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Tophet Full Album Lyrics

Etrusgrave - Tophet cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresHeavy Metal
Album rating :  85 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 11 Duncan TB-6 (2014-10-03)
1. Nothung Schwert (Intro) (3:12)
2. Angel of Darkness (8:12)
I have lost my life
I have lost my name
And through the darkness I'll see the light
Of the heaven gates
Of the heaven way
A long walk I'll take
I will see the light
Of the golden walls of the house of God
Angel of darkness

But I look around
My soul goes down
There is no light and sound
I had been condemned
Taken by death
I know my soul is pure
And I see the fire

Or a burning gate, I'm going to hell!
Angel of darkness

I walk through the fog
I'm on my own
A cold wind now pierces my bones
I cannot stop myself
I don't want it
I'm walking on this way
The evil in myself
It drives my steps he's hearing the call
Angel please stop me!!!

What I have seen
What I have done
I'm trying to stop
I'm walking on
A ground made of ashes
Oh my god, thanks heaven!
Standing at the gates you're waiting for me
Angel of darkness!!!

You look into my eyes
And with a smile you take my hand
Take me away from here
Angel of darkness!!!
Take my broken heart
Heal my wasted soul
Show me the path
Wash the sins in me
Angel of darkness!!!!

Demons and black souls
Are taking me
They bring my soul toward the hell
I try to scream
I have no voice
Your eyes shine as stars
Demons blinded by your light
Enemies killed by your sword
Angel of darkness!!!


I have lost my life
I have lost my name
And through the darkness I see the light
Of the heaven gates
Of the heaven way
A long walk I've taken
Now I see the light
Now my soul is flying over the gates
Angel of darkness

I would like to know
Who you really are
You never talked about you
I would like to tank you
When you do come
What you have done for me
And over the gates
I am looking back for my last hail
Angel of darkness

3. Return from Battle (6:57)
Riding through the valley back home
Think to my oath held high
"I shall return from the fight
Proud to become a knight"
My lords still waiting for me
I'll give them something to see
Look the hero's back in town

Where were the flags of my courts
Where were the shining walls
Everything's burned and destroyed
Everything's turned to soil
My weapon becomes useless
Something that breaks my heart
This is the end of a hero's life

Return from battle

Now it's time to play revenge's cards
Before I die I'll find who kill them all
My tear stained eyes still looking without seeing
But it's no time to cry these fragile tears
This is the time to vengeance
Steel flesh and blood my scenery
My private war starts today
Return from battle
Restart the hell

Since I've lost fathers and sons
I spent my time rambling on
Living my life day by day
Rolling through fight by fight
My revenge now is near
Hey man.... Scream loud your fear!
I am the punisher of your fault

You pay for all your dirty crimes
Here in hands I hold your fucking life
Man pray to your God, the hunt is now at the end
Look at my sword that cuts your head
'Cause this is the time of victory
My private war
This is the end
With your death
I am free

Return from battle
Return to life
4. The Silent Death (8:24)
I'm waiting for my sweet silent death

I've spent my life fighting through
The battles of too many years
And each time I've been a winner or a loser
I've never been alone

My endless male is death
The handsome Lady in black
She's always ready to reap my life
And wrap it in her cloak

I heard the desperate screams and
The weeping when she comes
Coz she's straight ahead but she
Respects the heroes and their souls

There is no way to hide
It doesn't matter how much you try
No matter what you do when the
Scythe comes to your throat
The hero's time sooner or later
It will be mine
I'm waiting for that time
I'm waiting for my sweet silent death

Feeling like a child
Inside a chocking nightmare
I'm breathing an atmosphere of pain
Damn it

The virus of my disease
Is tasting my surrender
With the devils of the night

Help me

Get out fucking beast
Get out from my head
Spreading like a final whisper
Or like a devil's hell
Just a little break a lightning in the darkness
I'm waiting for my mate, help me

Please reap my existence and
Take me away, please take me away
Give me salvation, I've paid all my dues
Please Lady bless me
I'm waiting for your final call
When you keep me under your cosy wing
Dear Lady listen,
I've fled from you for all my life, but now
I'm waiting for my sweet silent death

Dead men walking through the
5. Tophet (7:22)
Tophet and Molk
rites and graves,
Nobody can know
They are not a way
to receive back
divine power
It's not a sacrifice, it's for purifying
And to set free young souls

Tophet is a place
Of prayer and faith
An open air sanctuary
In the ovens we
Burn the bodies
Of children born dead
Flames are dancing,
A full moon is shining
Divine rage it's buried tonight
Friends and relatives
Cannot cry 'cause it
Will rage the gods again

Children born dead are signs
Of curses and divine rage
To calm it down we have to offer
Their bodies to the gods

Corpses burn into the flames
And buried then into the graves
It's not not a sacrifice, it's for purify
Tanit e Baal Hammon hear our prayers
Their anger is appeased and
We are safe now
Since next time

No one of you knows,
No one thinks
That we do it for
The good of all
No one of you knows,
That none of us
Want to challenge
The anger of the
Keepers of the cosmos!

Children born dead are signs
Of curses and divine rage
It's not not a sacrifice, it's for purifying
Tanit e Baal Hammon will be by our side
The ritual is ending
And we are safe now
Since the next time.
6. Subulones (6:56)
Everything began in a time far away
when we were free to play
when the invaders took over our land
we began to defend our faith
sun mud and steel
blood on the hills
cradle of the gifts of the gods
sun mud and steel
what that I see
a new era begins today

This is a story of many past days
Of hunger, terror and pain
when our art was destroyed by the hands
of those who did not appreciate
sun mud and steel
blood on the hills
In union we stand and we die
sun mud and steel
what that I see
It's the last Etruscan twilight
Subulones rise

We are subulones, musicians 'til death
and keepers of the four elements
We turn the emotions into melody
the formula is a secret we keep

You are the earth
You are the water
You are the air
I am the fire
Subulones rise

Who's got the power to impose its speech
Can hinder that somebody knows
that every man is free to hear the voice...
the voice of the heart and of the soul


This is the story of many past days
but it's also the story of today
and who have the power to understand our
may make immortal our faith


Who has the power to impose its speech
Can hinder that somebody knows
but who's got the power to hear the call
can make immortal the faith

You are the bassist
You are the drummer
You are the guitarist
I am the voice
Subulones rise

We must rise again!!!
7. Hastings (7:40)
I see the fog that surrounds me
I feel the cold wind that pierces
I feel death breath above us

On the horizon the normans are
Through my friends the tension
is ascending
I await signs from the sky

Now I see the messengers talking
Now they're back to their lines for fighting
Horns of war now they growl

Everything comes, everything goes
I see my friends lay down all around
Loudest sounds are becoming silence
I spent my life to live this day at last
Everything comes, everything goes, but
What kind of money can give back a life?

Men and horses now meet steel and fire
Now my friends had left here their desires
Blood, fire, steel around me

I die here for the order of the royals
Dead for a land where I'm not the owner
I fall down without life

I had seen the fog that surrounded me
I had felt the cold wind that pierced me
Now I'm rising through the sky

Peace now it's done...
8. Colossus of Argil (Dark Quarterer cover) (10:12)
When The World Is Full
Of Fire And Wounds
And When The Minds
All The Minds
Are Put To Sleep
When The Giants Is Reigning
When People Die Young
And Nobody Is Crying
Freedom! Freedom!
Only Now
Someone Is Waiting
Patient For Tomorrow
And They Know
Is Not So Far

Now These People
Open Ears And Eyes
All First Chains Are Broken
And Tomorrow Is Coming
A Thousand Throats
Are Crying Freedom!
And The Battle Starts
They Come
Down From The Mountains
By Their Shining Swords
They Rend The Dark
They Hit So
They Will Be The Winners
And When The Sun Comes
They Will Crush
The Colossus Of Argil

War Always Be
Against The Monster Of
As He's Keeping Still
And He Handle Us
Come To Fight Together
With Us
We Must Be As Brothers
And Sisters
We Must Act
As Soon As We Can
Mister Giant You Must Die

Come On! Come On! Be Free!
Once For All Be Alive!
And He'll Fall
Down Like Flies
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