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Find the Way... Together Full Album Lyrics

Etherial Winds - Find the Way... Together cover art

Find the Way... Together

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal, Doom Metal
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Lyrics > E > Etherial Winds Lyrics (12) > Find the Way... Together Lyrics (8)
Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-25)
1. Together (1:16)
Scared to find
Anxious to search the new
Live a way
You dislike but trust, it's you
A sweating paranoid person
Lost all trust in everyone
But together we are as you find
Find the way to...
2. Hunger (6:22)
In a state of thinking dark
A hunger for the sudden
Blessed are those
Who touched these celestial pains
Appearance of the numb I felt
Reveal to me and watch me creep
And blessed I am
As I touched these etherial pains
Cross my heart
A memory forever
A trembling heart
A sweating skin
It's flowing; adrenalin
And I hunger! Hunger
I hunger! Hunger
Accept the way I plead for
Accept my stay I need for
The hunger
And desire shall be my empire
And a throne shall be my home
Still my hunger!
Cross my heart
A memory forever
A trembling heart
A sweating skin
It's flowing; adrenalin
And I hunger! Hunger
I hunger! Hunger
3. Hymn of Gladness (4:41)
Pour all happiness over me
Draining the weakness out of my mind
Can you imagine the pain I've bared
I'm glad you've dared to take a flight
And taking me out of my night-mare
Please ease, and do not tease, please ease (my pain)
Don't burn my wings
Don't make me cry
If I try to fly
A reaction of happiness
Find time, do not play mime, find time (for me)
Strenght is growing in me
My painfull life I'll burn
In bliss my life will be
Your joy, from you I learn
The mirror's reflecting a smile to me
It winks and haunts the sad I'm free
Never take me back
To the life I've led
Never take me back
Send joy in me instead
Solitude exiled, your tenderness caress my feelings
See the problems through eyes of human beings
My thoughts under control, a hymn of gladness
A pledge I took to live, the way of happiness
4. Can't You Sleep? (3:13)
The earth a sick abide
Immune towards the healing
On a virus death will ride
Has life no other meaning?
Eternal fear for coming sickness
Before the cure there are fears of hell
The future build on human weakness
The common question; do you sleep
The mind total blanc
Human existance is falling deep
I can't sleep
Sick! Emergency by all things in
And I strive:
Healtly! Suddenly a dream calls and I
Fall deep
In my sleep
Join my sleep
What I've yearned for
Is coming true
Sandman whispers:
5. Wish (6:54)
A wish of peace
Or is that too much to ask
Clear my mind from anger
Can't throw away this masque
A wish of harmony
Or hate is the first priority
A shrouded reality
No vision no dream
A world of hate and disharmony
Wish, my own abide is what I wish
Wish, it's I for I and I know it's selfish
Wish, my life in a dream is what I wish
Wish, and smell the breath of pure happiness.
6. Entrance (5:19)
Entrance is blocked
The choice was yours
Your choice, the mind is shocked
These mistakes closed all doors
Entrance is blocked
There's no key to open
This secret, your voice just mock
You fool can't hope for:
Step away from fiction
Live this reality, mind preparation
Slide into these hands
Hand in hand with trust, escaping the
The believer is me
In me I believe
The trust in yourself
From hate relieved
7. Elements of Sorrow (6:33)
For me
For the pain I've seen
Tears, the lust of grief
I reveal myself
This means
There's no hope for me
Elements of sorrow
Life's none!
The mind seems calm
Body starts to harm
Weep, a good ability
Lost in numb
No sorry for my pain
Pain a fatal injection
Of my history
Sad is my memory, me and grief float in ebony
Sad is my memory, my destiny lies in ebony
Sad is my melody, but it's meant to be a threnody.
8. Tragedy (4:22)
The sun bleeds
Beams burst as thunder
Nature seeds
Withers under swampy mud
The moon weeps
Isn't glad with existance
All life sleeps
Stunned through natures inheritance
I look in the eyes of the sun
It's samed and turns it's back
On me
I hear the cry of the moon
It suffers and wants to be
It's a tragedy
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