - Call to suffer this I know
Accept my burdens - Carry my cross
All else is vanity - In this world all fall

(Repeat 1st Chorus)

Looking back - I can still see
Darkness of those days - But now they are dead
New life filled with power - Freedom & peace
A baptism of fire - To open blind eyes
I've stumbled - I've fell
I fought with myself - I'll fight no more
Now I can see - A day at a time
Hope for tomorrow - Bright light breaking thru

(2nd Chorus)
Here on his mountain I stand singing praises
The chosen one
I who changed my life & gave it to God
Rebellious child weary of idol's & sin
Lord heal me again
By you alone I swear my life the living God
Pour out your blood

Waters of life - Flowing & pure
Quench this deep thirst - Restoring my soul
Covered in his blood - Reborn in the spirit
Comforter of promise - Guide my new life
I surrender my will - And open my heart
I receive what you give - with joy I'm filled
This promise is mine - My life now given
My name again written - Eternally to be with thee
3. Dead Eyes (5:40)
I walk among them
Faces reflect their needs
Shadows of what could be
Envisioning their peace

Travelling towards nothing
Imprisoned they wander
Enslaved to what befalls them
Traverse a path unknown

The eyes are the window to the soul
Visions of one's condition
Tomorrow is mirrored in those orbs
The value of one's control
I stare into the dead eyes
Vacant of understanding
A hunger quenched within
Until the choice to awaken

A stirring in my presence
To light the proper path
Seeking joy of a babe reborn
Adopting what could be mine

Dead eyes tell my reasons
For birth,life & death
Resurrection to secure my love
From evil's complacent grip

Today is your choice
Do not ponder long
I will be told to gather
What was purchased on the tree

Go,those who are mine
Set in motion my seeding
Harvest the weary caste
Proceed for the time is almost here...Go
4. Flight of the Fallen (4:28)
A storm of rage from terrors cage
Set loose to crush these wings
No remorse it takes course
Dark winds twist,Enslave
Heart falls deep now losing flight
The ground gives way below
No place to set my feet now
Still somehow I am led home

I struggle on beneath these clouds
To seek his glory oh to shine on me
Trying to climb to reach what's lost
Peace blessed peace

Lnowledge I gained...Ignored
Myself I pushed to that fall
Forgiveness that guides us
Bringing me back to his throne
Perfected in trials & grace
These broken wings now mend

Call to his name,Promised to save
Spread these new wings,Now I fly

Day at a time learn how to fly
Going so slow to keep
Regain what's taken restore that deliverance

Peace blessed peace
The peace of his mountain calls me
In his fortress & refuge I trsut
A beacon of light reaches me
Guiding me farther I fly
A river that flows from him
A path to guide through this pain
New beginnings fresh & alive
From here do I start

Release my fear deep in the dark
Explode back to life I fly
Sorting these wisdom's relearn what's been learned
Peace blessed peace

Away I soar so high above
This path lesser traveled
On wings so light to fly away
Come strong wind that carries me
Move these mountains to set me free
Reach for peace long promised me
Long I fly in pain I cry
To touch the hand of God

To see the sun above the clouds
Like his glory it shines on me
Higher I climb to reach this place
Peace blessed peace
5. Of Service and Suffering (3:02)
I have felt the pain of life
The flesh that longs
The world that corrupts
I have felt the loneliness
Confusion in my days
Longing for my death
I hang my head
Ashamed as I weep
The anger envelops me
Grasping for the reasons that I seek

A grinding of patience
Of servive & our suffering
The strength of our testimony
The witness of our walk
A grinding of patience
Of service & our suffering
Our life our witness
The testimony of our faith

The pain of life goes away
Comforter of promise cleanse the pain
Him I feel God of love cleansing blood
Guide my way
I hang my head humbly as I pray
His spirit envelops me
Reaching for his spirit,Christ redeem me
6. Ashes to Dust (5:49)
In a place darker than night
Intensive heat flames burn black
Pool of fire consuming fleah
Vapors of brimstone poisonous breath
One way in hellbound sin
No way out scorched within
Borne of death never alive
Fallen angels hate filled eyes

Beneath the grave - Demons await
Doomed to eternity - Past Hell's gates

Talons rending spreading your gore
Forever receive your suffering
Eternity & torment one & the same
Revisiting your sin that plagues within
Feverish suffering forever & more
Longer than life no ending in sight
Punishment wrought blameless your not
A vessel of wrath justice prevails

Beneath the grave - Demons await
Doomed to eternity - Past Hell's gates

Beware & be warned your living will end
Without God's son there's nowhere to hide
The empty tomb sacrifice & resurrection
Buys freedom from that painful dominion

Beneath the grave - Demons await
Doomed to eternity - Past Hell's gate
7. Prison of Flesh (5:16)
Cold fingers claw away
My cage oh so cold
This life they seek to strip away
Deep dark strangle hold
Caught in his snare,the fowler
The flame calls to my flesh
Temptation sweet like honey
Dark angels sing to my death

Overcome by darkness - Falling away
Spirit broken - Lifeless cold
Entangled in sin - Tightening begin
To a prison of flesh - I'm thrown
Burning lust,idolatry
Iniquities speak my name
Shackles of greed weigh me down
Corrupt the trith inside
Tis world this flesh destroying
Virtues fallen in disgrace
My heart broken
This life blackened

(Repeat 1st Chorus)

Once I was dead in transgression
In which I lived
Following the darkness,encaged
Trapped in death's firm grip
Now I live so freely
Ransomed by purist blood
Set free from these chains
The reward of Christ's love

Resisting darkness - The turning away
Reach for hope - In salvation
Call on his name - throw off the chains
This prison of flesh - I escape
8. Into Eternity (4:24)
Repulsive thoughts
Decaying process of the mind
You are deceived
The only way to end pain

Demonic possession
Dark forces forcing infection
Your heart hardening
Death prepares for harvest

Pull the trigger
The barrel's in your throat
Grey matter escaping
The blood freely flows

Assumed rejection
God has never deied you
Prepare to burn
Only you have rejected Christ

Open blind eyes
Hold on to precious life
Receive his grace
His love eternal life
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