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Not of God Full Album Lyrics

Ever Dark - Not of God cover art

Not of God

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal, Death Metal
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Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2015-08-24)
1. Heaven's Damnation (7:52)
Chapter I: Chaos
Fools who pray to god-dogma
You are alone in his coming
For he is dead and we have won
We have heaven's throne...
Bathe in God's blood and hail his defeat

Chapter II: March Of Evil
Rising out of flames of anger
Turning the tides of war
Retribution favors the darkness
Your god has failed you
Angels fight only to die
Priest prays in vain
Nuns are rapes by madmen
Blood is toasted to evil

Bent on hate
Demons attack Heaven
Drink God's blood
Kill the unborn child...Jesus Christ

Heavens Damnation
Rebirth of evil divine
Golden gates ablaze
The kingdom done

Chapter III: Dethronement
Invert their impaled Jesus downward
Sodomize virgin Mary the whore of deceit
Kill their bastard son with vengeance
Too long we've been denied what's ours

To Rule the Three Kingdoms
Throne of Gold is Crimson Red

Satan stands strong forever
God kneels before his death

His blood cleanses his throne
And we feast on angel meat

Bleed onto Satanic feast
Your heaven is now doomed

Chapter IV: Victory March
Lambs of false deliverance
Your lord has fallen
His life wasn't so immortal
Do you see salvation now?
Glory is for the sinner
For we are victorious this eve
Let us celebrate god's death
And rape the virgin whore's ass


2. Winter Eve (5:36)
Children of perpetual nightskies
Rejoice as the sun dies
We enact as hell's razor
And with her life
May our snowfield nights be forevermore

Cold winds harness the airs
Swirling it's mystical field
Bones chill as it embraces you
Step within your pentagramic shield
Lay her nude upon the marble altar
The frost grips her flesh so piercingly
In the graveyard the dwellers wander
And her living soul shall be in our captivity

Chants raise up the infernal lord
Her flesh prepared the blessing
Sodomized in a rite of a frozen realm
She moans louder as the pain caresses
We praise the night
The worlds sepulture
Darkness eternal
Diminished light
Unworthy souls perish
During our soltice ritual
Eternal Pain
Everlasting Hate

On Winter's Eve we proclaim our allegiance
A funeral for mankind's treachery
The worlds sepulture
Darkness eternal
The cold hungers
Eternal Pain
As I gaze upon twilight
I offer my soul and my bleeding innocence
Unto eternal darkness
Night shall be forever

Procreation...demonic birth
Winds chill the spirit
Frozen in our captivity
Isn't it a lovely, cold, winter's eve for a sacrifice?
3. Gravesite Rites (9:41)
(Priest Introduction)
"Welcome to our gathering
Once you enter your eternal
Come to the tombstone altar
Your soul shall be his
We love you but tonight you die
You have been chosen
As the sacrificed victim
In our gravesite rites!"

I can taste blood already
The night is young like virgin flesh
What is pain you shall feel
For only death is truly real
By the order of the Black Goat
We offer your souls to the horned god
Bleed upon the mass desecration
On this tombstone you'll find salvation!

"Prepare her flesh for his taking"

Dark silhouettes move towards us
Shadows amidst the fog
Winds of demonic coldness blows
Red eyes and a growling voice
Tells you not to fear
For death is the beginning...

"Yes, death is the beginning"

We must confess our morbid desires
The world's sepulture shall be reality
We rejoice the death of Christ
We celebrate the fall of the heavens!!!

Blasphemous intent, chants of hell
Whores of vile sodomic pain
Sacriligious cult, pissing on the church
Legion of the unpurest perversities...perversities!

Kill all who defy the order
Blacken them out of your world
We are one and we are many
Deface the words of christ
Let our life be free of hypocrisy
Rejoice and live under blasphemy
Join us and our splender
Laws of death and unholiness...unholiness!

"On the tombstone altar...
We are all offering thy soul"
4. Tombstone (4:04)
Brought forth my vengeance
Driven to the extreme
Follow the moonlight
Commands my vile hatred

I'll show you pain and fear
I'll teach you terror and suffering
I'll pound you down into the plot
Where you stand is your final marker
I am like granite and marble
I lack mercyful emotion

Can't you see the beauty in the dead
No life is worth saving
The serenity of silence
Can be granted to me
If I take more lives
And I love a dead calm silence

Welcome to my world (Tombstone)
A land of death and your pain (Tombstone)
By the bloodmoon I consume you (Tombstone)
I bury you all (Tombstone)

One by one you fill my cemetery
Shame the earth is my cemetery
All must be taken to thy burial rite
All your souls are meant to be stolen

I'm gonna crush you like (Tombstone)
Your gonna be dead and buried (Tombstone)
I'll rape and the kill the whore (Tombstone)
You will fucking rest in pieces (Tombstone)

Your precious woman shall be mine
Just as vengeance it is mine
Once laughing but now you are screaming
Here where you stand is where you will fall

Repeat 1st and 2nd verse

Your gonna be dead and buried (Tombstone)
You will fucking rest in pieces (Tombstone)
By the bloodmoon I consume you (Tombstone)
I bury you all... (Tombstone!!!)
5. Infernal (4:03)
I am the ultimate desecrator, an enemy of holiest light
I claim all mortal and immortal as prey
A spawning of blackest hatred, the sins of man
I am all negative and opposite of heavenly

Don't deny your sinful nature
The flesh is a temptation itself
So don't deny your wicked nature
And follow my blasphemous ways

Some call me Satan himself
The comparison is easy
Some call me a sinner
Then I welcome you to burn
But I love to fuck your daughter
And I love to spill her blood
All must be sacrificed
In order to gain!!

Venom of God (INFERNAL)
Poisoning Souls (INFERNAL)

Try to comprehend my ways
You will never understand
I am evil incarnate
I spit on your savior
"If I kill your god
I will certainly kill you
I drink god's blood
And piss on his wounds"

(Repeat Chorus)

The god of heaven, his corpse I piss on
His son has had his crown pushed down deeper
Sacred mother was mine, to sodomize bloody
Holy nazarene has been deficated upon!

(Repeat Verses 1 and 2)

Infernal you name me
Sodomizer of god and such
How your death excites me
It makes me cum
It makes me cum
I'm Cumming!!!
6. Scarlet Treason (Her Thorns Bleed Me) (7:19)
"As twilight settles in
So henceforth the pain begins..."

Isolated amongst burnt visions
A soul longing for release
To be free from agony within
And walk along distant times

Remembering the rivers we pledged
The fields of lovely flowers
Red rose petals caressed our flesh
You're like the rose indeed

I feel your thorns they rip me
They scar my soul and my mind
Long lost is your compassion
How your velvet touch is gone
Only black thorns remain
The bleed my soul wide open
Scarlet now is our river
Filled with my blood I sacrificed

"And all the roses have wilted and died"

I see death as a salvation
Your treason gave me no choice
Why must the roses die
Why must I die?

(Repeat Chorus)

"Oh, her thorns bleed me
Our sacred river is gone
The flowers are dried
And our love has faded away
Now your thorns bleed me
This is your scarlet treason
As twilight settles in
Black rose I will die...I will die, die!"
Black rose I will die
7. Like Wolves Among Sheep (5:49)
Come to life, past midnight
We all hunger, with bloodlust
Fullmoon shines its beauty upon thee
Arousal of our desires and savage instinct

From the majestic darkened sky
A pale moon turns black
Shrouded by a dismal fog
We emerge and shall attack...Attack!!

Hidden in your deep nightmare
A breed unknown to exist
An order of supreme divinity
Unveiling we are death's kiss!
Lurking beyond the shadows
Your souls are ours to keep
You are the lambs we will bleed
For we are like wolves amongst sheep!

None can defy the howling
Your blood is in our eyes
We must feed upon mankind
Like Wolves Amongst Sheep!

"We walk a silent path
Those whom run with the pack
Are the chosen and the elite
And we feast upon the sheep"
8. Within My Chilling Grasp (5:52)
Die Whore! Die Slut! Ice Cold! I am!
Crimson moon shall guide me
I walk amongst our shadows
Past is pain still within
Scars from our words and actions
Trust your kind was my mistake
Tortured my mind and soul
Now I am vengeance and ending
With blade in hand you'll pay bitch!

I am your terror
Like a death-stalker
Your time has come to cease
Fear my ice cold hands

Farewell to the whores of the world
You, I shall kill in Satan's name
For I am as cold as ice
Perish Within My Chilling Grasp whore

Try to forget me like others
You're all nothing but liars
Infected out innards to decay
I just want to take your life away

A better world without you
No more misery shall you cause
Consider me an angel
Angel to some, Demon to others

The night is my kingdom
Your souls fuel my reign
Blood quenches my frenzy
Hatred of you is like god

Come to me darling
Beg for mercy that wasn't given
You promised only mere lies
I crave only your death cries



My word is law
Disobey my laws...and be sentenced to death
I once loved
You taught me it
Then I learned love is death

Oh, how I loved you...
I loved you all
I love you all when you are dead
Love is a dead emotion

I shall stalk you
And find you wherever

The thrill of the hunt
Is my only compassion

As my blade draws blood
The five pointed craven
Shall be my signature
And rip your soul unto me

To the laws of vengeance
You soul and life I submit
For death is ice cold
And You're Within My Chilling Grasp

To the laws of vengeance
You soul and life I submit
For death is ice cold
And You're Within My Chilling Grasp
9. In Darkness, I Dwell (7:23)
Every night the vision haunts
We have nowhere to hide
Nightscapes painted in blood
My dreams and realities are one

I witness their falling souls consumed
I sentenced them all to die
For this is the way I follow and live
The voices I must carry them out tonight

Where does one run to hide
When it yourself one fears
But I love the art of butchery
Kiss the goat and bathe in blood

My dreams are torment and of torture
I've seen my own flesh melting and burning
As he laughs at my pleas of mercy
I must become him and destroy all

What have I done?
Their blood is all over me
More! Give me more, Lucifer
No! This can't be
You're inside of me
Stop! No, I love their cries
I must satisfy the voice inside
Now! I am you, In Darkness, I Dwell

My precious servant can't you see
I am you and you are me
Feed me more souls and obey my word
You took the oath in blood
Now it is Father and unholy son
And you are damned, damned no forever
I torment your soul forever
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