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Dream Alive Full Album Lyrics

Excalion - Dream Alive cover art

Dream Alive

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresPower Metal
Album rating :  85 / 100
Votes :  2
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-09-04)
1. Divergent Falling (5:18)
Gone, I compare with none
They would never let me miss a step, catch my breath
Done, I’m finally down and stunned
Tried my best with this stumbling mind, fell behind

They speak to me like I cannot see
Flood of fortune awaits
I should leave a mark, blinded by the dark
Witness divergent falling

See me on my way, on false ideals I prey
Step inside the cast a prison man made
I am on my way, wind up toy astray
Candle burns fast in endless charade

More, exhaust, consume explore
I’ve done all I can to leave a trace in this maze
Soar, recall what life was for?
I am somebody else’s dream but no more me
2. Centenarian (4:27)
Time it moves too slowly
Life’s too short for such a pace
I have conquered my days
Outlived my meagre years

Every nightly hour I lay low and hide
The window opens wide
This glowing screen, these worlds unseen
They are my private time machine

On every page a key to my cage

While the centuries are walking past
The first and last alive
Cast aside to watch the world go by
Some stories just were made to last
Across the seams of time
I sleep to keep my dream alive

Time and place are only passages I cross at will
Ages pass, I’m here still older than I seem to be

Every nightly hour, I am on my way
To escape the present day
The future dreams, the histories
I craft my own realities
3. Marching Masquerade (4:39)
The pendulum’s last sway
Just one heartbeat away
This midnight the time is right to let go

In a carnival
I see in your face a gentle glow
If we crash and burn then let it be so

Seize the day while we’re not yet old
Seize the day before the trail’s cold
We’ll join the marching masquerade
Seize the day, I believe I was told
Everything that glitters is gold
Let these small hours last for a day

If you bring the light
I’ll be a king for a night
We’ll go to see all houses high and low

In a carnival
I now find myself in vertigo
And if I’m a fool then let it be so
4. Amelia (5:20)
Welcoming the new century when hopes were soaring high
Came along a child with starry eyes the colour of the sky
A few years more and the drums of war were thundering away
And a pair of eyes cast in the sky saw wherein lay the way

There was a place to be for her who had no care
Other than finally to be lighter than the air

Come now, hear the engine sing
And winds on the windshield cry
The aerodrome grew angels wings
A shot went through the sky
Ever upward, heavenward
To heights that will twist the mind
Hardly before known to man
Let alone to her kind

From all the corners of the world, the wings they carried far
From the heights you finally realize we’re not so far apart
For all the world, down on the ground we live and there we die
Who was never meant to walk on earth one day returns to sky

She kept the course until the signal died away
Up there where eyes cannot see lies aviator’s grave
5. Release the Time (5:16)
The bell strikes my hour, I greet the setting sun
I do not understand why all of this is still undone
The river that used to flood is now a bed of sand
I only hope that these dreams will refresh this drying land

The mind wonders across the time
Never lets me rest
It’s taken control, pulling the strings
And all seems like a mess

Distant shore on ahead
Pushing thru the waves
Standing at the crossroads
Knowing which path to take

Release the time
After all you’re in the prime
No longer pretend
And silence will be your new friend
Release your mind
Don’t let yourself be confined
On a way to make amends
And learning how to transcend

The new life has appeared, fresh and plentiful
The greatest time on the way and I am acceptable

Distant shore on ahead
Pushing thru the waves
Standing at the crossroads
Knowing which path to take

Like turns of the tides, feelings come and go
Some will move you and I, some leave us cold
The essence of this all is if we shed a tear
And share a smile, there’s nothing to fear
6. One Man Kingdom (4:56)
Live faster life
Live hard and loud, be alone in the crowd
Day in, day out
Gain higher ground
Be such a trickster
That devil himself would be proud

I’m a dancer, I dance on the line
Live on day at a time
I’m a lancer, my life’s on the line
Rise or fall and decline
The choice is mine

He’s a jester on the throne
One man kingdom, castle made of sand
A pair of queens against the dead man’s hand

I’m out of sight
Masked like a joker, you can’t see the core
Tow faces or more
Shadows have grown
I’m one to myself
And I cast a shade of my own
7. Deadwater Bay (5:44)
Be here for a while or two while I cease to talk
In fine northern breeze on the shore it is cool to walk
Wherever we are, we’re never too far
We just came ashore
We’re stranded and lost, we follow a star
To be home once more

Home of our past lives on in dreams
For ages we drifted with erratic streams
Until we found the end of our way
Deadwater bay, as we know it today

Wherever we are, we’re never too far
We just came ashore
We’re strander and lost, we follow a star
To be home once more

What went wrong
Before we came along, what beat us here
The nameless one
We try to outrun, we see the end is near
8. The Firmament (4:12)
When I sleep you are there
When I rise you’re a million miles away
Long ago, long before dreamtime
We were bound to rule the sky

Up there far away, every single night
The firmament is bathing in your light
On the eclipse day, in vastness high
It will be ours, our private sky

One holy day a charioteer
Traversed the sky with blazing wheels
One holy night the silver shield
Rose to make the land blessed and healed

On the eclipse day
We will hide away from sight
The firmament is left without its light
We slowly slide away
9. Man Alive (3:55)
I’ve seen the highlands and I have been low
I’ve been to places you’d rather not know
A rock and a hard place have nothing on me
I’ve been there and set myself free

The game has been won, now I run up the score
And then I will come back for more and more

I’m a man alive
My soul on overdrive
Privateer on the run
Man alive
I’m here and I revive
Hold on, I’m not yet done

I crossed many lines, now I wear ‘em on my face
My eyes saw bright nights and permafrost days
I win by heads and I win by tails
My head’s a storehouse of tales
10. Living Daylights (4:54)
Some games are fair
Some played with loaded dice
Fake and loaded with lies
Sweet words are cheaply sold
No eldorado’s gold
Ever met your eyes

Castaway, thrown away
One lesson learnt the hardest way
Lift up your head and listen close
As before, there is more, more for me and you
We got some living left to do

Still outside the road is wide
Back into the saddle and ride

Come what may, the light of day
That lives in your eyes, don’t let it die away
Friendly fire, the blazing pyre
Your living daylights aflame

Cast aside, still alive
‘Cause I can still see the spark of fire
It may be hurt but it’s not gone
Let us see how you breathe on your own again
You know that this was not the end

Still your soul remaining whole
Down and out, your heart still of gold
11. Portrait on the Wall (11:06)
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