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Noontide Full Album Lyrics

Fanisk - Noontide cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
Album rating :  65 / 100
Votes :  35
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Submitted by level 10 형블블 (2015-05-07)
1. I. (8:09)
A Lord yet unknown,
Shall break the sky's boundary
Through one holy symbol,
Of totality.
2. II. (10:46)
Morning wheel, fair and cruel,
Gazing down, upon Midgard.
Patiently, does she assess,
Northward, South,
Eastward, West.
Judging all hearts, silently,
In this hour blessed, ere lightning.
For harmony... Purity...
Essence... And totality.
Long shadows shift, as clouds are cleft,
Beyond the crests, and darkest depths.
For blades of light, are but whirring scythes--
Both deosil, and eternal...
3. III. (12:34)
Axis of light, life at its height.
Energy spirals, strong and pure.
Draw the May knife, afore bold noon,
And the unconquerable tune, resound throughout...
Without, within, I capture everything,
And radiate, as the golden crown.
The lemniscate rune, destroy all doubt--
For I am, the almighty Sun-Column...
4. IV. (12:34)
Frost feathers materialize,
As pale stars in the ashen skies.
In the bliss of annihilation--
Or of blessed creation?
Whirring... Warring...
Descending, now slowly.
To the Earth, from the heavens--
Or from Kari, unto Urd?
And what, when all burns,
There in the golden urn?
Wouldst thou have wept ere Dawn instead,
For the flame to disappear?
From the Earth, to the heavens--
Or from Loge, unto Urd?
Ascending... Contending...
Both forever, and never.
5. V. (9:53)
Your light, it fell upon me,
In blazing veils of gold.
But Day had reigned already,
And there was little warmth left.
The winds caressed the weary trees,
And sang a last lament--
Unknowing if the light
Would e'er again return.
The raven caws calmly
And turneth its way home.
The clouds trade their moods
With the waxing of the Moon.
The stars take their stead
And recite the names of Night--
As my mind falls in tune
With the eternal becoming.
6. VI. (8:25)
Of many swords, blue and golden--
Thou hast sung, first and last.
From the ever-risen, ever-fallen,
Blossoming hexagon.
Mystic Aar, of etheric talon--
Through many forms, ye have shone.
Revealing thyself, through paths of splendor;
Crushing in, perfection.
All and none, without, within.
All doubt destroyed, before thy palm.
Candescent prism, of celestial wisdom--
A harmonic infinity have I beknown.
One thousand eyes, one thousand dominions,
Against and, above all time.
Of many spheres, unborn and olden--
One is the numeral, of Gotos will.
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