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Frames and Horizons Full Album Lyrics

Equilibrium Falls - Frames and Horizons cover art

Frames and Horizons

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresMelodic Death Metal, Metalcore
Album rating :  –
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Lyrics > E > Equilibrium Falls Lyrics (17) > Frames and Horizons Lyrics (8)
Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-06-23)
1. A Flawless Nothing (3:28)
a shell, like armour
to hide the emptiness
protect security
you throw illusions in my face

but miss my heart
for I see the truth in... inside you

a lifespan of a moment
precisely calculated
the current drags you down
as...you choke on time

you choke on time
for you know the truth in... inside you

the current...
drags you down
you choke...
choke on time

is it real?
for i know
of your downfall

and transform
a flawless nothing
2. A Rising Downfall (3:38)
strive for perfection of
empty endeavours from above
monday to friday
your chance
for existance
moving in circles
will never get you anywhere
the black light shines
so bright
in your heart

a view from above
that drags you down
do you sense the downfall?

show me results
will you climb up to the top?
only to fall
back down
to this circuit
sunrise to sunset you
absorb the same old lies
constructed by
the one
that holds your strings

strive for perfection
in this system
your greed will never
ever let you go
out of the sphere you
crawl inside
you are nothing
more than emptiness

moving in circles
will never get you anywhere
the black light shines
so bright
in your heart

nothing more than
nothing more than
nothing more than black light
in their hearts
3. Secure Tomorrow (4:26)
aim for survival
that way you'll never loose
break away from the spark
for it will never give you fuel

as you hide behind ellusions
your path turns a shade of grey

you hold the key
but there is nothing behind the door

no light at the end
no spark to show the way
is this the path to follow
for a secure tomorrow?

reach for a secure tomorrow
does it hold the key?
but what will remain inside
when tomorrow never comes?

what will remain inside?

when tomorrow never comes
4. Frames and Horizons (3:38)
so hard to find a way
you better stay within
perimeter is set
as the screen guides you

round and round
a frame per mind
it moulds you as you absorb
but never quite aware of how it changes and transforms you

broaden the frames
horizons left behind
follow the impulse
as the screen guides you

break the boundaries
move outside of the frame
horizons before you...
move out...
break away.
5. Catch the Sunrise (4:20)
I feel the wind
change direction
it seems to move me
far away...from you

Another dawn flows
flows through me
but I never manage to
capture and hold

a look back reveals
a reflection full of doubt
should I draw conclusions?
will they show direction?

sunrise, sunset
I feel it move right through me
demise, regret
is all that seems to remain inside
give me another chance
and maybe I will lose again
but for now I follow the sunset
as I try to catch the sunrise
6. System Resistance (3:48)
like symbols in their code
they always move in cycles
but never straight ahead
they spiral down
open circuit to escape
resistance in my heart
for this is never
worth sacrifices made

time flying past
past you
you're left behind
the system holding like a vice

the end of the line
getting ever nearer
is yesterday
embedded in your heart?
or is it lost?
dead like all the others
filled with void that echoes
a painful truth

the current flows
will I resist?
the current flows through you
the system pulls
but I resist
a route against the flow
the answers found
always too late
but maybe there's a chance
system resistance
to escape
to find another day

searching for new ways
beyond this existence
finding solutions
out of my reach
time flying past me
increasing the strain
system resistance
i capture and hold

like symbols in their code
they move in cycles
but never straight ahead
they spiral down

It will never be
worth sacrifices made
7. Past Illusions (1:44)
8. Revolve to Fade (3:41)
dawn instigates inception
like bullets flying past me
i sense deception
at the core of this
no mirrors here to see
reflections of reality
they chase a sunrise
with blindfolds on their eyes

they find a new way in
old routes they follow
but when they reach dead end
nothing else remains
direction dissapeares as
they drown in desolation
they're chasing decoys
with blindfolds on their eyes

must I revolve to fade?
survive or thrive?
is there another stream ahead of me?

do you see the emptiness
devouring the days?
do you feel absorbed?
buried in the flow
do you see yourself go off
at a tangent?
with a blindfold on your eyes you...
revolve to fade

to fade

with blindfolds
on their eyes

to fade
9. Deception (5:23)
a neverending stream
strong and unforgiving
I can now look back
unable to rearrange

Forecast to break the lies
Flawless steps upon the stream
Will they ever transpire?

if the truth is found tomorrow
what must I do today?
what to hold onto to?
can I decipher the signs and take what I need?

a glance back reveals the traps
constructing obstructions in my path
emerging inside my mind
deception from within
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