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Where Solace Is Mine Full Album Lyrics

Eulogium - Where Solace Is Mine cover art

Where Solace Is Mine

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-19)
1. A Light in the Darkness (5:59)
Be for me, O Lord,
My perfection in my maculation,
My stronghold amid the storm
My solace, a Light in the darkness
Keep me from the throes of agony
And shield my ears from the lies of my enemies
You have been my joy in sorrow
My speech in bitter quietude
My sight in my blindness
You are the quenching of my thirst
The food and drink for my sustenance
The very air I breathe
Your acts of love number greater
Than the grains of sand on every shore
How glorious it is / how great thou art
You make the very mountains sing the eulogies of Heaven
A poet’s word can scarce do justice
To the essence of your love
Christ I am yours
I weep for I cannot hope to repay thee
Inconceivable is the freedom of acceptance
Guide me through the dark valley
The paths of thorns, the ways of burning coals
Lead this weary soul home
Be my strength.
2. Death, What Hold Hav'st Thou? (4:10)
Death, what hold hav’st thou on us?
Where is this denomination thou art said to obtain?
Since your inception thin hath been a bitter train
Followed by pestilence, disease, a way of maggots
Left to fester in dark and viral corners
Thus spake Donne of thy meager power!
What be thy intent, fiend?
Be it to bereave us of our mirth?
Simple fool! How great a failure thou art!
How deep thou has drown in thy agony
Whilst thou seek’st to hang
Thy albatross upon the necks of many!
But oh, how miniscule a seabird’s weight be
When compared to the curse in a dead man’s eye
How often thou must have been cursed
Enough to make Omnipotence pity thee
(Pity thee, aye, but forgiveness, nay)
How grim a wretch thou must be
That even the God of mercy would not pardon thy trangression!
Surely in thy cold lowliness
Thou art dominated and obtain no dominion at all
Thou art long and they hand stretches far
Buy a soul of steel can render thy toils worthless
How thou must writhe when the throes of failure
Amass upon thy shoulders
Shattering every empty prayer for surcease and redemption
How plain a theme of scoff thou art
Get thee hence!
3. Calling the Weary Home (6:13)
Darkened path, moonlit sky
Howling winds break the deafening silence
Lifeless shapes tower over me
Backlit against a bruised horizon
The sun offered me little solace
But even it has withdrawn from this night’s bitterness
All about me, the voices whisper
The voices of those that appear in the darkness
Chanting in tongues unbeknownst to me
Painting horrifically aesthetic pictures in the blackness
I tremble in the midst of these terrors
But I refuse to abort my journey homewards

This blood that runs in me is not mine
It was given to me on the Cross
It drives me onward through the grim, unfeeling night
Calling the weary home
4. The Rope Stands Vacant (5:09)
5. Amidst the Storm (6:40)
Skies darken in the eve of tragedy
Thus ensues the mist of an unforgiven heart
Eerie placidity in grim anticipation
Of imminent and terrible turbulence
Thunderous rumblings in the bleak distance
Shaking the earth like a mighty footfall
I watch from frail shelter with waning faith
As torrential shade draws ever closer
Heaven’s heavy scepter strikes trailing not far behind
I cannot prevent their amalgamation
Those belligerent winds only whisper obloquy
Oh, the sting in my very soul
When evil should have its way
Thus I wait in this misty twilight
Already saving a path
In the valley of the shadow
For if I am reaped today
I will surely burn for eternity

I feel the first droplets
The struggle has begun.
6. The Solitary Nocturne (1:55)
7. Nigrescent Celestia (3:39)
Fading into darkness…
Walls of hatred and vengeful airs
Screaming, pleading; I cannot escape
Insatiable malice of my darkened existence
My soul grows cold as the night skies dim further
Before me, the star fall
Like white celestial tears streaming
Across the blackened sky
Distant planets run cold and dark
At such ominous scenery
My heartstrings lay taut and tearing
Inside this meager, grief-warn temple
All that remains is the blood-bathed moon
Shedding its harrowed unlight upon this dying land

The sign is seen, the omen fulfilled
Lord, if there ever was a time
That I needed you most
Surely, that time is now
Help me, hear me, forgive me
I surrender
8. Psalm 1 (3:13)
9. O Come, O Come, Emmanuel (3:53)
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