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Rise of the Twilight Lord Full Album Lyrics

Fairytale - Rise of the Twilight Lord cover art

Rise of the Twilight Lord

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresHeavy Metal, Power Metal
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Lyrics > F > Fairytale Lyrics (17) > Rise of the Twilight Lord Lyrics (10)
Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-02-04)
1. Mercenaries (6:03)
They march on and on and on
They ride on the desert storm
They are mercenaries
They take lives along their way
No time to beg, no time to pray
They are merciless

You cannot run, you cannot hide
They crush you with all their might
They are your worst nightmare
Just piles of corpses will remain
A landscape bleeding in fear and pain
They bring Armageddon

Assassins, straight out of Hell
Slayers, quick death to sell
Killers, no one beats them
Mercenaries, for Satan

Mercenaries, taking your life
Mercenaries, Lucifer's curse

Demons of torture soon will reign
After this storm of the light's bane
They are the Devil's rebels
Night falls on this longest day
Behold the sunset's final ray
Welcome to eternal darkness

Screams of the dying, stench of the dead
Will soon fill your weary head
As you die in the shadows
At Golgotha, on skull and bone
They're sitting next to Satan's Throne
His army of darkness
2. The Dragon (5:39)
I've seen a dragon flying right into the night
I've seen an evil wizard locked in holy chains
I've seen a group of dwarves ready to fight hard
And evil witches dancing in the gloomy light

The evil wizard was set free
By the witches' spells
He sends out the hordes of hell
To find the dragon's trace
He needs the dragon's heart
And blood for immortality
He is the one who hunts
The dragon for centuries

Fly dragon, fly away
To a place where you can be free
Fly dragon, far away
To the border of eternity

Now, he flies
Ancient wings carry him into the sky
Followed by evil demons that try
To steal his heart, so the wizard won't die

Of the dragon stories will tell
Of his battle against beasts from hell
Like burning moths from the sky they fell
His roaring voice was their death knell
3. Private Purgatory (4:22)
Into the desert of my dreams I roam
Into the fires of Heaven and Hell
All by myself now but I'm not alone
Drawn by a power my soul to sell

Like some black magic ... it drives me onward
Then without a thought, into the dark
Hell and its darkest illusions await me
Cutting the strings, of uncertain fate

So I fall into my private purgatory now
Deeper down into flames

Into the abyss of nightmares and fear
On through phantasms beyond fantasy
My mind nearly broken, death is so near
Still I fly on, there's no help for me

Feelings of loneliness and pain, hate and rage
My friends until the end of time
4. Witching Hour (5:09)
He was a soldier of fortune
Who fought proud for his king
Until he met three witches
Who told him his fate
Of soon to be king
Witches spinned his mind around

It was the Witching Hour
That misled him
It was the greed
That had blinded his heart

He got evil thoughts
Of treason and murder
Macbeth's loyalty was gone
With murder in mind
And the dagger in hand
He killed Duncan to gain the crow

It was the Witching Hour
That misled him
It was the greed
That had blinded his heart

Oh, the Witching Hour
Oh, Macbeth's fall
Oh it was, the Witching Hour
That brought Macbeth down

Oh poor me, what have I done?
Duncan's dead I'm on the run
Spirits haunt my weird dreams
„Revenge!" I hear their screams
My wife led me into despair
Fair is foul, foul is fair
Fair is foul and foul is fair
Fair is foul and foul is fair
5. Crystal Ball (4:33)
A young man's fate has been sealed
Inside a gypsy wagon
He's destined to be the saviour
In the times of darkness

By looking at her crystal ball
The gypsy told his fate
The constellation of the stars
Foretold his destiny

Like the wind had spread the lore
It was heard from shore to shore

Gaze into my crystal ball
Look deep inside and you will find

Gaze into, gaze into, gaze into,
Gaze into my crystal ball

The clairvoyants were anxious
In that winternight
They gazed at the sky
And saw the ancient signs

A deadly peril to the Twilight Lord's realm
He fears all the forces gathering to overwhelm
His kingdom of cruelty, tyranny and hate
To put an end to Cathender and to seal his fate
6. Thundersword (4:19)
I fought so many battles
I've won a thousand wars
My sword was never dry
And I cannot die

I'm the eternal warrior
Doomed to punish, hunt and kill
There's no one who can best me
And no chance to fly

I am the reaper's scythe
Cutting your life's thread
I am the banshee's howl
Inside of your head

Born in times of yore
I am the child of storm
The son of lightning
They call me Thundersword

My blade is sharp, thirsty for your blood
My thoughts are red, bloodlust in my eyes
I am your death, wasted was your life
I'll cast your soul, down into hell

My blade cuts your body
My hatred tears your flesh
My madness casts your soul
Down into hell
7. Rise of the Twilight Lord (6:19)
Why do you prefer
To play the rebel
While you're just a cur
You are a bastard son
You are only scum
Your foolish dreams
Will come undone

Why do you pretend
To be the saviour
Of all Iceland
You are no master
You are just a slave
You're only heading for
A shallow grave

You feel superior whereever you go
You think you are the one the prophecy foretold
You think you'll be the true messiah, don't you know
No one can stop the Rise of the Twilight Lord

Why, why can't you see
That you are living in hypocrisy
You won't bring freedom
You are just a clown
Earning no victory just
Tumbling down
8. Legend (6:39)
When he woke up from disturbing dreams
Of Cathender's greatest soldier
He grabbed his sword, the blade of the king
And walked out to meet his fate

His heritage is the fight
The war against looming darkness
He is the rebel of light
Iceland's saviour

„Taderius I call your name
Give me strength to win this game
I will never be the same again, no
Taderius I call your name
Vengeance is now mine to claim
I will be no more the same, because ...
I'm Legend
Legend !"

As he arrives at the sacred grove
To meet the enemy fighter
Stormclouds and thunder, lightning and rain
Darken the sky and his mind

Thundersword is the name
Of the one he has to fight here
Demon of storm, wind and rain
Lightning's eldest son

Blood and gore on the hallowed ground
There seems to be no end in sight

„Sigh ... no more tonight
Rise up and stand against the darkness
Fight ... the war of light
It's time to face your foretold fate"
9. The Vision (5:16)
The crystal ball showed me the future to come
I'll be the saviour of Iceland
I'll fight my way through Cathenders dark hordes
Thundersword died by my hand

Over the mountains, across the plains
I ride with vengeance beside me
Through deepest forests, through storm, wind and rain
Iceland will be free again

Free, free again
Holding our fate in our hands

Let the vision be your guide
A shining light in darkest nights
We're past the point of no return
Beyond the wrong and right
May the vision be our guide
A sign for all of Iceland's knights
The vision will come true my friend
For victory we'll fight!

I'll bring the end to the Twilight Lord's reign
Iceland will be free again

Free, free again
The kingdom's last hope we defend
10. Dreams (8:37)
In the dawn I awakened
From a dream I've had before
Every night it's the same again
I just can't take it anymore

Like a bird, lost in the vast sky
Like swimming through an endless sea
Like a shadow, yearning for some light
But there is no release for me

What have I done to deserve such pain?
These wicked dreams drive me insane

Lost, in a black hole, the nightmares
They cruelly take control, take control
Lost, and I'm falling, the abyss
Is calling to me, I can't flee

I am falling deeper down now
Down into my own despair
Every tear I shed's another
Wasted cry for help
Nightmares drag my soul along
A path that's full of hate and pain
All my hopes are lost and all my
Struggles are in vain

Never to wake up alive
I'll never see the sun again
Caught inside my dreams forever
For eternity
My body dies an empty shell
My soul forever trapped in hell
A prison of my darkest dreams
A place I cannot flee

Deadly dreams - I'll never ever flee
Deadly dreams - trapped for eternity
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