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Opus Death Full Album Lyrics

Exhumation - Opus Death cover art

Opus Death

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
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Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2016-01-04)
Side A - Side Opus  
1. Soul Wanders (3:39)
Lone wandering the I, in the secret riding through the streams, Streams of death!
To flow, to know, set the sails
'Tis the set of a soul
In the deep heart's core
Decides the goal by its soul
Against winds and chaos streams
Dark-heaving, to and fro
As above - so below, with love and joy stirs
Haunted moves, across the waves of fire

Lone wandering, but not lost!

Into the empty world, yet wide
There's no life here,
Only the death whose dwelt in silence
O Eternal peace
Swallow me (yes swallow me) as a flood;

Farewell light, Endless path
No exit nor return!
Light fading, light dying
Desolate ways
Seems a curse but pleasure (yes pleasure to me)

Bewitched am I by its dark

'Tis the soul wanders through space and time
As I am the path of the pathless
Pave every locked doors
As I am the mind of the mindless
Boundless, endless
I'm set free
Let it be!

Lone wandering, but not lost!

My time has come;
Twilight for dawn
Down for rise
Low for high
The evils rise;
For evermore
No prayer, no question
No wish, need nothing
I am ready now
2. Upon Our Hordes (4:21)
We, dark in light!
Our steps are not upon thy paths
These dark steps are pure and cold
We are moving grave!

These souls who thirst for blood
As we left certain left path as our oath
With head high, heavy hordes
One highway to hell, we ride

These hearts who sunk in nothing
Of sacred void of a link
Eyes watchful, ears forward
One highway, never look back, we ride!

Oaths made in pain!
No turning back!
'Twas a pleasing fear
Like a wild beast, We're content to go!

Our vessel, bounding higher into the monstrous world
To reach a land unknown
And we shall strike all who behold

Alas! What horrid visions haunt us!
As we gaze upon the hordes!
Ride! Ride to meet our fate!
Death! Death is the key and sets all free
3. Witching Evil (4:50)
Welcome joy and feast
Unseen force and the beast
Gather to be one, in my fist
Evil, with thou I mean to live!
Evil, be thou my guide!

Tonight is the night
A thousand souls of hunger,
Will gather tonight
So come, come hither!
Let me tell ye;

The man and the rest! Behold and hearken;
This horror will grow wild
In earth's dark womb,
Man had to know
Man had not to bow

Thine eyes shall see the light!
Only if ye come with open heart!

In the dead of night
By the breath of death
Join me in this rite
Dance and trance, the evil's dance

Lawless! I wasn't born to bow nor follow
Behold darkness, the path reveals now, open wide!
4. Possessed (4:24)
Rising from the ground
Crawling through the darkness
Swinging slow with heavy roar
Wandering in the endless shore
Soul apart, naked night, unknown call
Heart of night, eyes of lust
Lead you to the light

Can you hear the call?
The cruel call O human child
Can you hear the thunder?
The harsh thunder O barren child
Can you feel the taste?
The tongue of darkness
Can you feel the heat?
The skin of flame

Now you drowned in joy
Burned by raging lust
Lulled by death

In a sullen void sunk deep, you slept
Slept deep as one
Obsessed by nothingness
Possessed by madness
Touched by hate (touched by its hate)

I heard your selfish prayer
I saw you like a pallid branch
It's time, come away child
There is a pleasure in a web of emptiness

Look at me, look O helpless child
Look at my eyes, the eyes of horror
Now you're under my spell
Totally lost, totally dead
Within your heart O child, night eternal!
5. The Sleeping Darkness (3:20)
Side B - Side Death  
6. Graveyard Alike (4:21)
When sun in bed, as the darkness embraced the sky
All went lame, deaf, and blind
Borrow my eyes, wide eyes, look at life
Grief upon grief, alive upon alive
Borrow my ears, with this you mean to hear
All is but death and alike
Of purity, of place, where innocence ever lived
When life thus to death, blinded by living god
I dread not!
Love or hate! to me alike, it deals eternal woe

For you my foe
In the end you'll know
Nothing remains but woe
Death is the only way!

I fear not! from day night and rest
With living will, my heart is prepared
My heart is light, and ready in such voyage!
To the glorious of journey

In the yonder gates
I shall ascend;
Which way?
Which way I ascend is hell;
Myself am hell!
Total hell!

I hid myself from the world's wide eye
For I feel nothing
All is but death and alike
Graveyard alike

And for you my foe
In the end you'll know
Nothing remains but woe
Death is the only way!
7. Labyrinth of Fire (3:56)
Wandering beneath the starless skies
Nothing as the darkness embraced my eyes
Yet the flaming heart will set the path on fire
Underneath the starless skies

Horrid vision, against mortal desire
Rebellion, unnatural force
Desecration, glorious pleasure
A fist for the holy one, now it's time to die


Behold! Death flyin' upon the skies
So high and shine, thus burns your eyes
In the land of a thousand curse I'll pleased to see you die
A fist for the holy one, now it's time to say bye

I was cursed by the hate
Determinants of my own fate
Infringing the law - find a way
Through the labyrinth of fear
I'll penetrate deeper into the heart of fire


No burden nor ease
Death and I so bound

Let's set the path aflame! Fire, higher, fire!
Pave my way, ignite it! open the unseen path, mine eyes so shined
It's unknown direction, fire of will, labyrinth of fire!
8. Ironheart (4:19)
Come forth!
As children of the night, go forth
My heart throbs so wild
All day, all night
In the heart's of hungry dark

Ere the dying hours begin
Ere I grasps its burning silence
O for thou I gave my youth
O for thou I carry my youth
From nothing, to nothing, of nothing

For the heart whose built in flames
For the heart whose forever aflame
As an iron of the night side
Here I come, careless child, in every sight

To seek, to find, to dig, to dive,
To breathe the death my love

Now hearken!
Not for the world's gold this ride,
but journey, timeless journey
And thus I've promise to keep,
Time to time, miles to miles

Iron heart!

As in the land of dark and wide
I walk unseen
Wander off by myself,
As the mask of the night and the ashen morning sky
'Tis the pure aim
To view all life;
With the burning eyes of a nature child
From the edge of doom to the heart of the wild
9. Hymn of Death (4:35)
By the blackest midnight
Appear as spreader of woe
Three iron strike through the night
Into the wild!

By thy name! Come forth to play
Let hymn of appear
Call of the beast!
Violently awake! The hidden soul of wrath

Towards the burning meadow
Invoke thy aid to our hideous song
Horrid strides yet decided low
Let there be dark! Upright heart

O thou art ruler of the night
That made the hideous roar
Comes to pluck their soul harsh and crude
Hymn of death!

For the final hour
Swing thy fatal weapon
Pluck their soul
Hungry scythe!
10. Lullabyss (3:00)
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