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Vinter Full Album Lyrics

Feared - Vinter cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresMelodic Death Metal, Thrash Metal
Album rating :  76.7 / 100
Votes :  3
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-12-03)
1. Sun Awake
2. Huldra
tired of everything

story of my life keeps repeating
a lot to deal with but I don't have the urge
bringing me down

I lost control and I can't handle it
this condition won't change, until I shoot it up

it's how I deal with it

I'm feeling empty
my bones are weak
it spreads through my body
my problems fade away

in control
fighting my demons
on my own

you can't see me as I'm dissolving
as the dark fills my veins

I'm stronger now
taking on the world
nothing can hurt me

I'm in control and I'm unstoppable
just for a minute I feel vigorous

and with time it's creeping back
lessened bliss,
depressing senses
and chaos returns

I need one more shot please give it to me
I promise this will be the last time
for me
3. Your God
you can't resist it
you have your prayers
your lords own words
in your mind
causing acts of pure insanity
why are you listening, to their lies

a new way, purify your soul

can't turn me over
I'm not one of you
save your prophecy
I won't tolerate how you shove
it down our throats,

this time I will kill you for good

a new way, purify your soul
seize control

what have you become
a slave to religion
crying the blood of your god
bathe in the filth of your god
what has he done for you

what have you become
a slave to oppression
what have you become
a slave to brutality
4. Erased
Hate is everything
and it's guiding me to
fight you're in my way
through negativity

no stopping me
I'm on a roll
to play my game
obey my rules

wearing my crown
standing my ground

pray, I'm almost there
and I'm finding it so
sad it's affecting you
how you think of me

it's fulfilling
and my destiny
defines me
showing who I am

wearing my crown
standing my ground

they try to silence me
but my voice is too strong
only way to stop me
is to kill me, before I kill them

no stopping me
you can't touch me
you can't hurt me
5. Mass Destruction
I feel the end is near
you can't deny what is going on
leaders, control this endless war
we have to pay for their greed
pay with our lives

you can't deny
all of us, fed with lies
shaping new victims

the curse of this cold war
spilled blood of children
falling one by one
leaving empty homes

their guns are talking to us
but we can't respond
the words of war lords
that's the weapon of

mass destruction

all of us, fed with lies
shaping new warriors
calling us, using us
in the line of warfare

mass destruction
seed of war

In this final hour
the lead has cooled down
it's completely silent and calm
what did we learn from this
the death and despair
who won,
no one knows
in the end everyone failed
6. Needle Effect
Something creeping inside me, my veins
poisonous blood
can't feel my limbs no more
I can't control them
alone, am I alone

inside my crumbling cage
I grasp for air
slowly drowning in feelings
open my blackened grave

you can't believe
what is happening

deciding for me, like I'm tied to strings
you can say whatever you want
I can't even move,

tied down to the ground
my wounds, opening

my life in vain
my cries will fade away

it's breaking out
out of my skin
carving it out
bleed it out

bleed it out

life decided to go
and so did I
maybe it wasn't meant to be

not meant to be
7. Invidia
you're on your way come undone
now she can save your precious life
embracing while you rust away
she won't let you go
she would not leave
until you are dead

cause she's cursed,
I can see that in her pitch black eyes
is it love and hate at the same time
all I know is that she wants me to

follow, experience her pain
sacrifice your soul for a chance to survive

lying tied down, you can't reach
for that moment of happiness
too many feelings
I'm hurt
by the sudden change of mentality
we're slipping apart from each other
I would never think I could

follow, experience her pain
sacrifice your soul for a chance to survive
what have you done, you're done

I guess I'm running late
in this nightmare, you're on your own
I can't save you

you're gone
she took you away with her
I guess she won't sleep until she's satisfied
she's out for me now, so I can

follow, experience her pain
sacrifice my soul for a chance to survive
8. Mylingen
I've been at it for far too long
why does it happen to him
seems like every time
he's spitting it in my face

why, can't I be a part of that
share that wealth
I'm by far more worthy,
more than him

all my life
I've been last
second choice
never acknowledged
cold hearted world

why is it
always him
that is getting
this needs to end

this jealousy
testing me
this invidia
making me ashamed

I want to be in his shoes
at least for one day
maybe it's worth a shot
to replace him with me

can it be
that I have
seized control
over this situation
bloody hands

grabbed his neck
squeezed it hard
feeling a calm sensation
silent gasp for air
9. Hate Is Everything
the pain of losing one dear to you
it kills me to see it
end like this
it was our turn
our time
so many questions

it's all part of a great conspiracy
how we aren't able to choose
our fate dependent on something bigger
that's larger than life

wait before I wake up from this nightmare
of unresponded love

it will haunt us eternally
forever in our hearts
we didn't choose your destiny
you were beyond our grasp

desperation calls for desperate measures
all we wanted was to have you back with us
the selfish feeling that we're having
all we wanted was to hear your heartbeat again
10. My Shadow World
voices echo in my head
and a sudden realization
shield yourself from the non believers

I trust myself and my inner calling

my shadow World
keeps me safe
keeps me warm
my shadow World
keeps me sane
feeding me what I need to hear

all alone in my creation
I'm my own god
you're welcome to stay
but I can't let you leave

my shadow World
embrace my kingdom

I wish you could share my inner peace
my inner sanctuary
my longing for love

If you try to change my ways
you're going to end up in chains
try break out from my prison
you belong to me now

embrace my kingdom
11. Vinter
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