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Obituary for the Living Full Album Lyrics

Exalter - Obituary for the Living cover art

Obituary for the Living

GenresThrash Metal
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Submitted by level 5 Greg-Grzegorz (2017-12-31)
1. Tortured Innocents (4:06)
De-Sensitized Humanity Chased from my own land
Killing of the massive hoards Murder goes as planned

They took our sons, raped our daughters
Shipped us like slaves over the water
Left us to die in a barren land
Forces of Zion in war command

Tortured till we fucking bleed
Massacred, left for dead
The world lies in vanity
Curses upon silent Humanity

Bombed, nuked, hung and drowned our blood is cheaper than water
We're subhuman sitting ducks Ready for the slaughter
Attack in the name of peace, shedding of noble blood
Spreading of 'humanity', freeing the 'conquered'

The day beckons
We’ll slay each last one
Bathe in your warm blood
For revenge is sweet

And will stamp down our mark
The oppressors will die
Death, death is our answer will return what you gave us
2. Surrounded by Evil (3:46)
Hellish world, I've tried not to follow
Honest work, honest day of pay
Trying to live out life with dignity
Living life in a better way

I've refused their temptation
Stuck to my beaten old path
I've scored a few of them
Earned their wrath

Surrounded by evil
They won't let me be
No matter how hard I try
I just can't be free

Everyone else has sold their souls
Now they want mine too
Nobody to help me in this upheaval
I don't wanna turn into a living ghoul

Isolated in this corrupt city
Left alone to my own thoughts
Abhorred by the high and mighty
I can feel how the core has rot

Surrounded by evil
They won't let me be
No matter how hard I try
I just can't be free

They try to bind me

I can't untie me

Their aggression

Their procession

Cursed their existence
Alone this fight of mine
Crumbling with explosions
End of the city is nigh
3. Sacrificial Immolation (4:38)
4. Nuclear Punishment (4:16)
5. Throat Cutters (4:05)
6. Thrash Resurgence (4:14)
7. White Phosphorus Shell (4:29)
First ray of light, darkness descends
Missiles attack, down on the plains
Burning sky evokes fatal smoke
Unleashing the Arsenal of unjust weapons

Forced war
Forcing a plague
Tasting your might
Silent genocide

Trying to run you fall down on your knees.
The lethal gas is melting your skin
Your flesh falls off before your very eyes
Feel your own bloody demise
Annihilation of a human herd
Aided by blindness and fear
Lawful ruckus in the name of God
Cluster bombs decide your fate
Total devastation for holy land
Endless suffering and death
You can't run, you can't hide
From the wrath of...

Lives in vain
Bullets galore
Merciless assault
Severe pain
Rotten wounds
Cruelty knows no bounds

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