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World Requiem Full Album Lyrics

Eternal Ryte - World Requiem cover art

World Requiem

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresHeavy Metal, Power Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 10 LightListener (2014-02-15)
1. Tightrope Dancer (4:35)
Nightfall, do you like the way it feels?
Does your heart begin to rise at sundown?
Does it make you cry to see the heartache?
When the city night takes another life.

Tightrope dancer up so high.
Dancing high above it all.

You call it make believe, a fool believes in heaven.
But deep inside you know it's real.
I cry masquerade, a fool denies a savior.
When you're alone how do you feel?


[Chorus 1]
I see you high above it all.
Tightrope dancer.
I see you as you start to fall
Tightrope dancer.


You call this paradise, but nothing lasts forever.
'Cause life's a vapor gone in a flash.
Just like a jester in a king's court.
When the hammer falls, tell me will you stand?


[Chorus 1]

[Chorus 2]
Tightrope dancer as you call.
Tightrope dancer.
And will he hear you as you fall?
Tightrope dancer.
2. Requiem (4:39)
Downtown alleyways,
Where shattered men with broken dreams,
Live and die in torn brick buildings fade to black.
Where junkies' cries and pushers' lies,
Echo through the streets tonight.
Where the pimps and tricks decide the price of life

Oh, this is my world.
Apathy and madness are its requiem.

Stand and shout!
For the passing of the world.
Stand and shout!
Its dying echoes call.
Stand and shout!
For a nation far from God.
Stand and shout!
Take a look at the writing on the wall.

Uptown midnight.
Plastic smiles on mannequins.
Play the circus of the world elite.
Where movie stars and kings and queens
Display themselves for magazines.
Where pomp and pretense hide the fear and pain.




Sunday suburbs.
Great white building stands alone.
Dead asleep like those who dwell inside.
Bless me Lord, now I cry,
While outside, scores of beggars cry.
Empty words like epitaphs on tombs.


3. Someone to Love (4:16)
Hey little boy, playing in the streets,
Where truth and terror collide
Playing games no one else would dare to try.
Your toys are calling out to you,
Now you're the game.
Cold sweat, voices in your head,
You numb it with a lie.

There's got to be a better way.

Someone who loves you, (Loves you)
Someone who cries for you.

Hey little girl, back in from the world,
They broke your heart in two,
All you wanted was someone to love you.
You gave your heart, they took it.
Oh, look what they've done to you.
When all you wanted was someone whose love would be true.

[Pre-Chorus 2]
You've got to open up your heart.



Hey Mr. Family man,
Tired of the rat race lie?
As social vices squeeze the life from you,
You look for security, the dollar takes a dive.
Cold sweat, voices in your head,
You numb it with a lie.


[Chorus x 2]
4. Say Hello (4:46)
You say hello like so many times before,
I turn away and run from You.
My heart was broke by a love that was unreal,
And as You whisper I can hear You say.

Stay, stay with me, I hear You calling out,
But, I can't believe that love is real,
All of my life I've searched for love so true.
Tell me, can I take a chance on You?

You say hello like so many times before.
(Say hello)
When no one else would hear my cry.
Hello, hello, my heart is crying out.
(Say hello)
Can I take a chance on love?
And say hello to You.

Now I am here with my heart a mile wide,
Could You love me like You did before.
For so long, I've needed love so true,
And all this time my heart was needing You.




Forever now, You'll stay a friend of mine.
Forever, You'll stay by my side.
5. The Killer (3:04)
He's like a roaring lion now,
Don't hear his lies, they'll bring you down.
He comes to steal, to kill, destroy your soul.
So stand in God and hold your ground.
'Cause he seeks all ways to do you harm,
IF you're in sin.

He's a killer!
He's a killer!

He's like a wolf who stalks the night.
An evil snake with poison lies.
Oh foolish men open up your eyes and see,
If you play with sin then you will die,
'Cause he seeks those whom he may devour,
So run away.



Satan wants your soul in hell,
But Jesus died so you might live!
You know the score, the choice is yours tonight,
To die in sin or live with Christ.
'Cause Jesus rose to give you life,
He can save you.

[Chorus x 2]

Beware! Beware! Beware!

He's a killer!
6. Surrender (3:59)
Madness is on the streets again.
Apathy has seized the hearts of men.
Evil, the days upon the earth
Like sheep who've gone astray we roam the land.

Gaze on the madness,
Don't close your eyes.

Salvation is at hand to captive hearts.
Don't be afraid of the dark.

Time bombs tick away our days,
Terrorism strikes our deepest fears.
Madmen and tyrants rule the age.
Blindly, how the chosen look away.




Shackled to our walls of pride,
Hell-bound captives to our own desires.
Cry out, the answer's close at hand.
Will you choose the bondage or the lamb?


7. On the Line (3:38)
The windows of the world
Are open wide tonight.
Step through the open door,
By heart you know the lines.

Well, there's one thing
You've got to know tonight.
Somebody loves you!

He paid the price for you.
On the line! On the line!
To show His love for you.
On the line! On the line!
So lay your heart down.
On the line! On the line!
Give it up to Him.
On the line! On the line.

Vanity, all is vanity
In the world you see.
All, but the price He paid
Just for you and me.

It's time you see
Somebody cries for you.
Somebody loves you!



He paid the price for you,
On Calvary!
What greater proof of love
Could you ever need? (None)

He paid the price
To set you free tonight.
'Cause Jesus loves you!

8. You and Me (4:49)
There I was, on my own,
Just a lonely boy as I could be.
All alone in the world,
With no one else to care for me.

Then You called out to me,
"Come and put your trust in me."
Then You set me free.
Now I'm right beside You,
Within Your arms in Your love.

And I'm on my way in Your love.
You and me!
Together forever, forever free,
There's no turning back from Your heart.
You and me!
You set me free.

Now I'm here in your arms,
Not afraid of what I feel.
Far away from the scars,
I know this love must be real.

'Cause when I cried out to You,
You said to put your trust in Me...


No scars, no pain.
You took them all away,
You and me!
No fear, no shame,
You took it all away.
You and me!
When You bid love to me
I knew this love was real
You and me!
9. The King (5:11)
All eyes will see Him
Coming from the clouds.
The King of Kings arriving
With a mighty shout.
And all will stand before Him,
Upon His royal throne,
And every tongue confess He is Lord,
And every knee will bow,
Hey bride to be, yeah,
Get ready for your groom.
You world's so cluttered up,
You haven't left Him any room.

He's the king!
So worship His majesty.
The King of Kings!
Then you'll see
The King of Kings.

We all live together
Here on this old earth.
Don't you ever revere Him?
Who will you serve?
Rebellion will be judged,
But the King can save your soul.
Don't throw it away boy,
For you'll reap as you've sown.
Double standard morals
Fit your every need.
You're tightrope dancing
Straight to hell,
All the while saying, "I'm free."



Hey bride to be, yeah,
Get ready for your groom.
Your world's so cluttered up,
You haven't left Him any room.
You want to whore around
Until the wedding day?
But God will not be mocked,
Don't throw it all away.

He's the King,
The King of Kings, tonight,
Worship His majesty
He's the King, oh.

10. No More Lies (3:52)
You're walking tall you draw your sword out.
You strike your weaker brother down.
Won't shed a tear for the innocent.
Is that what your life's all about?
It's time to open your eyes and see
The power of life.
The only bloodshed that does us right
Is the blood of Jesus Christ.

No more! No more lies.
Open up your eyes.
No more! No more lies.

Politicians and leaders,
Filled with slander and pride,
For two more votes I will mention Christ.
Hypocrite show Him your life.
Kids run amok in a world of hate
And you drag them through the fire.
You call your grudges religious wars
While the body count grows higher.



You say you just don't need a godly form.
You say you're doing all right.
Righteousness is like filthy rags.
It's trash in Jesus's sight.
It's time you open your eyes and see
The power of life
The only bloodshed that does us right
Is the blood of Jesus Christ.

[Chorus x 2]
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