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The Law Lyrics

Exhorder - The Law cover art

The Law

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresThrash Metal
Album rating :  83.8 / 100
Votes :  6
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Submitted by level 12 DaveÅkerfeldt (2011-05-28)
1. Soul Search Me (4:50)
stalks are generated and
they engrave
their names upon the
blasts of charismatic
droplets anoint
me through my dying...

groping, seizing, tearing,
grasping at
the tail of sanity
a thrust of uninvited
rage combusts inside
the gut, and here we have
another day
if only I'd pierced it with
my hand
or watched it burn into
the ground
a joyous blaze of life's end

find me, keep me, lose me,
weep me
how the tears they do
it's nice to be reminded
that I can
still bring you pain
satisfaction remains best
without subtraction
soul search me
you're empty

and as you try to liberate
the world
remember what I say
"give and take's not how I
I fucking take, you'd
better give"
the barrier is gonna break
cleanse the brains they've
washed in your sink

[repeat chorus]

digging deep inside you'll
a box without any chains
and with no locks
come on, Pandora, open
wide and
release the entity
concealed inside
the bricks caress your face
spread you thin across
the ground
the aches and pains
convey my thoughts to
you tried to find me out

say Jack, what's a
backstabber like you
gonna do with one like
discomfort multiplied by
ten, you writhe
and twist again
please have some pain
the grain against which
you rub is my terrain
so take a giant step back
you've marched across my
and my gun works fine

soul search me
you're empty
2. Unforgiven (3:53)
you've given your life to
decadent goals
with a blessed look in
your eyes
repent at your mass for
the night before
when sex was the sinister

get on your knees and
all is well, all's okay
cast the first stone with
lusting the whores at

drowning in pleasure,
inhaling your love
bringing on hatred and
your furnace awaits you,
indulgence found home
born again blasphemer

your soul has been
damned from the sky
communion no longer
flames rising for your
confession was only a lie
3. I Am the Cross (4:33)
I am heartless
you will fear me day and
I reek of putrid mentality
my aura's exuding might
there is no way to stop me
so consider what you try
and just remember that I
am me
and I stand not by your

my mind retains no
it's banished love, too
my lowest retaliation
keeps me over you
my children bear no
and soon they'll watch
you die
I am the cross, I am the
that leaves your dying

cowardly you run from
but can't you see?
an entity of horror's
what I remain
to inflict abomination's
what I gain
recoil amongst your kin
they'll soon be crucified
in much the same manner
as the man you worship

I am the cross

waste not your time in
'cause nobody escapes my
the torn throats and
infants of the plagues
are just a trickle in the
tub of my blood bath
just who on earth do you
think you are
to challenge my immortal
my indifference is real so
to my appeal
keep on digging your own

and just when you
thought it was safe
to resist my reign the
pressure overrides
you simply don't
comprehend my ability
to nail you up at any time
place your hands
outstretched upon
the arms of wood carved
out for you
with a mallet's blow upon
the spikes
I hold you as if you were
the king of the Jews

can't you face the groove?

two thirds of the earth's
should not even exist
a malignancy; an ugly sore
mankind's but a cyst

and there you hang upon
the cross
4. Un-Born Again (2:49)
hey you there in the chair
why don't you hear your
own self?
you could find utopia
but instead your brain is

you talk of pains of love
and transcendence from
before you know it you'll
be six feet under
as unconsciousness
envelops you
you've missed out on the
big deal
so all aboard without
your lord and all of his
'cause in the making's
disparage faith
and as you write I shall

feed a starving woman
dress the man
then go to heaven like a
good American
and as the promised gates
of serene recognizance
fade into a numbing non-
existence you will rot
without ever really
having anything...

disregard their
and be one like me
un-born again

sources say gods are the
and question not the

How can you pretend?

Really? Hallelujah's gonna
buy a
first class seat?
well let me tell you
something brother
that can't be beat!
Well, I've heard the voice a
thousand times
the one you say created
but I've come to
the voice is from the man
in me and
not the one you've given
higher ground

do you understand
I'm un-born again
do you understand
I'm un-born again

it's a laughing shame that
twisted your brain
you could be one like me
making your own
like you ought to be
and from then you shall
have become
unborn again
5. Into the Void (6:07)
[Black Sabbath cover]

rocket engines burning fuel so fast
up into the night sky they blast
through the universe the engines whine
could it be the end of man and time
back on earth the flame of life burns low
everywhere is misery and woe
pollution kills the air, the land, the sea
man prepares to meet his destiny

rocket engines burning fuel so fast
up into the black sky so vast
burning metal through the atmosphere
earth remains in worry, hate and fear
with the hateful battles raging on
rockets flying to the glowing sun
through the empires of eternal void
freedom from the final suicide

freedom fighters sent out to the sun
escape from brainwashed winds and pollution
leave the earth to all its sin and hate
find another world where freedom waits

past the stars in fields of ancient void
through the shields of darkness where they find
love upon a land a world unknown
where the sons of freedom make their home
leave the earth - to satan and his slaves
leave them to their future in their graves
make a home where love is there to stay
peace and happiness in every day
6. The Truth (3:26)
turn a deaf ear to all of
previous hearings so I can
tell you
the truth...

here we come to defy
all we have in mind is us
and all the rest is refuse
so you can stay or turn

what's mine is mine
and hers is mine
and his is mine
and yours is mine
that's the fact

I can recall a time when I
was young and was
taught to do
what is socially

such a shit receptable

well, fool, I don't know
about you
but I'm gonna get some of
that pie
that's cooling in the

greedy circles of frenzied
bleeding teachers feed
them all
do you think I
give a fuck?!?

no, not at all!
zero sympathy!
and what's more
you can kiss my fuckin' ass
it makes me laugh...

all I've spoken is the truth

I may have said some lies
still I've told my truth
7. The Law (4:49)
"Do what thou will shall
be whole of the law"
(Aleister Crowley, Liber Oz)

fires are burning inside
and you barely stand on
two feet
there's scars arranged all
over you
I'm governing my needs

I hear an ego bleeding
resounding hints of false
I'm in progression while
you regress in idolatry

I'm reading what I want to
you read what you're
expected to
i'm thinking what I want
to think
as your mind denies the

conscience and sin
conscience was
while sin was never here

I don't need your systems
I don't need your
I don't need your deities
to purge me
what's so wrong with
satisfy instinct
homo sapiens, you want to
shit, eat, fuck and sleep

it's law vs. law

I want to run through
the streets, with my
genitals bouncing free
but your law dressed in
blue takes me away
'cause I'm hung better
and if I'm not, he'd be too
scared to prove it
that proof is all that

it's gonna infiltrate your
and the young adults
that you've failed to raise
already know the score
and in a solid blow
we will crush religion
and politics

[repeat chorus]
8. Incontinence (3:45)
9. (Cadence Of) The Dirge (4:31)
onto the street proceed
the hearse and limousine
laying in the casket, the
corpse of inner joy
questioning time
all hope for loving died

greying haze of the
autumn skies
stone cold hearts retract
amongst the knives
within a dream that
commits itself to grief
resurrected by a black


heaving sob-seizures
roused by the view
of true love embalmed in a
grovel, beg, plead for a
sign, but never mind
'cause bliss is now a word
left far behind

bliss buried in a sepulchre
by the hand of rage
the birth of a violent age
reminds all that
abstinence makes the
heart grow floundering

perish the memory
scream in agony
love is late, love is late

a sorrow-raising surge
lies in the cadence of the
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