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Loss Full Album Lyrics

Eritherium - Loss cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresTechnical Death Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2015-12-09)
1. Departure (11:27)
This empty space,
Shrouded by darkness.
The resurfacing of demons
Ensued by silence.

Despite my presence,
She stands alone,
Masking her fear,
Knife held to her throat.

Of a distant memory.
Echoes of the past
Transpire before me.

A drop of blood leaks from
The cut made in her neck
As she drops to her knees
And cries greivance of this hesitance.

"Gift me this deliverance...
Their words cut deeper than this knife ever could...
This extreme measure will bring clarity
As it's the only way for me to be truly free."

"It's all the same
In this meaningless existence."
Her tears like rain
Cause this reservoir to overflow.

Engulfed by thoughts of suicide.
A desperate struggle.
Through my grip, she clings to life...
But I feel resistance.

"Let me guide you
From this somber space.
Expel the fear and regret
And learn to trust again."

"Oh, but this will not change.
It's in my nature."
She reaches for the blade,
And with a swift motion,
She escapes from this life
And completes her departure.

This empty space,
Shrouded by darkness.
The resurfacing of demons
Ensued by silence.

Despite her presence,
I stand alone.
Frozen in place
By disbelief and sorrow.
2. Pyre (9:17)
Body lifeless and cold,
slung over my shoulder.
To send her off
will bring me a sense of closure.

I walk through the snow
toward the site of the pyre.
A crowd has gathered here
to say a final goodbye.

Emotions take over
as her funeral begins.
To lay her down here
takes all of me.

I cross her arms
and close her eyes.
She attained all she wanted.
In such peaceful rest, she lies.

I walk to the crowd
and join the mass embrace.
The flow of tears erodes the snow,
softening beneath our feet.

I look to the sky
and there she is.
Wearing a penitent smile,
a look of regret in her eyes.

Apparition dissipates.
A grieving mind led astray.
A tear runs down my sunken face
as the roar of fire brings me back.

As fallen ashes melt the snow,
I turn away.
These falling tears disappear
into the void left in me.

Retreating to solitude,
in need of seclusion,
I look to the pyre
and whisper goodbye.

I pass through empty streets,
a hooded figure in darkness,
approaching my sanctuary…
A place of healing.

A breeze kills the light
that dwells within.
More pours in from outside.

I drown the final rays
as I shut myself in.
Darkness to heal.

Through my window,
a fire burns bright.
A beacon on this cold winter night.

Embers glow,
spawned from this flaming pyre,
illuminating sorrow.

Tears flow,
as ashes fall,
to remind us of this loss.
3. Thoughts of Leaving (1:54)
4. Floral Cluster I: Lament (3:50)
I must leave this place.
There's nothing left for me here.
With her gone, I need change…
My own departure.

Head down,
I approach the floral cluster.
Without a clue as to where I'm headed,
nor a care in the world.

Passing endless trees and snow,
all I feel is emptiness.
Taking over my thoughts,
memories of better days.

Whispers in the wind,
I hear it talk to me
as it whips past trees
and carves patterns in the snow.

Still in a state of disbelief,
I shut out the reality.
This wound still too raw
for me to accept this loss.

Passing endless trees and snow,
all I feel is emptiness.
Taking over my thoughts,
memories of better days.
5. Floral Cluster II: Wilderness (8:56)
Chilling prominence…
This vast blanket of snow extends.
Branches outstretched,
the trees reach for me.

Their icy touch longs for my warmth.

is the hallowed wind.
Sighs and whispers
make way for obdurate ire.

Nature's wrath is meant for me.

A blanket of mist
becomes my surroundings.
Evoked by a cruel draft,
I'm devoured by this boundless screen.

Shards of ice,
whipped from trees,
break my skin.

This gust sweeps me
onto the snow.
I dye it red.

The wind swallows my cries
as I plead for life.
All I hear is laughter.

…And still they reach for me.
Fellow victims of this arctic unrest.

Panic sets in
as the threat of death looms over me.
I'm trailed by streaks of red
as I crawl to be free.

This frozen wilderness
won't take me.

Trees scatter to reveal
as I reach an opening.
I run toward my discovery
as the world fades from my sight...
6. At Winter's End (7:26)
Late-Winter glade.
Sheltered by this belvedere.
Hanging on by a thread,
It is here I rest.

Surrounded by death,
these trees as martyrs.
White mist before me,
sole sign of life.

Frozen as this forest,
I resume motion,
spurred on by dreams of back home…
The warmth of a fire.

Rooted in earth,
both hurdle and protection,
an endless breadth
of twisted trees.

Momentary gusts of wind
cover my footprints.
The trail leading from
my transient shelter.

Repressing my doubts,
I wander through this forest,
hoping that with each step,
I get closer to my home.

Past the tops of the trees,
the sky begins to clear.
Woods fade into light
as this white mist dissipates.

A shroud of doubt is lifted
and clarity seeps in.
As I stand here,
at Winters end.
7. Loss (9:12)
…And I close in on home.
Body battered and scarred.
This familiar sight
melts the ice running through my veins.

As faces turn
towards this weathered soul,
I form a smile
and continue home.

A sense of relief
envelops me
as I approach
my sanctuary.

Near death
has breathed new life
into what was once
a hollow shell.

I pass blackened snow
and charred remains of the pyre.
A reminder of her,
a token of death.

The sudden loss
left me
in such a fragile state
of sorrow and mourning.

Though there's not a day that goes by
in which I don't long for closure,
the void in me has sealed.

Leaving me
with an eternal scar.
A token of sadness.

Time will heal.
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