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PHASE 2 Full Album Lyrics

Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas - PHASE 2 cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresElectronic Metalcore, Trancecore
Album rating :  52.8 / 100
Votes :  11
Lyrics > F > Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas Lyrics (39) > PHASE 2 Lyrics (10)
Submitted by level 12 모흐 (2016-07-27)
1. Are You Ready to Blast Off?
People dancing like crazy under the light
Summer memory that we all have
The storm and thunder that flushes everything
The (happy and) peaceful days in Mexico
Oh my goodness, where is the ticket for me
A good luck charm to the bursting anger
The light inside the eyes of a hopeless guy
The small room that extends slow dance
The things (that have) happened in the past and will happen
Putting all into it
2. Rave-up Tonight
All right?
Dancing floor for you is ready
Step on a step
Don't be so shy
Carry on
Carry on
Dance with us!
Ohohoh Oh
Stomp hard on (the) beat
Let's start together
Dive into the bass drums you hear
This shit is still just a damn warm up you know
Yea Yeah!
Let us get high now!
Let us get extremely high right now!
Damn it
She is still not turning back to me today
I can never be honest to myself
I'm about to give it all up after all
The day I was waiting for
It's (the) day I was waiting for
The moment suddenly appeared
When I stood on that low stage,
You were there in the front row of the crowd!
All right?
Dancing floor for you is ready
Step on a step
Don't be so shy
Carry on
Carry on
Dance with us!
Ohohoh oh!
Stomp hard on (the) beat
Let's start together
I just want to see your biggest smile
Might seem like a dream but it ain't, it is here
Oh yeah!
Let us get high now!
There are people inside you just can't deal with
So it ain't easy to gather hearts to one
Fighting since monkeys, and probably will be the same now on.
Still fighting, just like the ancient days
We are still fighting from ages ago
But here, there is a drip of hope
Making big noise, and we come along with the flow of the noise
And we can become one
There is a small little hope
"Dance tune it is"
We have been hitting the floor from the days we were born
Sound will keep changing but what we do won't change
We have been hitting the floor from when we were born
It's all the same since we were apes
3. Swing It!!
Inside my drawer, there was an old photo album with myself all tanned up Pulling an all nighter, saying "going to bed is a waste of time" At no time, was time enough for me to do all Here and there, doing this and that I was always looking towards the days coming along (to the days coming along) Are you not shooting out your lips with a shit like face now?
Wow Oh!
It must be hot The backs of those dreaming guys Do you just want to step back?

Wow Oh!
Words are not needed Faces tell the story Just keep running for yourself and life
Here we go It's game time To fight with all our strengths Swing your arms hard with all that you have
Wow Oh Yeah!
The summer party does not end Age, gender, and all that do not matter Wow Oh Yeah!
So let us all have a blast and let us spend days like going crazy from now on
Summer is filled with innocence Shaking your neck to the sound of waves Dive into this season Not doing anything soullessly, spending idle days Bit by bit damping down Reach your hands out
Check out those fire works up there Let's rise up high just like those fire works
Let this heat break up all the upcoming sadness Let us all get high!
Let's get high!
Don't you feel it all coming to you?
Let this heat break up all (the) unwillingness Let us all get high!
Let's get high!
Don't you feel it all coming to you?
Oh There you go now Shout till you are feeling hot and fall forward Run like mad Gotta jump!
Go Insane!
4. Thunderclap
It is almost two point five decades since I was born
I've had so many of jellos so far and how many more will I swallow from now on?
I've already taken tons of exams and what else is coming up to me from now on?
Daily lives must pass by quickly without any "likes" and "hates"
That girl who falls for guys easily, fell for another one then another one and another one each time
For a guy without such experience
Everyday life now is like a stormy river
So fast! Break out!

(so) I sing to myself before I get sunk

I jumped out to stop the streaming days
The coastline I ran on that strong sunny day
(Shore line I ran)
If you wanna take back that feeling
(take back that feeling)
That feeling and give it a deep color of your own self
First, smash down that door

That guy sitting in the window seat is smart
And that guy two seats away from me has such a great sense of humor
And that guy I don't like so much even has good parts
Everyone is calling you too, just like the others

Just play them out so loud
All those CDs in your room
Have become not attracted to the nostalgic ones

Reshoot those dots
Make yourself into a straight line
On such nights, have some of your favored
Just trace them and next reshoot

Tonight, the thunder knocks on your heart
Run hard
And you never know
You never know
You never know

When the storm
When the storm
Will come to you
Be strong before
That day arrives
Thunder arrives to you

The thunder knocks
The thunder knocks on your heart
Complete your original sketch of dots
Before that day comes
That day arrives to you

The thunder knocks on your heart Run hard
When that day comes to you Run hard
Before that day comes to you
5. Interlude
6. Virtue and Vice
Don't know what's being misunderstood
Missiles flying, children getting shot
Swindles everywhere
People who should be the most loved ones, killing
each other
Once you keep an eye off, things get stolen

The world is like this
The world we don't know
The unknown world
Out of our hands
It don't matter
Covering it up, acting like you don't see a thing
If you think it's a defferent thing
You won't notice that the world you live in is
eventually hitting towards this matter

Look at it
Oh yeah! The world is all linked together

Save our loved ones and the world
(hey hey because breaking)
(down the piled wood castle is easy)
These peaceful days lasting is a wish
(hey hey these peaceful days)
(continuing is just like a wish)
Because I have no idea
How many tickets "to live today" are (left)

Even at the time when you were playing cards
Somewhere in the world, somebody is crying

Us to one

Let me hear your voice!
Oi oi oi oi oi oi oi…
It still is way too quite!
Oi oi oi oi oi oi oi…

We all have weaknesses
Losing against it is the end
Don't limit yourself

Got to change them
Raise your voice
To fight it out against your weak self
We sure do gotta change theme

The raising worries, the falling cold sweats on
the back (on the back)
Backing off saying "can not make it happen"
(Breakin' down)
You really think (that way)?
You really think (that way)?
Shake it off and move on (Come on!)
Shake it off and move on

(It's) just you are my love Your pure feeling
(You are my love, your faithful eyes)
That beautiful voice It's so valuable
(That beautiful voice It's precious)
I wanna stay with you, not only tonight
(I want to stay with you, not only tonight but
from now on)
The words that fell from you
(The words that fell from your voice)
Let us change it to connect tomorrow
(Change it to connect tomorrow)
Let's sing until our voices die

There must be many walls
There must be times you will be breaking down
But this song is there for you
7. Nail the Shit Down
"Idiot!""Piece of shit!"
Feeling like tossing out
It would be such a such a hard place to live if
people randomly said these words out
So you guys remember this! Sharpen your
mounths and sing like crazy!
You guys ready? Don't you be so shy
(Spell) Yeah
A spell that takes out all these rages

My nose is about to rot!
Yeah! Dumbasses! Rot and burn in hell
It's a disgusting smell
Yeah! Dumbasses! Rot and burn in hell

Can not say so loudly but I just saw that kind
looking madam over there putting a canned
food inside her bag
We sure can't tell by a person's appearance
She might be a shoplifter

If your irritation still will not heal
Let me give you another advice
Just imagine (Spell)
Hey something like murder?
Take it off one two three (one two three)
Who is the dead man?
What is the way? (What is the way)

Cut it, bend it, bang it, clean it,

Hah! You finally starting to feel dumb?
People who are constantly furrowing their brows,
will die at thirty
Are you certain of what you can and can't do?
Just gotta make good use of the moment when
going mad
Let's go to the venus and make a foolish face
Everyone, jump around ah

Are they just feeling down?

Or you just can't step?
If you feel shitty about yourself, curse yourself
until you feel satisfied with sharp words

Feeling pain and suffer out don't even feel like
asking for help
Then YOU die!

We all are living with frustration today
Unforgivable self, and "these kinda shits"
That are for you; the spell!
Doesn't break down so face (it)
"The spell" can guide you
Get your ass to (the) venue before getting
smashed perfectly
Let's nail down those "shits"
(It) aint acceptable to die in shit
8. Rain Inside Your Eyes
Walking alone (in) my way its feel like those cats are
looking right those eyes, noticing how i'm weak to myself
Whenever you see a boring guy
Make sure you don't smell
the same sewer as smell as him
Through this world, is filled with malodorous place
Did you know?
Because they are loud
Covering my ears
I am in the way, maybe the only one...
Because they are loud
Covering my ears
I am in the way, maybe the only one...
Covering your ears being alone in a room
Here, you are
I have got nothing to make it come true
At times when you want to run away
(from) your ideal
When the window is opened, the wind,
the sunrise, overflowing sound will
always be by your side ah...
At times when you want to run away from your ideal!
I have got nothing to make it come true
(Tears are shedding)
9. Counterattack by the Sesame Sized Bodies
Is there food for me?

Perfectly idiotic, so many rules The feudal society
Perfectly idiotic, so many rules The underground royal palace
Perfectly idiotic, so many rules Carrying more
things again today

No! I wanted to fly high, to fly high
I walk forward on ground, when god has torn off my wings
No! It's bigger than a tank! than a tank!
No chance to win but we gotta go

There are ones (that) have brain and one's who don't
There are unfair rules of society
So now we'll start rocking in a show
Who is gonna do it all if you don't, come on!
Wow Oh!

Looks like it got cut off
I should get out of this nest filled with slaves
How far can we go with the two of us?
Is there a satisfying paradise somewhere?
Can we avoid more sins?
Not even knowing that, I don't want to end up as soil
We will end up, at…
The time covered up with shadow
The time that the rain poured down
The time that I faced a mad toad

To find the way out of this fate that is cursing me
Why don't you try going on a quest when you have the power
There are no reasons why this place here is a safe one
Why would I drown here when our lives will be
soon taken away

Just a bit after we left
The space we were in was covered up
(The) reasons are usually nonsense when lose
When losing everything, man?

A friend that sent us out

We don't shed tears, but we shave our little sesame
sized boodies and feel the sadness
But yet, there's no reason to give up

We are a working ant
For ourselves and living our lives to love
We are living with the given life
We are a working ant
For ourselves and living our lives to love
Working hard with our little bodies, get ready
10. Flutter of Cherry Blossom
The old way I saw in my dream
The kids talking about what to do now with
shining eyes
Closing my eyes
I am alone in the coldness

Feeling really down
Losing all the meaning to live
Everyday is a battle
Knowing it's not right
Can't put my energy against it

The cold winter has passed by
Come on! Let us go to
The school route filled with cherry blossoms
A place kids are still hanging out

Before it's over
Dance like those petals waving in the breeze
Free your frozen self seized in fear
You know the view of the cherry blossoms
(the scene of the cherry blossoms)
Let me send you the view along with my voice
(Let me send the scene to you)
Take the memory to heart, and let's face (em)
all tomorrow
Don't worry

There should be means to the place
You were raised, and the people
You met there
It really means a lot to me

Where are we heading towards?
What are we going to live and die for?
Reflecting on the tears, efforts, and regrets
Find the answer, if we live our lives today (to)
the best

The light pink petals
Don't you wanna flutter big if you're eventually
gonna scatter apart?

For it is over
(We have to step hard)
Achieve the power to beat yourself
Come on
Here, grab this hand
Everyone is scared, so let us step on the steps
(Everyone is scared, everyone is a coward, so let us step now)
Starting slowly tonight
And at last, dance hard
11. Stay as Who You Are
It's cold It's cold
I'm shivering like I am on ice
No matter how much I think, I can't find a way
But just can't take this fate in
Not even a hope of the sun to rise

(The) wind started to blow now
Lots of emotions that I've killed
There he is Showed up from the oil colored black

Let me just run away from my shitty self
By crossing over the bridge
Running through the crowd while bumping into people
Everyone looking at me with white eyes
No one willing to save me
Jumping out from the shopping bag, and rolling out

That night, I couldn't stand it and walked my way
"Good morning" by that random guy saved me

(The) more I view the glow in the morning sky.
(it) makes me think that the other side of earth is maybe
like that too
People are struggling to live
This feels awesome


Our van
Way to the studio
Are there stopped feelings?
Are there feeling we want?

The rainy days
Meal with your smile
There was already bright light when I went out

We have toured around walking, running stopping, laying down
Communicating, clashing against, being scolded, laughing
together feeling down, succeeding, repeating
(walking, running, stopping, and laying down)
Colosseum where opponents
(Communicating, clashing and against)
Endlessly keep coming out
(being scolded, and laughing together)
It ain't gonna end until you die
(But what increases is not only scars)
Keep fighting, just like how an earphone set inside an
armor doesn't melt
(playing endless numbers)
(inside an armor doesn't melt When it goes)
When it goes it ain't gonna end until you die

Were you able to forget everything and become a crazy monkey?
There must be precious memories in a hot summer
Are you ready for the storm that is eventually gonna come soon?
Happiness may differ depending on place and people
Take the appreciation to heart of being able to live today
Find your own ways of living this world logically
There probably aren't people who don't have anything
Let's believe (so and do it)
Just like us, the ants are also fighting to live today
The cherry blossoms that over came the cold winter, will
push your back
I've challenged myself to be able to look into our smiling face
Stay as who you are
Close your eyes
Feel and enjoy it as it is

Days that're left for me now
Are you sure you're gonna give up here?
Do you cry when you want to?
The choice is always on you
You can not end here
Are you sure you're gonna stop here?

We always have the rights to stand on the starting line
Although you couldn't yesterday, you can start right now
Because you are here living what life is

Ah When I look back
I can see that lots of people habe raised me, lots have happend,
and that the future
was dark even though I tried
(though I tried)
When someone's back is blocking your way,
just break it down if it's cut off
You just have to build a bridge over it
What you have is not only yours, (now) is it?
So let us sing (for) people who we owe
So let us sing
I'll never fade away forever
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