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In Hoc Signo Vinces | Full Album Lyrics

Eulogium - In Hoc Signo Vinces cover art

In Hoc Signo Vinces

GenresBlack Metal
LabelsNo Sleep till Megiddo Records
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Lyrics > E > Eulogium Lyrics (9) > In Hoc Signo Vinces Lyrics (4)
Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-19)
1. Intro (2:19)
2. For We Are Many (7:03)
Illusions of individuality
Somehow the black sheep
Are thought to stand above the flock

Every man for himself
To break out of the herd
These mindless, droning lemmings
Afraid of the absurd

Lone wolves, on our own
Who blaze a path of sin
Lone wolves in a pack
Just sheep in wolves' skin

Stand out from the masses
And think for yourselves for once
Never mind the fact we all act the same
Think in one accord and you can be like us

Lone wolves, on our own
Who blaze a path of sin
Lone wolves in a pack
Just sheep in wolves' skin...

No man is an island
A god unto himself
Just slaves to other idols
The sounds of funeral knells
Paint to raise their demons
To do the enemy's will
So scream, "For we are many,"
As you rampage off the hill

Rise up from the tomb
Leave death behind
They who none can subdue
Imprisoned in the swine
"Every man for himself,"
But facing the same way
Black sheep stand above the flock
Together, a herd lead astray
3. Give Us Barabbas (9:10)
Salivate and pine for the chaos we desire
Screaming for extinguishing the Light
Deaf to sympathy, cast ourselves into the fire
Summoning the curse of savage blight

Our fathers and our mothers, our sisters and our brothers
None will see the coming of the dawn
Drowning out their screams with the suffering of others
For carnage is a battle never won

Give use insurrection, for we crave our brothers’ blood
On ourselves and on our children, soak the earth to putrid mud
Give us murder give us hate, give disorder as our fate
Deliver us unto days before the flood

Let us stand upon the highest mountain gazing down below
As the screaming echoes louder, and the valleys ring with woe
We’re a city on a hill, only shouting louder still
That God’s will has brought this judgment on our foes

Salivate and pine for the chaos we desire
Screaming for extinguishing the Light
But with the darkness, we did choose to light the fun’ral pyre
And our burning flesh illuminates the night

And the rivers fill with blood as the oceans red arise
Oh, the flood encroaches nearer on our hill
Not of God, but of ourselves, we have conjured our demise
As our drowning makes our manic shrieking still
4. Usurpers (9:11)
Ashes from the ancient past
The dying blaze of two millennia
Sculpts its epitaph into the icy sky
And whispers the dirge to anguished winds

They mourn the death of light
And bow before the darkness enthroned
For who can withstand the famine of the cold?
And whence comes defiance when God is dead?

A storm is raging in the East
With pillars of fire to rend the heavens
We have been engulfed in flames
And willed to burn by the light of our funerals

Descending into northern valleys
Hearts alight with the glow of vengeance
The earth shall bear witness
Tonight will be the last of its kind

We bear the arms of light and sound
With torches in our chest and fury in our throats
We lift our voices to the sky
To take back what is ours

The dark has never seen these flames
And silence never heard such wailing
For That which absence voiced as dead
Emerges from the shadows

And emptiness drew back in terror
And turned its sword onto itself
And gushing from its severed maw:
The suicide of void is Being

Creatio ex nihilo
In saecula saeculorum
5. Odium Theologicum (9:59)
"Epouro enteti hirini

Sanctify this seething hate
Etch it out in stone
May our children learn disgust
And fear of the unknown

Darker skin and different tongue
Banished from the light
Which shines upon this idol
In blue, and red, and white

Blasphemy transmutating
From a curse into a way of life
Obfuscation of eternity
Erased from the hearts of man
What becomes of us all
When we conflagrate the spirit?
When the flesh grows weak in its strength,
And we grow rich in death?

Cold and lifeless, we rot while still alive
And in our emptiness make others hollow too
We live in pursuit of death
Let us die in pursuit of Life

Grown too cold to feel the embers
That burn inside you still
Numbed from frostbite to the hate
You have always called God's will

Break Free
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