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Apprehension Full Album Lyrics

Fear Absolute - Apprehension cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresTechnical Death Metal
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Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2015-10-22)
1. Apprehension (6:18)
Apprehension (Lyons/Rogers/Mercer lyrics by Lyons)

There's never been a time in my life
When I felt I needed to look into his eyes
Followers, not leaders, cancerous parasites
To this man, this one, this fake, all lies

Putting your faith in the invisible
A god no one knows, a god no one sees
No truth in the book, no meaning in the word
It has all never made any sense to me

Your light is flickering
Your faith is dying
The fear is showing
So hard to see

A fantasy, a dream, a mirage for the ages
Compound the lies while ignoring the truth
He is no lord, no saviour to the world
A crippled, impotent god of betrayal

Around you I see factions based on "morality"
Forcing beliefs upon those led astray
Leave me behind from your faithless terrorism
Religious hostility hidden deep in society

I can't see you, I can't hear you, I can't feel you
Deep inside my soul
I can see the apprehension you feel
Wearing it like you wear your cross
2. Dreamland (5:50)
Dreamland (Lyons/Rogers/Mercer lyrics by Lyons)

It becomes hidden so deeply
The dark clouds unseen
A secret no one should tell
The fear blinds our eyes

When all becomes just a memory
of all things that happened in the past
We start to fear what we don't know
Our guilt tears us apart

Unrelated and unconfirmed
Hide the secrets of what they've learned
Hiding truth inside a lie
Empty answers to questions why

Deception breeds mistrust
Masking your hesitation from all of us
Cowered in the regulation
Keeping us lost and misinformed

Not all can be explained
All we ask for is the truth
But it seems like we'll never see

You can never make me unbelieve
In the fact that I saw their faces
Take a deep look into my soul
No pain, no words, no hope, just fear

Can you believe what you don't believe?
Asking the questions you don't want answered

Now is the time, release what you know
Now is the time, your time to let go
3. The One You Hate (13:04)
The One You Hate (Lyons/Rogers/Mercer lyrics by Lyons)

Taking what you need to survive
To live off the ones you hate
A never ending cycle repeated
Too blind to care that you're dying

You've sold your souls for a quick return
What's left is nothing, nothing but the fear
Blaming everyone, never blame yourselves
It helps to ease the fear you feel

Drowning the sorrow in addiction
And feeding the young with your poison
Beaten and hated and cast aside
And no one there to ease your cries

Masking the contempt you've felt
It's been building up for all these years
Only you can pull yourself out
Out of the hole you're buried in

No more than a leech spewing misguided speech

Blaming me for what's torn you apart?
It wasn't me, the decision was all yours
You saw the life you wished you had
Did it taste like you thought it would?

Looking outside is easier than within
Someone else came and took it all away?
When the time arrives, will you arise?
Or kneel at the feet of the one you hate?
4. All That I Had (7:57)
All That I Had (Lyons/Rogers/Mercer lyrics by Lyons)

Where can you go when you look behind
Only seeing the anger and darkness
Underneath the clouds of confusion
Those times hurt so felt so empty

Took it from me, those years erased
Staring back at an empty face
Time to move on leave it all alone
Look out to a brand new horizon

Gazing out to a sky I'd never seen before
Fearful of never hitting the ground
Cleared the air all around me, my sights on what could be
Not sure of what to say, not sure of what to do

What should have been left for dead
Without what mattered the most
Has been brought back to life
Without, without what mattered most

I don't feel that you should go on

When you feel the need to take away
All that I had, and leave me with nothing
Just remember, all that I've done
And all that I have, and what I've become
5. Forgotten (7:54)
Forgotten (Lyons/Rogers/Mercer lyrics by Lyons)

I don't want to
Look back on my life
And be filled with regrets
I only wanted to
Be treated like something
Something that matters to someone

And looking back on my life
And seeing what I could have been
It all seemed so far away

How could you turn me away
So cold nothing to say

I never wanted what you wanted
Left alone to hide

I can't be what you want me to be
I can't see what you want me to see

It's all a lie, deep inside
Never there!
All alone, never shown
Never cared!
6. What Has It Given You (6:40)
What Has It Given You (Lyons/Rogers/Mercer lyrics by Lyons)

Living a life of compromises
Witholding any form of hope
Struggling to find what's lost
All for someone you don't know

Empty theories, devolved and backward
Promsing what can never be true
Passsionless, meaningless
The void encompasses all of you

Cover your eyes from the world around
Within the facade
never Knowing what true love could feel like

Lying to yourlself, escaping from the truth
No one will help you, no one hears you
And for all the missing pieces of your so called life

What has it given you?

Nothing, nothing but false promises
"The word and hand" so well hidden
Reflectionless - stripped of your dreams
Emotionless - stripped of you soul

Looking back at the times you regret
Through the eyes you've tried to forget
It poisons you, it's bleeding through
The stranger in the mirror is you
7. Absolution (10:51)
Absolution (Lyons/Rogers lyrics by Lyons)

Take away my sight
Take away my eyes
Kill my innner feelings
Leave me for dead

My visions now destroyed
My passion for life in question
So hard for me to see what's right before me

Our decisions are at fault
Clouding my judgement
Lost my courage in the unknown

An unrelenting face
That now becomes invisible
Dreams that whisper in silence
Yet scream a deafening cry

The tears continue to choke me
Flooding my mind with confusion
No time became our worst enemy

Why won't you come and talk to me
You can't even stand to look at me
I don't feel I need to prove
What kind of man I am to you

Using and abusing my giving soul
Taking what you need just to spite
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